Lose 5lbs in July 2014 Open Group



  • pixelled
    pixelled Posts: 70 Member
    SW: 147.9
    CW: 142.8
    GW: 132.8

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/01 Tue): 142.8
    7/05 Sat:
    7/12 Sat:
    7/19 Sat:
    7/26 Sat:
    End of Month (7/31 Thur):

    Total weight lost:
  • bboogle
    bboogle Posts: 193 Member
    Happy to be on board for July. My weigh in day is Wednesday.

    SW: 160
    CW: 154.4
    GW: 149.4

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/01) 154.4
    Wed. July 2: 154.4
    Wed. July 9:
    Wed. July 16:
    Wed. July 23:
    Wed. July 30:
  • Coming back after a looong while. Hopefully this will help with keeping me accountable. It's a bit difficult keeping up on my own :frown: Good luck to everyone!! WE CAN DO THIS!!

    SW: Not sure
    CW: 184 lbs
    GW: 130 lbs

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/01 Tue):
    7/05 Sat: TBD
    7/12 Sat: TBD
    7/19 Sat: TBD
    7/26 Sat: TBD
    End of Month (7/31 Thur): TBD

    Total weight lost: 0 lbs but starting now :happy:
  • bripic14
    bripic14 Posts: 1
    Got to start losing the baby weight. Had a baby girl 13 weeks ago. No Excuses now!
    SW: 220
    CW: 220
    GW: 160

    Good Luck Everyone!
  • tally1991
    tally1991 Posts: 5
    SW: 191
    GW: 185
  • TANNE21
    TANNE21 Posts: 41 Member
    SW: 171 (2014)
    CW: 152.4
    GW: 136 (1st Goal)

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/02 Wed): 152.4
    7/09 Wed:
    7/16 Wed:
    7/23 Wed:
    End of Month (7/30 Wed):

    Total weight lost:
  • carlabisong
    carlabisong Posts: 8 Member
    I'm looking forward to this challenge.

    SW: 170
    GW: 160

    I will be at my ideal weight in 3 months = 145 - 148
  • novagirl55
    novagirl55 Posts: 63 Member
    SW: 223
    CW: 205.6
    GW: 199 (get me to one-derland!)

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/01 Tue): 205.6
    7/05 Sat:
    7/12 Sat:
    7/19 Sat:
    7/26 Sat:
    End of Month (7/31 Thur):

    Total weight lost:
  • KayFi89
    KayFi89 Posts: 39
    I'm in! Just did one fore June and I only lost 3.5 lbs >:(

    SW: 148
    CW: 127.5
    GW: 122

    Ultimate goal weight: 115

    Good luck to everyone!! :D
  • Lwillis1234
    Lwillis1234 Posts: 990 Member
    SW: 271
    CW: 193.2
    GW: 187

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/01 Tue): 193.2
    7/05 Sat:
    7/12 Sat:
    7/19 Sat:
    7/26 Sat:
    End of Month (7/31 Thur):

    Total weight lost:

    I'm excited for this month! I'll be in the 180s! As far back as I can remember; I've never been in the 180s!
    Let's meet our goals everybody! I believe we all can do, when we put our mind to it. :-)
  • firdragon18
    firdragon18 Posts: 16 Member
    SW: 283
    CW: 239
    GW: 228

    Final weight goal 215
  • juniormints74
    juniormints74 Posts: 60 Member
    I'm in again!

    SW: 190 lbs.
    CW: 150.2 lbs.
    GW: 145 lbs. (for July)

    Weigh in Dates:

    7/01: 150.2 lbs.
  • bluebutt3rfly
    bluebutt3rfly Posts: 21 Member
    SW: 271
    CW: 271
    GW: 255

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/01 Tue): 272
    7/02 Weds: 265
    7/09 Weds:
    7/16 Weds:
    7/23 Weds:
    7/30 Weds
    End of Month (7/31 Thur):

    I hope ive set it up right and would be fab to have one targrt met xx
  • rosebette
    rosebette Posts: 1,657 Member
    SW: 126
    CW: 120
    GW: 115

    Maybe this will motivate me to lose the last 5 lbs. that have been sticking around forever.

    Weight in Dates:
    Start of Month 7/1 Tuesday 120
    7/5 Sat
    7/31 Thurs.
  • shayl995
    shayl995 Posts: 15
    Hope I'm not too late!!

    SW: (Starting weight) 220
    CW: (Current weight) 220
    GW: (Goal weight for the month) 215

    Weigh in Dates:
    Start of Month (7/01 Tue): 220
    7/05 Sat:
    7/12 Sat:
    7/19 Sat:
    7/26 Sat:
    End of Month (7/31 Thur):
  • Blueseraphchaos
    Blueseraphchaos Posts: 843 Member
    I had a great June as well, lost 11 lbs from May 29th to June 30th...but now I've hurt my knee and can't run or anything for 2 weeks, plus i go on vacation starting Sunday for a few days. I'm going to work hard to keep everything under control, though. I don't feel like 11 lbs is a reasonable goal, and my only goal for June was 6 pounds, so i intend to leave it at 5 lbs for this month....now that I've made it to onederland :p

    If anyone has any suggestions for cardio not involving knees that i can do at home, I'd love to hear them. I do a little strength training, but I'm missing the cardio and my dr said no elliptical, no running, "extreme rest" for my knee lol
  • alf1163
    alf1163 Posts: 3,143 Member
    I weighed myself this morning so...


    Hoping to lose at least 5!!!

    Blueseraphcha, sorry about your knee. I know how hard that can be. Not much to do if your Dr recommended total rest. Perhaps some boxing moves without any twisting of knees and feet. Do mostly arms, hooks, punches, etc holding your tummy in, fast speed. You can burn some good calories doing that. Shaun T has a facebook page and he posts quick workouts you can follow at home or anywhere. I would also recommend increase your weight training. It can do wonders for you, more than cardio. And yes, nutrition is super important especially when you cannot exercise much. Good luck to you!
  • krisg71
    krisg71 Posts: 34 Member
    SW: 229
    CW: 207
    GW: 202

    Not gonna lie, I would love to break the 200 mark this month. However, I am recovering from a knee injury which has greatly affected my exercise time. After reading how others have dealt with this, I will increase my weight training to build more muscle and therefore increase my metabolism overall. I am almost free of knee pain so I hope to add back some gentle walking by Monday of next week.

    Good sweatin' !
  • Muggs2611
    Muggs2611 Posts: 2 Member
    O I started fitnesspal last week so my loss has a loooong way to go but Im ready to lose 5 lbs or more by end of July!
    SW: 188
    CW: 187
    GW: 145
  • rjmelton
    rjmelton Posts: 37 Member
    SW: 305.4
    CW: 243.6
    GW: 225.0

    Crushed the June goal!! Hoping to do it again! This month though I will be going on vacation for a week to cancun which will include a lot of food and drink. Hopefully I can still lose the 5 lbs I an shooting for.