Any late 20s-30s without kids? Fur babies totally fine!



  • jeneveg
    jeneveg Posts: 57 Member
    I'm 36, engaged with no kids and no intentions of ever having any. No furbabies either as don't really have the time for them but I do have several doggy 'nephews and nieces' including an adorable 18 month old Dogue de Bordeaux that my sister rescued.
  • feathers823
    feathers823 Posts: 14 Member
    I'm 30, single, with 2 dogs (lab mix and a pug) and 2 parrots. I'm not interested in having kids but I'm always interested in more friends so feel free to add me!
  • MrTolerable
    MrTolerable Posts: 1,593
    24 without kids because I believe in contraception.

    eventually will get a German shepherd or a white shepherd that will be my fur baby :drinker:

    Poor dog(s)

    actually it will be living the high life with me :smokin:
  • pookeyism
    pookeyism Posts: 84 Member
    41. Will not have any kids, unfortunately. But that is how it goes.
    Do have:
    4 snakes
    TNR feral colony
    2 rabbits
    (I do a lot of volunteer rescue work!)
  • caracrawford1
    caracrawford1 Posts: 657 Member
    No kids yet. I teach them--dont want them. I rather like my freedom to go without having to worry about a babysitter or whatever. I do have fur babies though. :)
  • MrTolerable
    MrTolerable Posts: 1,593
    I'm a late bloomer - just got married last month at age 33. No kids, but we have a 2-year-old cat.

    Late bloomer?

    I can catch your blooming right up Ms. Paige :bigsmile:

    but for realz - ppl stay single much longer now to focus on their career - I know I'm not planning on EVER getting tied down...

    ...unless by tied down I am referring to being bound in a silk tie and belt- and her being very very very sexy and persuasive talking ME into her role..


    Heh, heh --- heh.

    You no want to ride on the Scottietoohottie love train?


    Well if Mr. T is locked out


    Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of talking about my uterus.


    ^this was priceless.

    You guys are the .gif MASTERS.

    or should I say Mistresses? :wink:

    :laugh: :laugh:
  • KandGRanch
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    One dog? Two cats? Weenies! All of you!

    I have 9 cats
    3 dogs
    5 rabbits
    8 goats
    10 ducks
    64 chickens!

    Two rabbits, one goat are pregnant and I will be hatching 63 chicks on the 1st (shhh....I'm only a rancher because I don't want to wind up on hoarders.....)
  • enjayer
    enjayer Posts: 46 Member
    Why only 20s and 30s?

    Old farts make good friends, too.

    You Sir/Madam, raise an excellent point :) My criteria for friendship here are generally 1) Nice, 2) Not a frequent user of the term "YOLO" so... add me :)
  • pipertargaryen
    pipertargaryen Posts: 303 Member
    One dog? Two cats? Weenies! All of you!

    I have 9 cats
    3 dogs
    5 rabbits
    8 goats
    10 ducks
    64 chickens!

    Two rabbits, one goat are pregnant and I will be hatching 63 chicks on the 1st (shhh....I'm only a rancher because I don't want to wind up on hoarders.....)

    I want your life. One of my biggest goals in life is actually to own a goat. Pygmy goats are one of my favorite animals.
  • donyellemoniquex3
    donyellemoniquex3 Posts: 2,387 Member
    23 no kids (can't have any)
  • Ems500c
    Ems500c Posts: 153 Member
    Hi, I also have added a few, but any requests welcome! I myself have a spoiled rotten little mean Maltese!
  • megmarie81
    megmarie81 Posts: 17 Member
    Hi. I only have two co-workers that don't update regularly so I would love more friends. I'm 33 - no kids, no husband, no BF :grumble: but I do have a 12 year old shih-tzu. Contrary to my profile picture I do not have an elephant.
  • thepandapost
    thepandapost Posts: 117 Member
    I am 26 years old here and have one fur baby (dog) - feel free to add me!
  • hurricaneemly
    hurricaneemly Posts: 23 Member
    27 - no kids... no fur babies :( (my bf and I are debating the pros and cons - fortunately, I have an unending list of pros in the fur baby department). Feel free to add me :)
  • HardyGirl4Ever
    HardyGirl4Ever Posts: 1,036 Member
    I'm 35 and have yet to have kids. Do have two kitties though. They didn't cause any baby weight gain though, I did that all on my own. Anyone please feel free to add me. :smile:
  • feralkitten1010
    feralkitten1010 Posts: 219 Member
    I love my fur baby! :) Human babies... not for me. I'd prefer to send them home to their respective mommies when the day is finished. I'm a wonderful aunt though!:wink: Feel free to add me.
  • janak2004
    janak2004 Posts: 128 Member
    28, no kids, and not married. I"m currently training for my first half marathon in Disney in February! Would love to help support you. :) Add me if you would like. :)
  • Azurite27
    Azurite27 Posts: 553 Member
    29, no kids, no significant other, just my kitty buddy. Don't call her my "fur baby", me and her are besties.
  • ScarletFyre
    ScarletFyre Posts: 755 Member
    I am 37, no kids, just a fur baby, Patrick (no not an actual baby covered in fur, haha) He's my Maine Coon (my cat who thinks he's a dog), who was born on St Patrick's Day. The rescue named him Patrick, and I was going to change it to something else but still Irish (Like Dublin or Guinness) until I realized he actually comes when he's called!

    Feel free to add me, anyone!! :smile:
  • wishiwaskate
    wishiwaskate Posts: 3 Member
    33, single, 1 red-headed fur baby of the doggy persuasion