What's Your Go-To Breakfast?



  • It usually depends on 1) what we have in the house and b) when I decide to grace the world with my presence. xD

    But most times it's either;

    - 1 scrambled egg w/spinach + whatever fruit is available; sometimes it's strawberries, sometimes it's grapes or applesauce. Occasionally I add a slice or two of whole wheat toast, but most times I just stick to the eggs and fruit.

    - Whatever fruit is available. Sometimes I'll have a bowl of raspberries, strawberries and grapes and some fruit juice or applesauce or a banana if we have any still.

    - A spinach/fruit smoothie after I come home from my weekly cleaning job - even though by the time I get home it's about 12:30, but I still consider it a 'breakfast' since I hadn't eaten when I got up.

    That's usually what I have for breakfast or most times 'lunch' depending on when I get up the rest of the week. =P
  • LauraPa1mer
    LauraPa1mer Posts: 65 Member
    Oatmeal with 1 sliced peach and a tablespoon of sugar-free peanut butter.
  • Protein shake and egg whites.
    I never get sick of it!
  • DellaWiedel
    DellaWiedel Posts: 125 Member

    then lunch at 1 PMish.
    That's pretty much my day as well.
  • derrickyoung
    derrickyoung Posts: 136 Member
    oak run whole grain english muffin
    1 TBSP Peanut Butter
    1/2 Medium Banana
    Coffee black with splenda
  • oatmeal with fruit/dry fruit toppings along with hard boiled eggs
  • svsl0928
    svsl0928 Posts: 205 Member
    Oatmeal 1 to 1 1/2 cup with cooked banana or apple cinnamon, Splenda during the week and 2 egg with one egg white with spinach, onions, peppers and cheese with a cooked apple seasoned with Splenda and cinnamon.
  • Elsie_Brownraisin
    Elsie_Brownraisin Posts: 786 Member
    2 weetabix and 200ml whole milk - 264 calories

    Snap. Every work day - keep them (well, the weetabix) in my desk drawer. I can't face food as soon as I wake up. Usually eggs, porridge or toast at the weekend.
  • nicsflyingcircus
    nicsflyingcircus Posts: 2,221 Member

    then lunch at 1 PMish.

    ^This, mostly. Coffee in the am then a meal somewhere around noon or later, depending on my schedule and inclination.
  • 808Kine
    808Kine Posts: 60 Member
    Half of a peanut butter and honey sandwich.....fast, easy, can eat in the car and holds me over till lunch!
  • lisacarrana
    lisacarrana Posts: 38 Member
    I try to have something with good fats to fill me up until lunch time. Avocado on toast with a little lemon and black pepper, or full fat greek yogurt with nuts and seeds with blueberries on the top.

    I can't forget my coffee though, washed down with one litre of room temperature water.
  • 2 fried eggs, 2 sausage patties, hash browns and toasted English muffin w/ butter.
  • El_Cunado
    El_Cunado Posts: 359 Member
    eggs, all versions are up for grabs since they are so fast to make.

  • JordanMK_
    JordanMK_ Posts: 54 Member
    I mostly eat 4 krisprolls with hummus or philadelphia light, a yoghurt and a piece of fruit. It keeps me going until lunch. I don't drink coffee (anymore) in the morning so only water and sometimes some handpicked tea.
  • Beewallows
    Beewallows Posts: 110 Member
    My favorite is 0% plain greek yogurt with a cup of stewed mixed berries


    instant oatmeal microwaved with a banana
  • As of now, 3 minis from Chick Fil A with a cup of blueberries when I am on the go.

    When I am at home, cereal with strawberries and coffee.
  • MarliQQ
    MarliQQ Posts: 112 Member
    Egg and bacon w/ either a waffle or a biscuit.
  • Mona95z
    Mona95z Posts: 3 Member
    one boiled egg , a small piece of bread and tea with sugar added , sometimes I drink some milk too.
  • a941guy
    a941guy Posts: 31
    usually a couple pieces of fruit and a couple granola bars (crunchy ones preferably). Banana's and granola bars are ideal.
  • nicailyzee
    nicailyzee Posts: 183 Member
    Eggs with pesto and cottage cheese or Eggs different ways (usually hard boiled or fried on flat top with spray oil) with a piece of turkey bacon or turkey sausage and a vegetable or peanut butter on whole wheat toast or toast and cheese rarely, the last two weeks been trying 80 cal light and fit Greek yogurt with flax seeds, All bran cereal with warm almond milk because I cannot get myself to eat oatmeal although I have tried it several times high fat and low fat, yuck, sorry. I will try steel cut next pray for me, lol!