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  • MrsWilsoncroft
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    Hey everyone,

    I have a question for ladies here. What deodorant/body spray you use? It's gonna sound embarrassing but I use my husband's AXE cuz I just love how it smells, even on me!... I smelled Axe for women yesterday and Ughhh it wasn't good. I think sprays work better than sticks, do u agree?

    I use Sure, No White Marks or the new Lynx for women x
  • paigemarie93
    paigemarie93 Posts: 778 Member
    I use the pink Sure or Sure crystal.
  • LOL I buy my OWN axe
  • proudtexan71
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    I use Degree - Sexy Intrigue w/ the matching body spray.

    It works for me!
  • runnercheryl
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    I have hyperhidrosis, so I have to use Driclor as well as a regular antiperspirant.

    The Driclor burns and itches for days, but it's necessary. On top of that, I use Mitchum or Sanex.
  • arizonaladybug
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    I think I have to change it up every once in awhile. I prefer dove.. but sometimes like in the summer hot Arizona I need like a clinical protection.. and I do shower everyday and still need deodarant I cant stand the smell of B.O! and anyone who doesnt wear deodarant shoudl seriously consider other people! becuase even if you cant smell yourself ! Trust me other people can smell YOU!.. anywayz dove is my fav! secret smells pretty good too.:)
  • Zara150
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    I'm there with you recently discovered one, and loving it!
  • twinkles2121
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    I don't use any. Deodorant is really not needed if you shower daily.

    I call BS on this, I shower daily and still need to wear deodorant. Perhaps, deodorant is not needed FOR YOU, if you shower daily, but still, I wouldn't want to be caught in a sweaty elevator with you.

    I started using Secret, the new Paris scent smells sooooo good. Although it rubs off on clothes like crazy :frown:
  • N2Couture
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    I use the Adidas stick deodearnt. I bought a bunch at closeout
    and like it but on my last vacation forgot it and tried Dove in
    the Pomegranate, liked it almost as well as Adidas.
  • MelsAuntie
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    All I use is dusting powder. I use a hot tub and shower every day, sometimes twice.
  • tabicatinthehat
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    I love Dove. It feels so nice. :) I hate how hard it is to get deodorant off, so I avoid it as often as I can. I did find that clarifying shampoo gets it off better than regular soap, though.
  • aledba
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    Purely Great cream deodorant, made in Canada.
    I don't use any sprays and neither does my husband.
    He uses Lush powder deodorants.
  • skylark94
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    Dr. Oz said he has a sweating problem and has tried everything on the market. He said to uses Tom's Naturally Fresh. It is made of mineral salt and you have to wet it to use it. The mineral salt kills bacteria it doesn't block you pores and one bottle lasts a year. I have used every clinical deodorant on the market and trust me this Toms is great. And the best part is it natural and only cost $4.00.

    I wonder how much Tom's paid him to say that. Dr. Oz is a shill.

    I like Secret Natural Mineral. It works pretty well and doesn't cause a rash like the many other mineral products I tried.
  • yellowlemoned
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    I use dove, but I've snatched my boyfriends oldspice in wolfthorn (I think). It smells super fruity and delicious.
  • skylark94
    skylark94 Posts: 2,036 Member
    I don't use any. Deodorant is really not needed if you shower daily.

    Tell that to my pits. If I forget my deodorant after a shower, I am well aware of it within a couple of hours.
  • I like Herbal Clear Natural Unscented Deodorant. That way, I can use whatever body spray or lotion I want w/o those scents competing with my deodorant.
  • faith_76
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    Old spice-Fiji scent
  • 3laine75
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    I normally use Mitchum.

    I was very surprised to find that coconut oil actually works really well as a deodorant (tried it after reading it somewhere) - reminds me again, I need to get more :/
  • Calliope610
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    After my gym workouts, I shower with Axe Sport Blast body wash. Finish up with cornstarch powder and natural crystal deodorant.
  • cuckoo_jenibeth
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    I like Dove & Secret, but only use unscented & no perfumes because I am a nurse & know that working in such close quarters with people can irritate allergies or sensitivities. But, as a nurse, I wholeheartedly urge everyone to use deodorant, because you may be on my space, too! Lol!