Real women drink beer.



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    IPAs tend to fall in a pretty high ABV range as well...
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    Found thread. Resurrect. Sorrynotsorry.
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    I enter in the beer i'll plan to drink that night and then plan the rest of my eating that day accordingly!
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    Coming from Michigan, I'm also surrounded by delicious beer everywhere. I used to try & be more scientific about it... But anymore, I just follow the "roundabout" method.

    ABV x 30 will give you an approximation of the calories in a 12 oz serving. Divide by 10 for approximation of the carbs.

    Since most craft beers are heavier than most, sometimes I will add a "multiplier" of 1.1 to 1.3 depending on the style (mainly if I'm cutting) because a stout or barley wine will certainly have more carbohydrates from residual sugars than a pilsner or a saison.

    So for example, Founder's Breakfast Stout is 8.3% ABV. And it's a stout, but not a "HUGE" stout, so let's use 1.1 as the multiplier.

    8.3 x 30 x 1.1 = 274 (calories). Then you'd have 274/10 = ~27 carbs.

    I e-mailed Founders directly about this beer last year when I was in a cutting phase. I got the calorie/carb info from the Sales rep directly as 265 calories and 26 carbs. So even our estimate overshot it a bit, but not by much. I'm sure there are times when you'll undershoot, too, but hopefully they'll even out.

    Even if you're off by a little, this is still a good way to at least approximate & fit beers into your everyday diet. And if you're really worried about it, just up the multiplier by a little more.
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    kimad wrote: »
    LOVE BEER and if real women drink beer, I am as real as they come.

    I prefer bud light lime which is about 116 cals per bottle. The Canadian 67 lime is really not bad, and only 67 cals.
    Usually when I drink I knew it's an affair so I don't count my calories, but if I am having one or two with dinner I just make sure to fit it in my calories.

    I think you need to enjoy your life and if you wanted to adjust your beer choice solely for calories that is great, but I can't give up things i love or I would never stick to the plan!

    Your statement in the first paragraph is invalidated by the so called "beer" you advocate in the second.

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    But... It tastes like cat pee :-(