Food you never thought you'd like.... but do now?



  • Avocado.

    As a child it litterally made me throw up. Now I LOOOOVE it with lots of pepper.
  • dammitjanet0161
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    Avocado for me too, always thought it was bitter and slimy and tasted like earwax. Then I tried a perfectly ripe one just dressed with balsamic vinegar and I was converted. I now also love them in a salad with bacon, spinach tomatoes and olives, in smoothies and as a side dish with poached eggs.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    Vegetables in general. I was okay with a few (green beans, broccoli, bell peppers), but I had a serious fear and loathing of almost everything else. Now I eat lots of veggies and I enjoy them. Even brussels sprouts!

    However... I will never, EVER like beets. I've tried. They're yucky.

    I never thought I would like beets either, but then I tried borscht and changed my mind.
  • Francl27
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    Just steak. I hated it when I was a kid. Wasn't fond of veggies either. Turns out all of that was because of my mom's cooking...
  • Meerataila
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    vegetables and fruits

    Except for onions, which I always loved, this pretty much sums it all up for me, too!
  • Basilin
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    The only meat I've had, but refuse to eat is bear. Another traumatic food experience with my father.

    :sick: I think this deserves a thread on it's own.
  • bananas162
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    It was the texture I never liked.. I tried some again a couple of days ago and I'm beginning to love them! :smile:
  • 20yearsyounger
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    For me, it's spinach. Growing up and even until a couple months ago, the stuff just grossed me out.

    Today for lunch, I had 5oz of baby spinach sauteed with bacon fat, shallots, garlic and a splash of red wine vinegar. Love that stuff.

    I never thought much about not liking spinach. I thought spinach gave me super strength :)
  • hkristine1
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    Eggplant. I almost refuse to order a thai dish that doesn't have eggplant in it anymore - it's pretty amazing.
  • 13bbird13
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    Sauerkraut. There've just been too many jokes about it. I decided it had to be awful since it had so many people laughing at it. Then I went to a German restaurant with friends a couple years back and there was a side dish of it for the table, so I tried it just to see how disgusting it really was. I loved it! What the heck; I love pickles, and that's all it is, really. Can't believe it took me almost 50 years to give it a try, but I'm glad I did.

    Slightly OT: my dad still won't eat sour cream because of what it's called. It sounds like it's gone bad, so it must be bad. The guy is almost 90 and still won't touch it; won't hear any promises as to how good it is. He thinks "sour" "cream". Period. But in his defense, he did grow up in the era before pasteurization and there probably were some serious health issues attached to not-so-fresh dairy products back in the day.
  • frisco111
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    Salmon. Totally. I have recently fallen in love. For the longest time I thought it was terrible because it was too 'fishy.' Turns out, I just had bad salmon. :frown:

    I use to hate it. Now I eat salmon every day.
  • Naley2322
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    roasted beets!
  • osteological
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    Cucumber. The biggest, nastiest devil food in my childhood other than celery -- I'm starting to enjoy it on sandwiches and in vermicelli bowls, still not a huge fan of it by itself.

    Oh- and canned tuna. As a kid I wouldn't touch the stuff, now it's cheap and delicious protein.
  • stephb130181
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    Chickpeas & Sunflower seeds.......seriously obsessed with them now! xx
  • Cathalain
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    Zucchini. I always turned my nose up at it until I tried a little bite of some that my husband had ordered at an Italian restaurant. Wow, was I missing out.

    I didn't like salmon either (or most fish, for all that), but I love it now. And I had an aversion to raw tomatoes because "the jelly stuff" in the middle made me sick looking at it - I'm still not a huge fan, but I can eat a slice or two on salads or a sandwich now.

    I was "the weird kid" that always loved spinach and cauliflower - matter of fact, those were (and still are) my favorite veggies!
  • 13bbird13
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    I was "the weird kid" that always loved spinach and cauliflower - matter of fact, those were (and still are) my favorite veggies!

    When I was really young, 5 or 6 years old, one of my favorite foods was steamed clams. There are few foods uglier than steamed clams, but I'd eat them while the grown-ups looked on in awe at the little girl chowing down. I still like them, but I know people who won't eat them because of the way they look.
  • craftytasha
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    minestrone soup
    spicy food
    tuna (I love fresh tuna now!)
    goat cheese
  • meridianova
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    eggs: my mom would serve me one every morning and i never liked it. when i was 15 she finally figured out how to make eggs for me the right way... she didn't. now i don't have a problem with them, but i do load them with herbs and spices and cheese.

    i was ok with spinach as a kid, then got seriously put off by it after my mom grew it in the garden one year. i swear, i felt my teeth rusting every time i bit down. i'm getting to be ok with it again.

    i hated onions as a kid, and still cannot stand them raw. however, i LOVE them cooked, especially carmelized.

    for a long time i thought i hated red bell peppers. i don't like the green ones, never have and never will, but i figured that if the green ones had a spicy bite to them then the red ones would be 100 times worse. it wasn't until i just said "what the heck" and took a bite of a red bell pepper that i discovered how sweet they were.
  • AuddAlise
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    Fast Food....I grew up vegan and never ate fast food. I was told it was gross and greasy and would give me food poisoning.

    I freaking LOVE taco bell now.
  • OKfarmgal
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    Six months ago I had never heard of Kale, now it's one if my absolute favorites!!