In 19 months, I've lost 262 pounds. New Me, New Life.



  • TexasDarling09
    TexasDarling09 Posts: 210 Member
    Thanks for putting yourself out there. I'm a chick, so yep I cried. And you're right, "You're not alone". I have been there, and even though I'm only halfway to my goal, I feel so much better now. Awesome job.
  • SophieKean90
    SophieKean90 Posts: 52 Member
    Amazing! well done!
  • cindyhoney2
    cindyhoney2 Posts: 603 Member
    OMG! Look at you! I believe I have seen your post before, but wow! I have a co-worker beginning her new journey tomorrow, I'm going to show her our b/f and after and hope you inspire her as well!!! Keep up the excellent work!!
  • maggierenee88
    maggierenee88 Posts: 352 Member
    Incredible work! You look unbelievable and I'm sure the way you feel about yourself today is beyond what any photo or story can tell.
  • ihatebeingfat23
    Your story and progress are amazing so inspirational I bet its like being reborn great job!
  • ihatebeingfat23
    Awesome job. :) You look like Bob Harper.
    He really does
  • leanstrongsexy
    leanstrongsexy Posts: 28 Member
    You look fabulous congratulations for working so hard at it. You are inspiration to me and many others
  • bigtwagner
    You are a real life inspiration. You are truly someone i want my kids to look up to, and say " see, this is what happens when you dont quit."
  • rbfdac
    rbfdac Posts: 1,057 Member
    Holy crap- this is amazing. And the writing is excellent.
  • jazzunicorn
    jazzunicorn Posts: 9 Member
  • krmsotherhalf68
    krmsotherhalf68 Posts: 122 Member
    I read your story and caught myself nodding many times during your tale of going shopping at a plus-size store. I've been a plus size since I was born (10 lbs., 4 oz.). I know all too well the struggles faced being so unhealthy. I am so happy for your success I just had to write and congratulate you! You look amazing and I know you feel so much better too. God bless you in your new life.
  • outtamyweigh
    Congratulations on not only the weight you've lost but the new LIFE you've gained.
  • CMenendez
    CMenendez Posts: 62 Member
  • kickingitup
    kickingitup Posts: 38 Member
    truelove7 wrote: »
    This is so inspirational. Congratulations! As someone who is obese, I can totally relate to your story and it almost made me cry. I can't wait to be free of plus size stores and worrying about the size of seat I'm about to sit in.

    You, sir, are an inspiration...THANK YOU for sharing!!

  • WasabiRocket
    I've been lurking around here for weeks, mostly checking out women's stories of success, for inspiration. I've never commented on anything before. I ended up reading your story because I kept ending up here (?) and saw someone commented that you are a hell of a writer. Well you are a hell of a writer (and you should keep doing it) and it brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for your success and that you continue to inspire people!
  • sylviebea123
    sylviebea123 Posts: 11 Member
    Tears here too mate. You are certainly inspirational.
  • Holla4mom
    Holla4mom Posts: 587 Member
  • jwins3290
    jwins3290 Posts: 41 Member
    I'm pretty much speechless. So well written and honest. Bless you and your success!
  • astrose00
    astrose00 Posts: 754 Member
    Wow, just wow. Congrats. You are amazing!!!
  • SwtKittN
    SwtKittN Posts: 176 Member
    Nearly year and a half later this is still getting bumped and I'm glad I got the chance to read it. Tho I am saddened that you don't appear to be on MFP anymore, I would have loved to have read your blogs. You have a way with words that is amazing. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiration, wherever you are :)
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