Goal weight for women who are 5'1-5'2



  • gemmamummy
    gemmamummy Posts: 185 Member
    4'11 and am 101lbs. I don't necessarily care what the scale say as long as the tape measure and clothes look right
  • Hi guys! I'm 5' 2"! I have been at worst 160, at best 149. I'm aiming for 138 but that would be a miracle at this rate. How to people determine their frame? (Apologies if this has been answered before!) I went by the thumb and finger round the wrist. I could not imagine any lower for now but I just want to look less wobbly!
  • toutmonpossible
    toutmonpossible Posts: 1,580 Member
    Hi guys! I'm 5' 2"! I have been at worst 160, at best 149. I'm aiming for 138 but that would be a miracle at this rate. How to people determine their frame? (Apologies if this has been answered before!) I went by the thumb and finger round the wrist. I could not imagine any lower for now but I just want to look less wobbly!

    There are charts on the web that tell you how to estimate your body frame size. I use a tape measure. I have a small frame, have always been a low weight, and I look pretty wobbly at 108 at 5' 2".

    Beyond frame size, individuals vary in how they carry their weight. I don't carry mine well.
  • PHDork16
    PHDork16 Posts: 12 Member
    I'm sure you've figured by now that weight is not a good fit! I recommend having your body fat tested and shoot for lowering that instead (and toss the scale!). I am 5'2" and currently weigh about 135. I lift weights and wear a size 4 or 6. My goal weight is 125, which will knock me down to a 2 or 4. I weighed 113 when I graduated high school and people thought I had to be anorexic because my clothes were falling off me, I bruised easily, always tired. Not good! There is not a "perfect" number for every short girl and don't let anyone convince you there is!
  • 64mustangsue
    64mustangsue Posts: 27 Member
    I am 5' and 1/2", almost 50 yrs old, and weigh 101 right now. My heaviest was 142. I have a very small frame and my current BMI is 19.7.I have never been accused of being to thin. Mostly depends on your frame. According to Dr, healthy weight range for 5" tall is 95 - 128 and BMI is 18.5 - 25.
  • YasminR
    YasminR Posts: 54 Member
    i'm 5'1" and my goal is 126lbs or a UK size 12. It should be about what feels right for you and not what anyone else dictates. Good luck :smile:
  • BrokenSomething
    BrokenSomething Posts: 11 Member
    I am 5'2" and technically aiming for a goal weight around 100lbs, because I always gain ~5 pounds back when maintaining for some time. BUT I have a very pronounced hourglass shape so it more realistic that I'll stop around 110-115lbs. My personal "it could be less but I feel comfortable enough in my own skin"-weight is somewhere between 140-150lbs, meaning I am not too concerned with the final outcome, as long as it is in a healthy and comfy weight range.
  • chelstakencharge
    chelstakencharge Posts: 1,021 Member
    I am 5'0 and am 119 hoping to get down to 108
  • deniseg31
    deniseg31 Posts: 667 Member
    I am 5'2" and am at 207 :sad: currently so if I can manage to get downto 150 I'd be on cloud 9! Ultimate goal weight for me would be 135-140.
  • LaLaLovely76
    LaLaLovely76 Posts: 73 Member
    I'm 5'2". My largest weight known was 236, I'm now 186 and striving to get to 150. Per my height, I should weigh no more than 136 but I've gotten to 140 before and I looked sickly, in my opinion. But there were many factors to this. The reason I lost weight was due to stress and I didn't lose it the right way so that could have been the cause of me looking that way. This was years ago, however, so once I reach 150, I'm 85% certain I'll probably want to drop to at least 140.
  • jillk93
    jillk93 Posts: 45 Member
    I am 5'3 and 127. I would like to get to 115 lbs. I don't remember the last time I weighed as small as 115 lbs. At my highest I was 145 lbs. Just gotta bump up the workouts and should get there soon!
  • nomorebingesgirl2014
    nomorebingesgirl2014 Posts: 378 Member
    4ft 11
  • knoelledi
    knoelledi Posts: 91 Member
    5'2" and goal is 150. It's a weight that looks good on me. If I can get down to 135, great but no lower, for some reason I look sick at that point.
  • amethyst7986
    amethyst7986 Posts: 223 Member
    I'm 5ft 2in --currently 176 but looking forward to reaching 135 in the next year or so.
  • JenMull44
    JenMull44 Posts: 226 Member
    A doctor will tell that you should weigh around 110 at 5 foot. After that add ten pounds to every inch in height and that is a healthy weight for a typical woman.
    I am a little taller than this group (5'4) but not by much. I currently weigh 143.
    My goal weight is 138.
  • I'm 5'1.At my heaviest, I was about 170. In high school I was about 115, so I always thought that I wanted to get back to that. Now that I'm no longer 15, I'm not even sure that's an option given my build. I recently got pretty into weight lifting. I'm presently about 138lbs, and I like how I look. I've pretty much lost all of my boobs, so I'm not sure if I want to go down any further. I'm going to keep trying and see how I look at each stage. I've started concentrating more on how I look and feel than a number. My favorite shorts are a size 4 and they are too big for me now at this weight, so I guess it all just depends
  • DivaKom
    DivaKom Posts: 19 Member
    I'm 5'2 and 136 currently. Would like to get down to 120 lbs but don't know how I'll look/feel. My lowest adult weight was 108, I looked to boney and could not maintain. That was 10 years ago, after a bad break-up. All weight came back on in no time plus some more... Will be 40 this year so am very excited about my new me... Hope can look awesome on my birthday in a few months...

    Anyone have pics how 120 looks on them on a 5'2 height. Would also be great to know the bodyfat percentage!
  • I am 5'1.5" and I am about 120lbs. Any smaller and I look too gross and boney. I was 163 when I started and never thought even this would be atainable. You need to pick a "SIZE" not a weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, and many other factors play into weight. Do not focus on the scale, focus on how you look!!!! 120 on me may be a totally diff 120 on someone else.....

    Keep in mind nobody sees the scale, they see you...so how you look is WAY more important!!!

    I wish nobody saw the scale! Unfortunately I have to step on it twice a year in front of my co-workers and if I'm not within weight standards, I risk losing my job.
  • Verdenal
    Verdenal Posts: 625 Member
    Don't remember where i read it....But, I once read that at 5ft one should weight 100lbs, every inch after that is another 5 lbs. So me, for example at 5'3 1/2, I should weigh 117 1/2 ish pounds. I don't really like weighing that low tho, I feel I look best at about 121-125 :) So really it's all what YOU like yourself at!!!
    Good luck on your journey!

    That's a guide, nothing more. I'm 5'2" and have never been 110, the goal weight per that system, and definitely would not like myself at that weight.
  • Ashwee87
    Ashwee87 Posts: 695 Member
    5'2" here and my "goal weight" is around 130-140 lbs for now. I will reevaluate when I get to that area to see if I want to lose more or just focus on toning.
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