What non-scale victory you most looking forward to?



  • ackman2002
    ackman2002 Posts: 69 Member
    Abs. I'd like to have some. Well I know we all "have" them, but I'd like to people to see them without the nice "protective" layer I have covering them right now.
  • odddrums
    odddrums Posts: 342 Member
    My first goal was to do a pull up, and my next goal is 2 in a row. My biggest goal though: have my stomach not stick out further than my moobs while I'm standing up. Someday...someday..........
  • jillian_fan2425
    jillian_fan2425 Posts: 167 Member
    +1 on the knee high boots. I have wanted a cute pair for years but can never get them to fit my calves :(

    Going back to stores that I "sized out of" and buying cute clothes I haven't been able to wear in years.

    Finally having family members compliment me on how I look when we go to a family function.
  • gert1985
    gert1985 Posts: 53 Member
    Going to my closet and pulling out whatever I want and having it fit.
    Not having to pull, tug, adjust, fidget once all day long.
  • DAM5412
    DAM5412 Posts: 660 Member
    Doing 10 real pushups, correctly.
    Mountain climbers without cursing like a sailor.
    Running a 5K.
    Completing Mudderella.
    Wearing my LBD to a family wedding in September!
  • sugarlemonpie
    sugarlemonpie Posts: 311 Member
    I have a few things I am looking forward to on this journey:

    - To actually be able to run a mile.
    - To look good in a cute swimsuit and feel confident on the beach.
    - To not have my thighs rub and hurt.
  • samanthaxb
    samanthaxb Posts: 54 Member
    No more chub rub.

    THIS x1 billion.

    No shorts under my skirts! Hell yeah!
  • kika_mckee
    kika_mckee Posts: 126 Member
    Not having a double chin in every picture!
  • ilovetoeatsweets
    ilovetoeatsweets Posts: 36 Member
    I want to go zip lining this summer. I want to go hiking with my husband and have him catch up with me!!!
  • megsterella
    megsterella Posts: 69
    - Running a 5k (maybe even a 10k!)
    - Climbing up the stairs to my friend's 7th floor apartment without getting winded/breaking a sweat
    - Being able to do proper push-ups and chin-ups
    - Feeling strong
    - Shopping in clothing shops like Forever 21
    - Wearing a swimsuit without hiding behind a shirt (maybe even a bikini!)
    - Fitting into a size S/M (tops) and 6-7 (bottoms)
    - Down 1-2 cup sizes
    - Being able to get up from the floor easily
    - Having wiggle room on bus/train/theater seat
    - Feeling comfortable in whatever I wear, be it a swimsuit or sweats
    - Being able to comfortably cross my legs
    - Being able to eat a burger outside without feeling embarrassed
    - Not sweating profusely all the time
    - Not feeling so off-balance/wobbly all the time
    - Being at a healthy BMI
    - Not even worrying about the scale anymore
    - ETC
  • jlapey
    jlapey Posts: 1,850 Member
    No longer having to walk around with my 'gut' sucked in.
  • Gwennie9476
    Gwennie9476 Posts: 45 Member
    I will never have a flat stomach unless I have skin surgery. Nor will I ever have beautiful arms unless surgery as well which is not something that I can see happening due to expense.

    My NSV would not even be to shop for clothes because I don't like shopping.

    Just once i would like to win my age category in a 5 or 10 K...I would love that.
  • phoenixx866
    phoenixx866 Posts: 173 Member
    - Getting smaller clothes, ESPECIALLY a smaller bra. I really can't stand my breasts.
    - Running in "Run or Dye Detroit" next year (5K).
    - Cuter clothes!
    - Shredding the Lane Bryant and Catherine's credit card.
    - Not feel self conscious in a swimsuit, shorts, or a tank top.
    - Go hiking.
  • lngbrd
    lngbrd Posts: 279 Member
    To pop up easier when surfing. Right now I'm like a T. Rex with short arms and a big food blister (gut)
  • pbrown2512
    pbrown2512 Posts: 1
    To fit in my wedding dress for our renewal of vows next year. Took me years to get this size it will take me awhile to get back where I want to be
  • ValerasN7
    ValerasN7 Posts: 5
    -Looking better in clothes
    -The idea of reinventing my whole wardrobe
    -Going on roller coasters without having to worry if the seat belt will fit
    -Being more confident
    -Not having to be self conscious of my body all the time when I'm out in public
    -Not having to walk with my stomach sucked in all the time
    -Having a new relationship with food
    -Being able to go to the beach/pool when people invite me
    -Seeing all my old high school friends and their reactions
  • Artionis
    Artionis Posts: 105 Member
    Just today took 3 big bags of "fat" clothes to the Salvation Army. I'm now wearing clothes from 12 years ago, the last time I wore a 14. Thank goodness I held on to the good stuff. In some TBD number of months, I'll be donating the 14's. No more XL's or "Women's" department.

    I can catch my reflection in a sidewalk window without being embarrassed. I can walk straight down the aisle of the plane without bumping into someone already seated. I have rediscovered my ankle bones. My doctor was delighted reading the numbers from my recent lipid panel. I can wear pants that have zippers instead of elastic. I can wear a BELT! And it looks good.
  • EveyWren
    EveyWren Posts: 1 Member
    I'm really looking forward to
    Buying a new bikini that I look AMAZING in.
    Wearing that bikini and a cute pair of shorts on a nice long hike in Yosemite with my amazing boyfriend and going for a swim. Carefree with no worries about my appearance because I know I look great.
    I'm really excited for that day.
  • messiahs
    messiahs Posts: 40 Member
    Being able to go shopping for clothes... and feeling happy and excited while doing so! And... to borrow clothes from my mum! It's sad I'm so much bigger than her.

    I want to be able to order the cute things I see online... I want to play dress-up and feel good on the weekends, go out with friends, and feel normal.

    I also look forwards to figuring out my confidence and breaking down the walls of my social anxiety. So I can sit for a class, get up and go, without waiting for everyone else to leave so I can bump into chairs and rearrange my clothes without feeling like an idiot! And be able to talk to people without worrying about my double chins.
  • MrsATrotta
    MrsATrotta Posts: 278 Member
    Non scale victories I am looking forward to... Where do I begin?
    - Non plus sized clothes
    -Wanna wear a size Large women's shirt instead of a 2X
    -My dad being proud of me for finally doing this. I know he worries about my health!
    -People finally seeing I can STICK WITH IT.
    -100 day streak on MFP
    - Being able to do all of week 2 Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30