Five guys....ffffffffff



  • iwannabinnarnia
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    How do you Americans cope?

    Like this:

    :laugh: hahaha!

    I wasn't impressed with 5 Guys.. I like Smashburger and Culvers better.... but I haven't had a greasy 'take out' burger in ages...
  • suremeansyes
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    Because we go to the much better In n Out instead


    This. Five Guys is gross.
  • Francl27
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    There's one next to my gym, lol. I went a few times before I started losing weight... haven't been back since. I just can't fit any of that stuff in my days really. But I did like it. I'll just make my own for 50% less calories now... if I want to go over my calories, it will be on cake or pie, not on burgers and fries.
  • TheStephil
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    Because we go to the much better In n Out instead


    In N Out > Five Guys

    I thought Five Guys was alright but not worth it for the price. In-n-out on the other hand, I could eat there every day of the week. In-N-Out has the protein style burger for when I'm lower on calories but animal style fries and burger is where it's at!
  • rejectuf
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    For what it is, Five Guys is pretty great. Much like pizza and other calorie-dense foods, it's something that is done only once in awhile for me.

    I think the last time I had it was after an 8-mile obstacle course race. Had no problem fitting it into my calories that day :)
  • bkthandler
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    Five guys... meh. They are just average to me. Now Smashburger.... that I can get behind.

    ETA: I miss In N Out.

    Preach sister!
  • ackman2002
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    Hahaha! I've tried their food once and it was way too greasy for my stomach to handle. Never eaten there again, but it seems like everyone else LOVES it. Guess I'm lucky that the temptation just isn't there.

    ^^^^ This. Agreed.
  • simplydelish2
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    Because we go to the much better In n Out instead


    This!!! All fresh, Best. Burger. Ever!
  • sinker59
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    Five Guys is awesome!! (at least the few around me).
  • themedalist
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    How do you Americans cope?

    Not very well. Have you actually SEEN us?

    Pretty much THIS.
  • greengoddess0123
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    The ones in my town could win a "Soggiest Burger Bun" competition. SO not worth the price or the calories to eat a burger that turns to mush in my hands and requires a gross of paper napkins. :grumble:
  • Wiltord1982
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    Five Guys is in part responsible for me previously being overweight. They came to Canada and opened a restaurant close to my previous work. Their burgers and fries are amazing. FML

  • Phildog47
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    I thought it was too expensive
  • Madame_Goldbricker
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    I'm in the UK & yet to have one open near me sceptical about the hype though. I can recall everyone getting excited about Krispy Kreme opening & I tried so hard to love it but failed. Overpriced stale tasting doughnuts bleurgh!
  • ValGogo
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    So I'm in the Uk and we seem to now be getting a few of these Five Guys restaurants... one just opened near where I work, I thought I would try it out. Great burgers but omg, gonna have to run like a billion miles now. How do you Americans cope?

    We blame the restaurants for the fat a$$es we develop from overeating. HAHAHAHA!

    Yeah, American fast food is going to be the ruin of western/eastern/outerspace civilization.

    They give you a lot of fries (chips) right? I like fries.
  • mathjulz
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    I went once a year or so ago. The burger was okay, but not as good as a local place. The fries really left much to be desired. It was, in my opinion, quite overpriced.

    It's not a place I would go back to if I have a choice. I don't even recall the calorie count, but I don't think it's anywhere near worth it, in calories or $$.
  • Tla0126
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    Well... I'm fat, so I don't cope very well, lol!

    Working on it, though!!! :o)

    PS - I agree with the Smashburger lovers...
  • maz504
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    How do you Americans cope?

    Not very well. Have you actually SEEN us?

    Beat me to it!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • gardnerkennedy
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    I think it's quite good and the fries are excellent--but it's really unhealthy, so I haven't been in a year or longer. :cry:
  • abuck_13
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    Hey! I work in Covent Garden and there's a Five Guys across the road - it always has a queue of tourists outside, so i guess its doing well!

    I haven't been, but they have Nutritional info on the website, and if I went with a 'Little' burger and a 'Little' fries, I could fit this into my macros - with a very very light breakfast and lunch :P

    Not been tempted yet, but may try it out sometime to see what all the fuss is about!

    I saw that when there last summer and chuckled. I couldn't believe the line outside of that place, and with so many other places around offering better food!

    The food is good, just not that good in my opinion.