females that started around 300 lbs and lost without surgery



  • SassyMoonbeams
    SassyMoonbeams Posts: 229 Member
    I didn't start anywhere near 300 but I read this whole thread and I'm applauding you all. I get really cranky about surgery, not sure why (barring thyroid issues, medication issues, illness and disability), and I've had people argue with me that after a certain weight you CAN'T lose without the sleeve or lapband or bypass or whatever. All of you are flipping double birds at those people. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

    You are amazing for the loss you have achieved as well lady!! :-D

    I feel exactly the same about weight loss surgeries.......I am going to venture to say that a great deal of people get them because they'd rather have surgery than do it the old fashioned way. They say surgery isn't an easy way out....however....sadly you hear many stories of people who go through the surgery and wind up gaining weight again...so it would imply to me that many of them were in it as they saw it as an easier way to lose weight than actually wanting to change their habits. Many are still required to lose weight before they even have their surgery.....I'm making some generalizations here of course but I really really don't believe in wls. I think it circumvents the learning and growth from losing it the natural way, it robs you of that wealth.

    I'll probably be blasted for that, but whatevs. :drinker:
  • Dourpussdora
    Dourpussdora Posts: 48 Member
    im loving this post!!, ive just rejoined with over 140lbs to lose so you are all so inspiring :-)
  • starrylioness
    starrylioness Posts: 543 Member
    I've lost about 103 lbs now and I didn't have surgery. Happy to be friends if you'd like.
  • 4ever420
    4ever420 Posts: 4,088 Member
    Started June 2012 at about 295 and am now at 145. It's taken me about two years but did it without surgery, just a good old fashioned calorie deficit.
  • Andrezia
    Andrezia Posts: 33 Member
    Motivation!!!! Woohooo, I can do it! You can do it! We all can! Thanks for this post, I needed this.
  • kaseysospacey
    kaseysospacey Posts: 499 Member
    I started at 355,am.315 as of last sunday and losing steadily.
  • mandycasey
    mandycasey Posts: 274 Member
    Hi i started at 304 currently at 208! No surgery!! i've been here a while and been up and down this last 14 pounds a few times! i need to get past this and lose more, good luck xx
  • Just want to say thank you for posting your before/after picture! You look awesome and give me hope!;)
  • AleciaG724
    AleciaG724 Posts: 705 Member
    I started at 327#

    Here is my 1 year progress post:


    You can do this - I have some tips in the post. Be consistent - once you get moving in the right direction it's pretty easy to keep it going,
  • Lyndsay137
    Lyndsay137 Posts: 10 Member
    I started at 328 in August 2013 and Im now 265 (did get down to 235 but gained it back over the last few months) no surgery and not even a gym until this year, just exercise dvds and some cheap dumbbells. It is really as simple as eating within your calorie allowance and exercising a few times a week.

    Seeing everyones stories on here has really re inspired me to get back into this again properly and get the next 40-50lbs off and to my goal weight so thank you ladies. Feel free to add me :)
  • chatterbox3110
    chatterbox3110 Posts: 630 Member
    I started at 375 and got down to 259, I'm currently at 277 because I've had some surgery and a lot of major stress in the past year, but I am proud of myself as in the past I would have regained every pound and more.

    I've not had any weight loss surgery nor any medication, it's all been done with the help of MFP and an awful lot of determination.

    I'm struggling a little at the moment to get back on track fully, but I still faithfully log every day, if only to keep myself in line.

    Due to our financial circumstances changing we had to cancel our gym membership, so my aqua classes and swimming have stopped, but I still ensure I walk at least 1 mile a day.

    I will get there eventually.

    Good luck :)
  • stuart160
    stuart160 Posts: 1,628 Member
    Simply an amazing thread full of people that words can't express how impressed and blown away I am by each and everyone of you.
  • riquid
    riquid Posts: 10 Member
    Hi! I started at 292 lbs and now, almost one year later, I'm at 176 lbs. I'm still slightly overweight for my height of 5'10" but I'm planning on stopping soon as I'm quite comfortable with my current size and the amount of food I can eat vs. the amount of exercise I have to do to maintain (which is basically zero; I get my cardio from simply walking around town and the odd night out dancing a few times a month. What can I say, I'm lazy.)
  • keladry89
    keladry89 Posts: 42 Member
    Hey, congrats to you all! Thanks for posting, it's inspiring :] I was in need of a pick me up as I've been slacking! So in fairness here's my story so far, no surgeries, no pills, no gimmicks , just counting calories and working out for me. a close friend got surgery and it can be frustrating the way the weight is melting off him, while I'm just plodding along. OP and others, I hope this helps. :]

    About a year ago, I weighed around 275-280. I use 273 as my start weight because I weighed that at the doctor's office so it's "official" hah. I got down to about 259 by Thanksgiving just by making better choices and then my weight loss stopped. So I started using MFP, but it didn't stick. In December, I got a smartphone and over Christmas break I really started to use MFP. At the start of the year I weighed 256 and I weigh 221 now.

    I'm still fat, (at five six and a bit my bmi is still considered obese) but I ran a mile in 8:13 last week (indoors, on a track), so I try to remember it's more than just what the scale says. A year ago my mile time was 11-12 minutes! There are lots of ways we make progress, so it's important to realize that. I still have weight to lose and seconds to shave of course!

    As for clothing, I was a 18W-22W and now I'm a 14W-18W. But I went into the loft with my sister and for yucks I tried on some clearance XL dresses, and some of them fit me! The whole time I was afraid the fitting room attendant was thinking my god what is that fat woman doing here but she just smiled at me. And I bought a dress from the loft! Also I bought some XL running clothes from Nike, which was a huge thing for me too :]
  • annadjanssen
    annadjanssen Posts: 29 Member
    I started at 298 on May 1. I have never liked the idea of surgery because everyone I have known that has had surgery either looks ill or lost then gained again. I have tried phentermine in the past and I did loose some weight but it made me super nuts, so not really an option. I am currently at 259.2. I get frustrated because 2 lbs seems so little but the weight is coming off and every pound adds up. The tips I have are:
    Take a day and cheat but log everything. It will help you realize what your old eating habits were doing to you.
    Find what motivates you. Some say you have to do it for yourself but if showing others you CAN do it keeps you going, then do it.
    Log all food eaten even if it puts you over.
  • Arydria
    Arydria Posts: 179 Member
    I started in July 2013 at 291 and a size 26W. I did everything to avoid walking, or any exercise. With my husband at my side I began a lifestyle change, and to date have lost 125 lbs and many inches. I now weigh 166 and wear a size 8. I did this without surgery, just diet and exercise. I have a lot of lose skin, and have decided to have skin removal surgery. Having my arms look like a muscular shar-pei is not very inspiring, so I am doing something about it.

    I should add that I'm 55 years old and post-menopausal, so yes, it can be done. Age is not an excuse!!
  • FeraFilia
    FeraFilia Posts: 4,664 Member
    I started at 330 pounds and am at 295 right now. So it's not all that much yet, but I'm starting to see and feel the progress.

    I still have 130 or so to go, but it doesn't seem as scary as it did before. :)
  • dolliesdaughter
    dolliesdaughter Posts: 544 Member
    Jun 2011 276 to Aug 2014 169. No surgery, slow and steady wins the race. :) I have a little bit of extra skin on my stomach, but not bad, considering I did all of this after age 40. My stomach is flat with clothes on, without clothing it shows above my belly button.
  • anawhatsme
    anawhatsme Posts: 261 Member
    EXCELLENT advice! thanks for sharing!!
    Firstly I want to say if anyone wants to be friends, please add me! I would love that!

    I am 5'7” and started at 304 but probably weighed more than that....I lost almost 30 lbs in 2012 then got distracted and let's be honest, made excuses to stop caring for my health....got back up to 299. I started here again towards the end of Feb this year and have so far lost 45 pounds from my highest.

    As someone has mentioned, find a workout that you enjoy ( or at least don't totally loathe, LOL!). I will second Richard Simmons....I saw results. And it's fun cause he uses oldies music and even has some disco and 80s ones as well! Try his box set of Sweatin To The Oldies it's actually really fun! His 80s Supersweatin is still in my DVD rotation because it is a pretty killer workout! I also started off using his blast and tone DVD for weight training and have now graduated to other workout programs as I've gotten fitter and needed more of a challenge. Think about what you enjoy, do you like dancing, do you prefer quick short workouts like HIIT?

    The other thing is you need to make this definitely a new habit. This is it...this is for life. Every week you take the time to workout, it is not optional. This is like brushing your teeth, this is like brushing your hair, washing your clothes. This is the attitude you need to have in order to circumvent excuses, cause the excuses WILL happen! You don't give an excuse for not brushing your teeth now do you? You have to make our health a priority in your life no matter what!

    One of the greatest things you can do....WATER. Drink tons of water! Aim for 10 glasses a day and more when you work out. This will help you shed water weight, will keep you properly hydrated, will keep you from retaining water if you have more sodium or eat carbs, and will help keep you satiated.

    Another thing is PREPARATION! Be prepared, buy and prepare healthy snacks and meals for the week. Set yourself up for SUCCESS! Planning is very important!

    Personally, I also try to eat more protein and fat than carbs. I don't deal well with carbs, but I do enjoy my chocolate! Every night after dinner I have chocolate, and so long as you mostly eat healthfully then enjoying a treat every night or every other night within your calories allocated is AWESOME. You appreciate the treat more, and you don't feel like you're depriving yourself. Also when you eat more protein you don't get hungry as much and your meals will sustain you more! It's one way to set yourself up for success.

    I am convinced that the biggest part about weight loss is knowing yourself. Knowing your habits, your patterns, your likes and dislikes. Make it work for YOU, with the workouts you select, with the meals you eat, everything! Sit down and think about what would work for you.

    You got this!!!
  • kymarai
    kymarai Posts: 3,594 Member
    I just want to jump in and say WOW!!!! Great jobs!!!! You are all inspirations! Keep up the great work! Remember every day is about choices to make and progress to be made.:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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