WANTED: People that need to lose 50lbs.



  • I've got 46lbs to lose ... is that close enough?
  • thenerdmommy
    thenerdmommy Posts: 16 Member
    My current goal is to lose about 55 lbs. Feel free to add me!
  • TashTag
    TashTag Posts: 109
    Got about 60 kilos to lose :) On a mission though. Please add :)
  • prettyface55
    prettyface55 Posts: 508 Member
    Add me, looking for active members.
  • Feel free to add me ! Got 50lbs to lose too :\
  • kawilliams1977
    kawilliams1977 Posts: 1 Member
    50 LBS is my goal. I have lost 15 since May 1st 2014. I just started Fitnesspal.com.
  • Allison_Brennan
    Allison_Brennan Posts: 25 Member
    Just getting started again.... and again... and again.... I would be happy with most anything at this point. I love to drink wine which is my main problem. I need to lose 50-100 but must look at it in little goals vs the big number at the end. I eat well and have a very active life but not a lot of physical activity other than running my kids anywhere and everywhere. If I excersiced as much as I drove my kids - I would be tiny!
  • chelskii22
    chelskii22 Posts: 68 Member
    Got just over 50lbs to lose! Feel free to add me :smile:
  • GBrady43068
    GBrady43068 Posts: 1,256 Member
    I've been here since October. Lost a little under 50 so far...another 80 some to go.

    Feel free to add me if you'd like...
  • mikebesurfing
    mikebesurfing Posts: 15 Member
    I am motivated and want to lose 50
  • ruthbs
    ruthbs Posts: 14
    Feel free to add me. I currently have 20 (to be at "goal") pounds but always track and keep myself accountable. MFP is an everyday tool, not something to just get me there.

    GL to all..and go get em'! :)
  • ShellF415
    ShellF415 Posts: 182 Member
    I have 35 of 77 pounds left to go. Anyone can add me. :)
  • MiaW1234
    MiaW1234 Posts: 6
    Yes, im trying to lose about 60 pounds. Add me.
  • Igotthatcake
    Igotthatcake Posts: 169 Member
    Yes add me! I am looking to lose 50lbs !!
  • Veggie_mama
    Veggie_mama Posts: 77 Member
    I have over 50 lbs to lose. Been down this road before years ago (before my babies and stress). Very motivated these days for health and happiness. Anyone out there, please feel free to add me. :glasses:
  • Yes, I'm looking to lose 50 lbs. too!!! Just starting out and like to be motivated!:smile:
  • yasmine334
    yasmine334 Posts: 187 Member
    Add me :flowerforyou:

    Lost 24 and still have 50 to go :blushing:
  • kriskerans
    kriskerans Posts: 92 Member
    YES... starting all over again after two major surgery's in 6mo
    I need to keep walking every day with my dog, and not just play with her at home.
    Need new friends...
  • tasatryan
    tasatryan Posts: 1
    I need to lose about 50-60 pounds. Started working out with a personal trainer two days ago and plan to lose the weight by December. Please add me. Thanks.
  • Hey everyone, I have about 50 pounds to loose as well, I've tried several times in the past but never stuck with it...I'm hoping this will be the time that works for me...I feel like I'm way more dedicated than before and would love to have some friends to motivate and help me stay motivated...Everyone feel free to add me, and send me messages if you'd like...! :)