Light Laughing Cow Cheese Love!

Alatariel75 Posts: 17,939 Member
I love this stuff, awesome spread on muffins with asparagus, poached eggs and cracked pepper, great on Corn Thins with Vegemite, tasty in celery sticks...

Yum and so low in calories!

And you can cook with it!

Add 2-3 triangles to your mashed potato for beautiful creamy mash...

2-3 triangles with a small portion of cheddar mixed with hot pasta for a tasty mac n cheese..

My husband's favourite:

Butterfly a chicken breast and open, spread one side with LLCC, top with some ham, close it up and crumb it and bake - It's been dubbed "Om Nom Chicken"

Anyone else get creative with this stuff?


  • lillyrose2020
    lillyrose2020 Posts: 178 Member
    Oooh I'm going to try the Om Nom Chicken, sounds tasty!
    I just have the triangles as a little snack when I need something cheesey in my life!
  • kelly_c_77
    kelly_c_77 Posts: 5,658 Member
    I love adding 1 wedge chopped up into a 1/2 cup of egg whites, add a little salt and pepper, onion powder and microwave for 2 minutes. Throw it into 1/2 pita bread...quick, delicious and super low calorie breakfast sandwich! :)
  • 13bbird13
    13bbird13 Posts: 425 Member
    I eat 'em all by themselves, right out of the foil... the cat gets the very tip. I also like to use them to make breakfast sandwiches... mine start with a whole-wheat English muffin, cheese wedge, fried egg, maybe some crispy turkey bacon if I have it on hand. Delish and much better for you than the kind they serve at Mickey D's.
  • EMTFreakGirl
    EMTFreakGirl Posts: 597 Member
    I call it the Happy Heifer cheese. My favorite is the Queso Fresco (sp?) stuffed in a celery stalk. Sounds a bit meh, but it is so yum!
  • KristinaB83
    KristinaB83 Posts: 440 Member
    That mashed potato is awesome. Making it tonight!
  • erockem
    erockem Posts: 278 Member
    Light creamy swiss plain or with apple slices.

  • samr73
    samr73 Posts: 440 Member
    I'm addicted to cheese triangles but need to get more creative clearly!!! Gonna try the chicken :-)
  • bluestarlight19
    bluestarlight19 Posts: 419 Member
    I eat them as snacks with crackers and I use it on my lunch sandwich! so yummy
  • nomad1000
    nomad1000 Posts: 206 Member
    The Chipotle variety is great on a wrap with chicken and veggies. Has just the right amount of "zip."
  • Mexicanbigfoot
    Mexicanbigfoot Posts: 520 Member
    so many yummy suggestions!! I spread mine on a toasted bagel with an egg and ham slice for breakfast! can't wait to try to om nom chicken!
  • latenitelucy
    latenitelucy Posts: 1,314 Member
    I spread it on my wraps instead of dressing, mayo, or mustard
  • AlyssaJoJo
    AlyssaJoJo Posts: 449 Member
    We'll put one wedge into stir fry mixes. It gives it an extra flavor boost!
  • Need2Exerc1se
    Need2Exerc1se Posts: 13,576 Member
    I like to add one or two of the wedges to mushroom sauce when I want it creamy. Delicious over chicken and rice.
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,939 Member
    Loving these ideas! Never thought to put it in a sauce for chicken, OMG, the possibilities...
  • mockchoc
    mockchoc Posts: 6,573 Member
    Loving that chicken idea OP. Must remember that one.
  • I prefer Philadelphia.
  • Mygsds
    Mygsds Posts: 1,564 Member
    Hi, what great ideas.. I spread on a tortilla, lettuce, sliced tomato, deli ham and Swiss cheese. Roll up... Yum.. sometimes slice olives on it on a tortilla and stick in the oven till tortilla is crispy..
  • iggyboo93
    iggyboo93 Posts: 524 Member
    Evil has a new face and it is Pepper Jack Laughing Cow. I can't keep that in the house or I eat the whole container in one evening.
  • suzybee30
    suzybee30 Posts: 30 Member
    I like to spread it on a rice cake and then top with thinly sliced tart apple.