Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    I was looking forward to seeing your pictures after reading your post, ......they aren't there :noway: :laugh:
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    Yup I know. I've been trying to fix them for way too long now. About to approach levels of murderous rage. Going to have to back away from the computer...
  • Thanks for the post and motivation.. Love lifting just bought me 2 medicine ball's
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    I DID IT!!! Happy dance.
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    Alright- I'm brand new t this- posting photos and free weight lifting!

    Thanks to threads like this one, I started NROLFW about 6 weeks ago. I am LOVING it. It is making me feel so strong. I only completed Phase 1- I have many more to go! But I felt like I wanted to contribute something since I got SO MUCH from these threads.

    My before pics are the results of a 40 lbs weight loss (over 2 years). I was doing cardio and body-weight resistance training.
    The "after" is eating as a moderate deficit. 6 weeks of training 3x a week (cardio for 30 minutes+ the program). Toward the end I added more abs because I didn't feel my core was getting enough challenge.

    After I lost the 40 lbs almost no one said anything. It happened slowly. Since I started lifting, people won't stop commenting on my recent "weight loss" (ha ha! I have lost 1.5 lbs! ;) )

    Down 1 (almost 2) jean sizes. Down 1 shirt size. Wore a 2-piece for the first time since having children. :) I feel great and can't wait to do more!

    Thanks for the inspirationg ladies! After being sold the "gospel against heavy lifting"- I am SO HAPPY I found threads that showed me the error of my ways. I love lifting and will do it forever.

    (Hope these photos work!)

    eta- I was starving every day in the first pics- and not seeing any more change. The weight lifting has gotten my metabolism going again! THank GOD because now I can eat like a normal person.

    Yes i see a difference !!, that's Great!!....
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    Great job and keep it up!
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    Started Strong Lifts 5x5 two weeks ago. I have a 9month old and realized that I can no longer blame my flab on my "baby weight." So I made an "In Search Of: weight bench and weights" add on Facebook and I now have a bench and lots of weights that I have very little clue what to do with. HAHA!

    This is my very first time heavy lifting and I was truly inspired by this thread and all you STRONG WOMEN. Needless to say, I'm primarily just lifting the bar at this stage but I'm lifting it and that's my small victory. I'm writing on this thread because I NEED to be held accountable. Please add me if you are a female heavy lifter because I could really use the motivation. I'm going to post before an afters every 6 weeks! AHHHH!

    SW: 152
    GW: 135 (AND STRONG)
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    Savemama- Congratulations!! Great job!!
    I finish stage 1 of NROLFW tomorrow!! I'd love to get the same results... I have seen changes and improvements, but need to get the scale moving! Eating a 20% deficit and doing weights 3x a week and cardio (Zumba or intervals on the treadmill or stair master) 2-3x week. I love it too!! Feels good being strong!!

    Looking forward to doing stage 2 together! I'll try to add you :).
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    You ladies are awesome!
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    Great work, keep em coming!
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    OMG! All on your own too. One determined inspirational individual.
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    @BombshellPhoe AMAZING!!!!! I just started lifting a few months ago and this is my 3rd week of Stronglifts 5x5, thank you! Looking at your pictures gave me some confidence that I might be able to achieve my dream body!!!!
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    Good job all us ladies!!! Feels good doesn't it? Here are my results from lifiting everyday 6 days a week and High Intensity Interval Training/Cardio workouts. I also just completed the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. This is 4.5 weeks of straight GYM! :)2ewjr5f.jpg
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    what do you ladies do for lifting? when I go to the gym I am absolutely lost on what to do when doing weights so I just stick to the machines.. D: IDK WHAT TO DO