Weird s**t you do...



  • forkofpower
    forkofpower Posts: 171 Member
    If I lie in bed for a while without falling asleep, or if I briefly get out of bed for any reason, or if I wake up in the middle of the night--I have to go to the bathroom. Even if I don't actually have to go. No matter how tired I am, my brain won't let me relax and go to sleep until I've gone to the bathroom. Just one contributor to my insomnia.

    One of my parents does something like this as well. Wonder if it's hereditary.
  • Pangea250
    Pangea250 Posts: 965 Member
    I count stairs as I climb them. Every one of 'em.
  • spade117
    spade117 Posts: 2,511 Member
    Bunch of weirdos. :)
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    I am a bath person because when I take a shower it kind of freaks me out...I feel like the water is attacking me a little tiny bit. I love to swim so it's not a fear of water. And once I actually DO take a shower it feels pretty good, but I get super nervous/anxious feelings before getting in! Although I bathe daily, I really only shower when absolutely necessary (i.e., hotel room or guest bath with no tub whilst visiting friends, or every couple of months when I use at-home haircolor and need to rinse it out).
  • redversustheblue
    redversustheblue Posts: 1,216 Member

    I cannot do ANYTHING in a bathroom where the shower curtain is pulled across. Even if I'm just grabbing some make-up, I have to check for evil, clown-faced murderers.

    Oh man, opening the shower curtain when you're home alone and it's later at night is one of the most terrifying things ever. Sometimes, especially after watching a scary movie, I make my dog come into the room with me before I open the shower curtain.
  • jasonmh630
    jasonmh630 Posts: 2,850 Member
    I check the oven about 5-6 times to make sure it and all the burners are off, as well as locking the front door and commencing pushing on it for about 30 seconds to make sure it's locked... lol.
  • ShellyBell999
    ShellyBell999 Posts: 1,482 Member
    You are not alone! I hold my breath around anything dead, but I jog in a cemetery!

    You must run really fast............
  • SymphonynSonata
    SymphonynSonata Posts: 533 Member
    OMG I do the hair straightener bit too! It drives me insane. When I leave for the day I can never remember if I shut the garage door, so I end up going about 30 minutes away, looping back and driving past my house. -_-
  • skippygirlsmom
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    I cannot eat any type of cheese unless it's cooked
    I have to cut my grass in the same direction all the time
    I never drink something completely out of a can or bottle I always leave a mouthful because I hate the thought of my own backwash
    I check my phone at every red light
  • jessmart83
    jessmart83 Posts: 283 Member
    Sounds like OCD...

    I do have one weird quirk. I won't go to sleep unless my bathroom door and closet door are both closed.

    I am so glad I am not the only one!
  • ShellyBell999
    ShellyBell999 Posts: 1,482 Member
    Damn it

    Now I gotta go home and check that I shut the safe :angry:
  • spirit095
    spirit095 Posts: 1,017 Member
    Sometimes my internal dialogue ends up with me talking to myself out loud lol
  • mikes99mail
    mikes99mail Posts: 318 Member
    i salute magpies, but that's about it..
  • links_slayer
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    I whisper "phone, wallet, keys" to myself every time I leave the house. And I pat each pocket as I say each word to make sure they're there - or hold the keys out in front of my face to show myself that I have them.

    Yikes...I just re-read that and it sounds pretty crazy. Meh...oh well.
  • darrensurrey
    darrensurrey Posts: 3,944 Member

    I cannot just unplug any heated hair tool. I have to take a picture of the hair tool, unplugged, with a copy of the days newspaper next to it. Just so I don't have to go home mid-morning to check I did, in fact, unplug them and they aren't going to burn my house down, despite having a timer that automatically shuts them off after 30 mins (BUT WHAT IF THAT SHUT OFF FAILS?! WHAT IF!)

    That's quite clever. I just check the plug 4,938 times.
  • TheMrsCole
    TheMrsCole Posts: 114 Member
    I jump into bed every night. Have since I was little because for some reason it freaks me out that something or someone is going to grab my foot if I leave one down.

    All doors must be closed when I go to bed, if not I see shadows that really aren't there until I do get up and close it.

    Before getting into my car I always look in the back seat and in the very back (I have an SUV)

    I refuse to drink the milk left in my cereal bowl.

    I sleep on my side, and the ear not on the pillow has to be covered with a sheet or blanket at all times.
  • SymphonynSonata
    SymphonynSonata Posts: 533 Member
    Nothing can touch my chest when I'm sleeping.
    I need constant reassurance that things are locked and the stove is off.
    I check my shipping address about 500 times after making an online order.
    If I say 'I love you', the person MUST say "I love you too"
    I OCD my Netflix, e-mail, MFP, etc (I have to click all of them in rotation)
  • ackman2002
    ackman2002 Posts: 69 Member
    Closet doors must be closed at all times. I don't care about the monsters under the bed, but the ones in the closet freak me out.

    Unplugging things too, like the toaster-oven must be unplugged whenever it's not in use, even if I'm home.

    I have to be early. The idea or even the notion that I'll be late causes such anxiety.
  • ren_ascent
    ren_ascent Posts: 432 Member
    Ohhhh. One more. I have to have one of my dogs in the bathroom when I shower. The noise and the curtain deprive me of my senses enough that I need a guardian to keep bad people and spooks away. Really pisses me off when the dog runs into the bedroom so when I peek out periodically to make sure she's still there she's NOT :angry:
  • Oi_Sunshine
    Oi_Sunshine Posts: 819 Member
    I count letters by threes when im reading. If a sentence doesn't come out to a multiple of three, I add the dots and punctuation. If it still doesn't happen, I'm a bit miffed.