Would anyone like to join me for a "Just for Today" goals for the month of January



  • Amby020
    Today I will:

    1. Log everything I eat.
    2. Walk for 30+ minutes.
    3. Drink 8+ glasses of water.
  • losingrae
    losingrae Posts: 260 Member
    cmcbrown wrote: »
    1) Weigh in each morning and write it down
    2) Track food (beyond breakfast and lunch) and plan dinner
    3) Read something motivational each morning so I think about it when I exercise.

    I really like option 3, to think of something motivational while exercising. you are fixing your body AND mind. :)
  • juliezum
    juliezum Posts: 92 Member
    Thank you Joan for starting this and for letting me know how to find my way back. Today I will:
    1. Exercise
    2. Log my day
    3. Remain positive
  • AliluniqueLaura
    AliluniqueLaura Posts: 43 Member
    Just for today 1/1/15

    1. I will drink 4 bottles of water
    2. I will take my dog on longer more frequent walks
    3. Remember my vitamins
  • weightwatcher490
    weightwatcher490 Posts: 21 Member
    Just for today:
    1. I will track all of my food (honestly)
    2. I will avoid the temptation of sweets and carbs
    3. I will stay focused on how good it feels when my clothes fit so that I can stay motivated

    Thank you Joan for starting this and thanks to all others before me for helping stay motivated....just for today.
  • marisas80
    marisas80 Posts: 116 Member
    Just for today I will:
    1. Log everything that I eat
    2. Get at least 30 minutes of excersize

  • ogsteinkid
    Thank you Joan!

    Just for today I will focus on eating slower. I know that I eat too fast and that allows me to just continue to add more food to my body and that is no good!

    Have a WONDERFUL day MFP peeps!
  • Just_say_jess
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    edited January 2015
    I love this idea! I'm ready to start seeing some real progress and focusing on "just for today" will add up!

    Just for Today:
    I will take a picture so I can actually see my progress down the road
    I will log all my food
    I will substitute healthy options for the junk that is left over from the holidays
    I will get a run in
  • lovingrn
    lovingrn Posts: 27 Member
    Just for today I will:
    1. Log everything I eat.
    2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
    3. Exercise for atleast 20 minutes.
  • klutzykay
    klutzykay Posts: 13 Member
    I'm back at this after an absence and I like the "Just for Today" idea. So, just for today:
    1. I will log everything I eat.
    2. I will ignore the desire to eat salty stuff (or anything not good for me) while watching The Ducks!
  • mytime6630
    mytime6630 Posts: 4,226 Member
    Well, I weighed myself this morning, reset my weight. Yikes, How can weight go on so quickly! But I know what to do -- watch my sugar intake. So I added another thing for today

    JUST FOR TODAY, January 1st, 2015
    1. DO a minimun of 20 minutes of exercise, whether it be ellipitical, walking, or anything!
    2. Focus on 8 glasses of water
    3. Log everything I eat!
    4. Keep my sugar grams within MFP guidelines
  • mytime6630
    mytime6630 Posts: 4,226 Member
    This is something I need to remember to make my goal: I want to be @ my lowest maintenance with by March 2, my 54th birthday!

    "There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something you do it only when it is convient. When you are commited to something, you accept no excuses, only results." Kenneth Blanchard

    Love this!!!
  • goodfood993
    Just for today!
    1. I will log everything I eat.
    2. I will drink 8 glasses of water
  • mytime6630
    mytime6630 Posts: 4,226 Member
    I love all the posts, and so happy to have new posters! The posts keep me encouraged as well.
  • skjones0323
    skjones0323 Posts: 53 Member

    Just for today I will try very hard to stay under my calorie goal!
  • Karen_135
    Karen_135 Posts: 2 Member
    I love this thread! I think it is exactly what I need to keep me motivated. I will try to commit to three challenges for my "just for today" posts. I will have a mental challenge; a food/drink challenge; and an exercise challenge.

    1. I will accept myself as I am. I will think about improving my health, not losing weight or looking skinny. My worth is determined by my attitude, not a number on a scale or a dress size.
    2. I will plan my meals for next week today so I have time to shop and prep before I get too busy.
    3. I will get out for a walk today.
  • welshpoppy
    welshpoppy Posts: 114 Member
    Thanks Joan

    1.I will log everything I eat
    2. I will walk for 300 minutes
    3. I will drink 8 glasses of water
  • barnumboy
    barnumboy Posts: 20 Member
    Great inspiration!
    Today I will:
    1 - Workout (DONE)
    2 - Log all meals and stay within limits
    3 - Plan meals/workouts for the week and shop for healthy foods
  • wmsndh
    wmsndh Posts: 1 Member
    Just for today, I will:

    1. Log everything I eat
    2. Walk 10,000 steps
    3. Drink 8 oz. of water
  • KimWW
    KimWW Posts: 301 Member
    Just for today I will

    1. Walk at least a mile (DONE)
    2. Drink no soda
    3. Log everything I eat