What's the worst thing you ever ate regularly pre-mfp?



  • TeachTheGirl
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    The large 'frou-frou' coffee drinks from Caribou/Starbucks. Sometimes two in one day if they were having the BOGO.

    1000 calories PER DRINK? No thank you. I can't even drink them anymore because they taste too sweet to me...
  • BrittanyMG3
    BrittanyMG3 Posts: 163 Member
    a hot fudge sundae...every single day after dinner...

    looking back, SO stupid of me.. Now I haven't touched chocolate since I started eating healthier 4 months ago..I refuse to touch Ice cream again, I was pretty much addicted to it, I'm afraid if I have it, I won't be able to stop and lose all my progress..

    65lbs is too much to just throw away.:noway:
  • AlwaysBigSteve
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    I forgot to mention the pre-meal meals. Usually McDonalds. I would stop of the way home from work and down 2 double cheeseburgers, super size fry (then large once they stopped selling it)=... sometimes 2 large fries :( ) then I would go home and eat dinner so my wife didn't know I was at mcdonalds. One day she got in the car and said "it smells like pizza in here" Shame on me. Shame.
  • emily889
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    Irish nachos... homemade potato chips with tons of cheese and bacon on top and dip it in salsa and sour cream. I split it with a friend, but dear god those things were amazing... ugh
  • ironanimal
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    The biggest contributor to weight gain was drinking 4-5 500ml bottles of Dr. Pepper every day. I don't know that it was the worst "thing" so much as the worst habit, seeing as there's nothing inherently wrong with drinking it.
  • bdjncox
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    I forgot to mention the pre-meal meals. Usually McDonalds. I would stop of the way home from work and down 2 double cheeseburgers, super size fry (then large once they stopped selling it)=... sometimes 2 large fries :( ) then I would go home and eat dinner so my wife didn't know I was at mcdonalds. One day she got in the car and said "it smells like pizza in here" Shame on me. Shame.

    Guilty of this too many times to count.
  • kimberleerogers
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    A 1 kg box of chocolate chip cookies every 2 days....that's a 2.2 pound box of cookies! Okay and now I know that 2 cookies (31 grams....they had roughly 33 servings in a box) 160 calories 8 grams of fat and 12 grams of sugar per serving!

    ALMOST 6,000 CALORIES IN 2 DAYS! In just cookies!

    A big extra or Mcchickenwith extra mcchicken sauce, a super size fries with 4 packs of mcchicken sauce and for some odd reason a diet coke! LOL.... 1510 calories, 104 grams of fat and 124 grams of carbs

    on top of my regular meals...that would be my evening snacks.

    I was so in denial about my food choices! LOL

    AND I just totally blew my own mind...wow! I had never even considered what I was putting in my body!
  • xcalygrl
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    Almost 2 liters of regular root beer a day. I had lots of other unhealthy choices, but that was the biggest. When I first started losing weight (pre-MFP), I cut out the soda first. I lost weight without changing anything else (ate all the same foods and didn't exercise).
  • bethlaf
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    i would do "double dinner/lunch"
    i would eat sensible snack/lunch at work , then on the drive home , hit a drive thru, get a combo meal, eath that, or most of it , and then come home and make another dinner, and eat that too.

    drive thrus are HORRIBLE for me , even the mind train that happens when i am in the car alone... so now :D i rarely go out anywhere in my car alone :D hey whatever works , right?

    oh and ASIAN BUFFEt, i am sure everyone knows this little middle waist murderer..
  • Erikhulse
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    Here is mine:
    Little Caesar's Hot and Ready pizza (the whole thing)
    family order of crazy bread (whole thing)
    4 garlic butters

    Calories: 3,560
    Fat: 168g
    Cholestrol: 200mg
    Sodium: 6240mg
    Carbs: 376g
    Protein: 136g

    So for you people that think you are too far gone to do anything about your problem... Who think you are the only one who eats as badly as you... who hide your eating from other people, and seclude yourself from friends:


    Never give in! Never give in!!! Never, never never!!!
    I did that quite often too...Couldn't beat it for $5 pizza. Of course, I would never touch that with a 10 foot pole anymore.
  • Erikhulse
    Erikhulse Posts: 51 Member
    I would stop at Jack in the Box on my way home, and order 6 or 7 things off the dollar menu...Double cheeseburger, 4 tacos no lettuce, spicy chicken sandwich, curly fries, and soda. It disgusts me now even thinking about the stuff I fed my body.
  • Smccabe8
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    Taco Bell - Nacho Bell Grande Meal (Nachos and a taco and a Large Diet Coke) - So many calories. So much awesome.
  • 24Donna
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    Waffles with rock sugar syrup.. If that entered the house it would be gone within minutes! It was a source of frustration for me that it was often the case that when there was an unopened pack of waffles, we would be out of syrup and the other way around. Now ofcourse, I consider myself lucky for that :D
  • endermako
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    I ate mcdonalds, taco bell, and taco bueno every day for meals and my daily calories were well over 4500 and my sodium was over 6k
  • Bri_Becq
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    I am sure it was a little of a lot.. but 1 constant 90% of the time, nights (past midnight) Subway foot long marinara, EXTRA swiss cheese, mayo. (I have always been a water drinker. Maybe some green tea)

    Those subs killed me. And the ONE thing it left of my highest weight was heart burn.. even now if I have tomatoes I feel a little bit of pain. Lessons learned...

    I think the biggest problem, as many have written, is the moderation. 1. Don't "treat" yourself with food, you're not a dog. 2. If you CHOOSE to have a sweet or something you like, buy the smallest size possible or just have one.

    Whoever says they will never eat an unhealthy meal again is lying. But if you really want that burger, have a burger. Don't use THAT as an excuse to get fries, cheesecakes, and an extra large soda as well.

    But I think everything is different for all of us. Happy Hunting!!!
  • madhatter2013
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    Jason's Deli Plain Jane Baked Potatoe. I figured it was ok because it has brocolli on it. I'd also get a bowl of brocolli and cheese soup on the side. The potatoe itself would put me over my calorie count for the day and I would those two things as just one meal DAILY. No wonder I got fat!!!
  • amcook4
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    My breakfast almost every weekday morning was 2 McDonald's sandwiches, normally the McMuffin and a McGriddle. I didn't like the hashbrowns much, so I justified ordering 2 sandwiches in my head! And I was often guilty of eating fast food as a pre-meal, oh, I'll just grab some Poppeye's chicken or a quick hamburger on my way home, then I would devour it before getting out of the car (hiding my shame!). Sometimes I would pick up a slice of cheesecake or dessert at the grocery store and eat that while cooking dinner.....wow, I've gotten a lot better lately!
  • leggup
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    tomato and mozz Panini: 740 cals
    white mac n cheese: 490 cals
    baguette side: 180 cals

    1410 calories for one meal!
  • tectactoe
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    Don't get me wrong, I still eat Pop-tarts now, but I make them fit into my dietary goals. Pre-MFP, I would easily eat two packs without an issue, sometimes three (yes, that means 4 or 6 actual pastries) which is around 1200 calories & ~220 carbs.

    The worst thing is that they're not even that satiating, so I'd usually end up eating again shortly after.

    Hot Pockets & Pasta were also big ones. (Again, I still eat these items, but my previous problem was the amount in which I used to consume them).
  • dyin2bthin276
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    I'd sit and eat a tub of Ben & Jerries peanut butter & raspberry ice cream a night and a Boston cream doughnut, this put 2 stone in weight on me, i haven't eaten these since November 2012 i could easily eat it again but i will never allow myself to, it just doesn't come in to my house. Needless to say the 2 stone has gone