How do you use PB2? Suggestions?



  • krissypea79
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    I just got my regular and chocolate PB2 the other day and I am in love!! Ordered it from So far, I have only just eaten it by itself, but I love the oatmeal idea!!

    I like to spread peanut butter (4tbsp makes it better, STILL only 90 calories, 100 less than regular or natural PB!) on a tortilla or pita (LaTortilla factory has a good low carb, 50 calorie tortilla), and then I put a banana in the middle and roll it up...makes a very filling snack!!

    Excited to try new things with it, I am so happy about this discovery, since I am a PB-holic! :smile:
  • reducingrenee622
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    My husband was wondering if you could bake with PB2 or PB2 Chocolate. I didn't see any recipes or suggestions that I could in this forum, but saving this for later incase someone has recipes that suggest I could!
  • HeatherBittner
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    Bump. I have some in my pantry and needed ideas. Thanks everyone!!
  • Ratrap
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    Does anybody else think its really salty? I like it in my smoothies but I tried it mixed like it said and it was really bad tasting like it was too salty
  • 126siany
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    Have never used it but wanting to try. Can anyone tell me where to find PB2?

    I actually saw it in Target last week, with the regular peanut butter!
  • KM0692
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    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    1 scoop chocolate protein powder
    2 tbsp PB2
    1 banana
    1 tbsp sugar free chocolate pudding mix
    2 packets Stevia
    1/2-3/4 cup water
    Handful of ice cubes

    Blend and enjoy! Soooooo good! :)
  • LissaDebo
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    • spread it on whole-grain english muffins
    • add it to chocolate protein powder to make shakes
    • mix 1 serving with hershey's lite chocolate syrup (1 serving), spread it on banana slices and freeze. consume after at least an hour.
    • use it as a dip for celery and apples
    • mix it with Fage 0% yogurt (adding extra protein chocolate powder optional)
    • use it in Asian and Thai recipes that call for peanut butter or peanut sauce
    • have put it in oatmeal before

    Those are my regular uses off the top of my head...
    I am definitely going to try the Chocolate Syrup suggestion! Never thought of that.
  • rhonpaul
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    I use it in place of flour in a Cake in a Cup. You can find cake in a cup/mug recipes online. I replace the flour in the recipes 1:1 with defatted peanut flour (which PB2 is).
  • I use it for adding to smoothies, ice cream, milk, and anything you would put PB on when you add it to water. I do not buy the PB and Choc as you pay a higher premium and cocoa powder tastes better to me, so I mix my PB2 w/ cocoa powder myself.
  • ElvenToad
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    I buy mine on Amazon, its quite a bit cheaper than in Walmart but you can find it there as well. Right next to the regular peanut butter.
    I like using it in my Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal recipe among many other ways!
  • parsonsk64
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    if you look up the bell plantation (creators) website they have recipes.

    Bump. And thank you! Just got some recently myself!
  • fivethreeone
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    I put it in shakes or in my oatmeal. It's not as good as the real thing, but it's a serviceable substitute on a strict cut.
  • tar0809
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    I love using it!! I put it on toast or apples. It says use 1 tbsp of water to 2 tbsp of the pb2 but I just add water very slowly until its the consistency that I like which is pretty thick!! :)
  • sapl31
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    I put it in my oatmeal to add protein. I have mixed it with water to make a peanut butter and mix in some no sugar added jelly for a snack. I have used it to bake cookies and breads.
  • ratherbeskiing
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    I put the chocolate one on my gluten free english muffins but mostly I add it to chocolate protein powder to make it taste like a reeses... so good!
  • megan116xo
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    I saw it in the store and I wasn't sure it was worth trying! Now that I read this im quite excited!! :)
  • mysmileighs
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    I put it in my smoothies with strawberries, protein powder, ice, and milk. I usually just use 1/2 the serving size for the smoothie...
    I also like mixing it with water like it says and using it as regular peanut butter!

    My boyfriend got the Chocolate to try mixing with Vanilla ice cream in the blender and get a chocolate milkshake-ish-thing. (He's the chef...All I heard was chocolate, ice cream, milkshake. LOL)

    I've gotten it at Publix and Kroger. At my Kroger it's in the organic section, and at Publix, I currently get it out of the special order shelf (meaning they don't stock it regularly) but maybe that will change soon. Will definitely look at Amazon to see if there's a price difference. But I think it was ~$5 at Kroger/Publix.

  • ANewCrystal4Life
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    Chocolate is my favorite...

    *Thaw out a tub of SF/FF Cool Whip and add in the PB2 and gently stir until well combined then refreeze. Taste just like peanut butter ice cream.
    * Add a TBSP to oatmeal...delish.
    * Add a TBSP to Bananna/Egg Pancakes
  • JustineMarie21
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  • karensdream
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    I like to mix it with ff vanilla greek yogurt, then stir in a few dark chocolate chips! Decadent!