How do you take your coffee?



  • CindyMarcuzAdams
    CindyMarcuzAdams Posts: 4,005 Member
    Basic black although I do like cream and sugar a few times a year as a treat...
  • karahm78
    karahm78 Posts: 500 Member
    When I have my joe at home/office, I brew a cup of medium roast (Keurig) then add two packets of Splenda and I use Coffee-mate Sugar Free Caramel Vanilla creamer. Tastes great! The fat free creamers do not work for me, they "water down" my coffee since they are so thin, but really like the sugar free versions. I occasionally toss in a tsp of Benefiber for good measure.

    At Starbucks, I usually order a skinny vanilla latte (hot or iced depending on my mood or the weather). Occasionally will splurge on a skinny/light mocha frappuchino with no whip.
  • GingerLolita
    GingerLolita Posts: 751 Member
    1-2 shots of espresso, no sugar, 8-12 ounces unsweetened vanilla almond milk

    Have you tried unsweetened vanilla almond milk? I find it allows me to ditch the sugar and still get the flavor and satisfaction.
  • williams969
    williams969 Posts: 2,528 Member
    For my "at home" brew, I choose black with stevia. On the occasional coffee shop excursion, I usually get a plain, nonfat latte (iced or hot) with stevia or Splenda.
  • aedreana
    aedreana Posts: 1,007 Member
    Very white, over half soy milk, less than half coffee!
  • wannakimmy
    wannakimmy Posts: 488 Member
    splenda and a splash of skim milk... worth the calories for me...
  • wwwsam
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    I've been adding pure coconut milk to my coffee. I seems to give me a longer energy run. I know coconut milk has tons of saturated fat in it but it is not the same as fats from meats and dairy. Coconut milk fats are burned immediately by the liver for energy. Oh yeah and it tastes good too.
  • Achrya
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    Protein powder. Kills two birds with one drink.
  • potluck965
    potluck965 Posts: 529 Member
    Fortunately, I don't make more than a cup a day. I make a an AeroPress sort of expresso with a cappuccino blend of beans and let it sit for a while. I use 4 tsp of chocolate CofeeMate and two packs of stevia. Hot or iced, same thing.

    I start each day with one of those canned Starbuck's Doubleshots.
  • Two tablespoons of half and half. I only drink one cup - no sweetner:wink:
  • Biggirllittledreams
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    Almond milk is good, but bad in terms of hot coffee since it doesn't froth well! I adore black coffee, but on the rare occasion i do get milk, i use soy. :)
  • isp3986
    isp3986 Posts: 21 Member
    By the potful. Either black, with fat free creamer, or Splenda, or both. Mostly by the potful.
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
    AllonsYtotheTardis Posts: 16,948 Member
    I like my coffee like I like my man - tall, strong, and sweet
  • RachelX04
    RachelX04 Posts: 1,123 Member
    I like my coffee nice and strong with just a drop of 1% milk in it.
  • ChrissyC1985
    ChrissyC1985 Posts: 406 Member
    at home/ work: black with sugar. in a coffee shop, skimmed milk and either caramel or vanilla added.
  • naturesfempower
    naturesfempower Posts: 107 Member
    Large mug of coffee with 2 measured teaspoons of real sugar. Two servings. Makes me so peppy and awake my 1st class of the day is dismayed.
  • drsdc63
    drsdc63 Posts: 612 Member
    Black please :drinker:
  • Itskaleena
    Itskaleena Posts: 157 Member
    Black. Sometimes with soy/almond milk or with some sugar free flavor syrup for a treat
  • 1911JR
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    Coffee is a rarity for me, but, years ago.......... I would put 2 spoonful's of instant (cheapest I could find) in about 1 cup of Pepsi or Coke and drink it before I trained...... =`ed "JACKED"
  • imjolly
    imjolly Posts: 176 Member
    You have to do what works for you. My guilty pleasure for my once a day coffee is French Vanilla creamer. I love it. I have reduced the amount I use so that is one good step in the right direction.