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How many days a week do you workout?



  • solarpower03
    solarpower03 Posts: 12,161 Member
    10 times- I workout everyday and twice on 3 days of the week
  • MaryJane_8810002
    MaryJane_8810002 Posts: 2,082 Member
    Lately I have been slacking so I just ride my bike everywhere. I say about 4-5 times a week.
  • tomwatso
    tomwatso Posts: 1,304 Member
    I do 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength training.
  • cuinboston2014
    cuinboston2014 Posts: 848 Member
    2 days a week I lift in the morning and run 3.5-5 miles at lunch
    3 days a week I just run - usually between 4-7 miles, sometimes 10+ mile run or more
    1 day a week I lift and then run a medium distance - 5-6 miles right after.

    Occasionally I'll add an extra lifting day but not usually. i find 3 times a week is about hte most I can usually get in without being overly sore and affecting my lifts.
  • soxobsessed
    soxobsessed Posts: 130 Member

    Monday and Wednesdays I do boot camp
    Tuesday and Thursday 3 mile run
    Fridays Pilates
    Saturdays long run
    Sundays walk
  • DymonNdaRgh40
    DymonNdaRgh40 Posts: 661 Member
    It depends. Most of the time it's everyday.
  • KBClimber
    KBClimber Posts: 20 Member
    Usually 6 days a week.

    Generally I do 3-4 short runs before work and a long run on the weekends.
    I also get in 1-2 days of rock climbing in every week, although i tend to double up days so that I have at least one day of rest.
  • gobonas99
    gobonas99 Posts: 1,049 Member
    It depends, but in the spring/summer/fall, I plan for 7 days a week. That way if something comes up or my body needs a rest, I can just drop that day or two's workout and still be getting in 5 days a week. I aim for 30-45 minutes of lifting 3x a week, running 3-4 times a week, biking 3-4 times a week, and swimming 1-2 times a week (every wednesday is tri practice - swim/bike/run, and at least one weekend day is a long brick workout - bike/run).

    Of course, I just joined the Runner's World summer challenge, so between memorial day and july 4th, I'll be running at least one mile every day :bigsmile:
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,834 Member
    7 days cardio, 5 days of strength training, with one specific day for leg strength training.
  • Kita328
    Kita328 Posts: 370 Member
    3 workouts of heavy lifts. 3 workouts of cardio. 1 workout of yoga.
  • Nuccia2012
    Nuccia2012 Posts: 122 Member
    5-6. 3-4 days running, 1 dedicated leg day, 1 yoga day, always a bit of strength training.
  • annemariemk4
    annemariemk4 Posts: 72 Member
    6 days a week. 5 lifting days,1 cardio & 1 rest day.
    Switching it to 5 lifting days and 2 cardio days I think.
    Having a hard time not feeling guilty on my rest day! Maybe a tiny bit of cardio will help.
  • pinkshiningstar
    pinkshiningstar Posts: 141 Member
    3 days in the gym, 1-2 additional longer walks/runs throughout the week.

    I was working out at the gym for 6 days/week a while back... I got so burnt out that I didn't go for 3 months. It was terrible. LOL!
  • ianthy
    ianthy Posts: 404 Member
    I work out 5 days a week - I would classify this as a day when I actually do planned exercise. So M,W and F = Powerwalk and T and Th = Fast Kettle bell session. I treat the weekend as my rest day but I also try to get in as much walking as possible especially at the weekend.
  • adipace815
    adipace815 Posts: 112 Member
    1 hour per day, 5-6 days per week. Never any more than one hour. I will increase the intensity for results before I increase the time.
  • ImaWaterBender
    ImaWaterBender Posts: 516 Member
    I only swim on those days that I wake up breathing.

  • jeeves_17
    jeeves_17 Posts: 7 Member
    6 days with an optional stretch day on Sundays if I feel like I need it to get ready for the following week.
  • Allelito
    Allelito Posts: 179 Member
    I have 5 times/week planned to go to the gym, but some weeks I go out running as well.
  • shubec85
    shubec85 Posts: 28 Member
    I try for 7, however some days are active rest days, where I do a really light workout, yoga or go for a nice long walk/hike. Other days I push really hard, and do a few workouts....
  • MityMax96
    MityMax96 Posts: 5,778 Member
    5 days a week lifting
    2 days are "rest" which is usually light cardio for me. Stair master (20 - 25min), elliptical (20min) and then some ab work