Kangoo Jumps?? Worth the price??



  • Sherrim13
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    If you look at the website Aliexpress - they have the shoes for $75 - $110. This is an overseas company so I am not sure they are the same qualify/brand but the price sounds a lot better than $250... I have been looking into buying a pair but am wondering if I want to buy yet another fitness product that will sit with the others I no longer use : )
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    I have a pair of Kangoo Jumps that I really enjoyed using...lots of fun and good workout. Took getting used to being so tall, lol! I don't use them anymore unfortunately due to an Achilles injury that was in no way related to the jumps (too many squats and lunges at one time--apparently my form was off and I didn't realize it).
  • Katanthus
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    Yes, they are worth the price. I have had mine for over 2 years now, and I couldn't be without them. I broke my ankle many hundreds of years ago, when I was 16, and a few years back I injured my knee (osteochondral defect). I was never a runner before, but after rehabilitation to get me walking again, I saw a girl wearing KJs, and thought that would help me put less impact on my knee. I was a bit reluctant to spend $250 on them, but did. I have to say, I have not looked back.

    I took them to my physio, and she checked them out. She even said, the impact and compression on the joints is GREATLY reduced. They may look odd, but I don't care, they protect my ankles and knees.

    I was running 3-6 miles a day. My best 5k was 17 minutes.

    I use them 5-6 days a week, and do about 30+ minutes on them.

    If anyone says that Kangoo Jumps DON'T work the core, are:

    1. Have hideous posture
    2. Don't use them properly
    3. Talking out of their hat
    4. All of the above

    I have have the first two of a six pack appearing on my stomach, and they must be strong, because they are showing strongly through a layer of flab. I admit it. My waist is more defines, and my legs and bum look good.

    Good running shoes will cost at LEAST $100 a pair. They should be replaced 400 - 600 miles. Kangoo Jumps treads can be replaced, keep the original shell. Mine have lasted me over two years, and still in great condition.

    Look online, find a Kangoo Jump class near you, and go rent some, and try them.

    Happy jumping.
  • google Poweriser

    i have these and there awesome fun not massively dangerous but getting on and off of them is a bit tricky you get to run really really fast in them.

    looks not so good but better than the kangeroo jumps Imho
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    these are the things i've actually seen on tv before.

    they look like they take some skill to use
  • Julzee99
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    Well worth it!!!!! :happy:
  • Julzee99
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    I am getting more and more excited about getting them. And I am going to try ebay and craigslist to try and get them cheaper. And I am not too klutzy so hopefully (fingers crossed) I won't fall too many times. And if I do... I will just get back up and try again. :)

    I don't know if you ever ended up getting a pair of KJ's (can no longer stand to read all the negative comments - dang!!) Regardless, I got a pair a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVE them!!! As far as where you can wear them -... um ANYWHERE!!!! paved roads or dirt roads, it doesn't matter. I wear mine all around the house while I clean. I do workouts in them and go running in them. Much rather run in these then sneakers. Yes, they are a bit expensive, but you know what? Ya only live once - I figured I'd do something for ME for once!!
    P.S. they are very easy to walk and run in! You have to balance a little bit, but other then that, very, very little risk of falling.
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    I think they're worth the price if you're using them regularly. I bought a new pair two years ago ($279 + tax + shipping) and have no regrets. I take a weekly class and was paying $20 every 5 weeks for the boots rental. You sweat so much in the class that I did not feel comfortable putting my feet in boots that someone else had sweat in (same feeling I have about bowling shoes, so I bought my own). I doubt my instructor washes the inserts after every class. Plus, I wanted the silver and pink colors and the rentals were all black with a contrasting color. A cheaper option would be to buy them used, and buy replacement inserts (they're washable) and springs so that you get optimal workout. The replacements will set you back around $100.
  • Veil5577
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    I've thoroughly researched these and think they're worth a try. You can use them at home with a regular workout DVD rather than running outdoors if you want to. I think they will be something that I can stick to because I did love using a mini-trampoline (which I no longer have) and that will be easy on my knees and ankles, which make regular workouts too painful. This will be my Christmas present to myself this year.
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    Ha! The title made me think of those KangaROOS shoes in the '80s, with the little pocket on the side. They were big at my grade school.