48 pounds in 11 weeks! 4.36 lbs per week! I survived the holidays!



  • dale530
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    Great job!! Keep up the good work.
  • breefoshee
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    OP I am not knocking your diet or how you eat. You can be gluten free, low carb, sugar free, what ever you want.

    I will say one thing though, not counting your calories WILL catch up to you. Your current "diet" is working because you have simply created a deficit replacing less nutrient dense foods (which tend to be higher calorie) with more nutrient packed foods (which tend to be lower calories) and you are probably moving more (burning more calories on top of that).

    You will get to a size where you will be eating to you your intake and stop losing weight or eating to extra and start gaining weight.

    It is entirely possible to gets fat on lettuce and apples as it is on cake and chocolate.

    There are tools you need to stay healthy that is a good sound knowledge of thermodynamics (calories in/out), and a food scale to get precision accuracy of what amount of energy you are consuming.

    Good luck on your journey.

    See you when you realize you "need" to count calories as it will catch up eventually.

    First, in honesty OP... I do hope that you continue losing weight and never have to count a calorie. And congrats on the weight loss! But if you ever do plateau, I hope that you will turn to calorie counting and strict measuring--if only for a while.

    I didn't count calories and ate more nutrient dense foods and lost 50lbs easy. (SW- 265) At 215, I felt like my weight would never go down and I was super frustrated. I was eating "clean", exhausting all of my time and energy into making every meal from scratch (and all organic) and then spending an hour a day in the gym.. and to see nothing no movement on the scale (or measurements) really discouraged me. I spent a year doing that, then I gave up (or rather procrastinated) and gained a lot back. Afterwards, I realized (after some research and thought) that even though I was eating "healthy" foods, I was still taking more calories than what I needed to lose weight. Small things like 2tbsp of coconut oil or peanut butter.. or an avocado can add up to big calories that don't always feel like you are overeating. Now, I realize how important it is to really make sure that I am eating at a deficit in calories.

  • krysmuree
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    Most of the people on here are not actual experts and definitely not doctors or nutritionists. :) That's fantastic, as long as you're healthy and happy and monitored by a doctor. Keep on going, girl!
  • shoolashoo
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    Awesome job, my doctor would cry tears of joy!!!! :)
  • NZblue
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    You have done amazingly! Sometimes it's okay to lose it fast. =) And by the sounds, you are doing the right things! Well done, you! xox
  • What help you to lose weight?
  • I'm 183 and want to lose 45 lbs.
  • Trukngrl
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    Very motivating for those afraid to start or unfamiliar with things. Your mindset is a very positive one: I can't count, but what i can do is eat whole real food. Way to be confident to defend your position! You may find if you stumble to a plateau or the sharp downward trend seems to slow - you may have to have a come to Jesus and realize what was getting you to a great spot might not cut it fully and calorie counting is here should you need a new outlook. Don't lose your focus and all you have accomplished so far!!!
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    Congratulations on your progress
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    Great work!
  • xcalygrl
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    I'm excited! I have Los 48 pounds in 11 weeks. My halfway goal is 53! I'm getting closer and closer! 5pounds more and I'm halfway of my journey! :D
    xcalygrl wrote: »
    No offense to the OP, but losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time is oftentimes the norm when you have a lot to lose. If you only have 10 pounds to lose, you won't have the same results even if you ate and exercised the exact same as the OP.

    The "secret" to losing weight is eating in a deficit. Filling up on veggies and protein is one way to keep you in a deficit while filling you up for relatively low calorie.

    ETA: fix spelling fail.

    Calm down and relax this website is for people seeking support. I cannot keep track of each single word when I deal with autocorrect on my phone! I'm proud of my outcome and I want to inspire and support others. I'm not here to seek any kind of conflict.

    First, the ETA: fix spelling fail was for me. I totally butchered a word while I was typing. Instead of leaving it, I edited my post to fix it. Since MFP says "edited on date/time," I added a note mentioning why I had fixed the post (my own spelling fail).

    Second, I think my post was taken the wrong way. I was replying to the first commenter who asked what your go-to foods were for being able to lose that much weight. I was simply pointing out that there are no secrets or go-to foods that can produce those results, except eating less than you burn. I was also pointing out for the lurkers that may not post that there is no magic weight loss food/secret/pill/etc.. I wasn't discounting your progress or what you have accomplished.

    Third, my original post still stands that if you have a lot to lose, losing a lot at first is the norm. I, again, wasn't discounting your process or weight loss. I was merely pointing out that when you have a lot to lose, it is possible to lose a lot in a short amount of time. The way I phrased it could have been a bit better, but it is what it is. I was, again, pointing out for any lurkers that if you (generally speaking, not you in particular Ivelissegmorales) only have 10 pounds to lose, you won't see the same results as the OP, even if you ate, drank, and worked out EXACTLY like the OP did. (OP means the original poster of the topic, so Ivelissegmorales.)
  • Ivelissegmorales
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    I'm proud of my outcome! 51 pounds gone for ever! Thank you'll for your support! I'll keep going until I reach my goal
  • queenliz99
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    I'm proud of my outcome! 51 pounds gone for ever! Thank you'll for your support! I'll keep going until I reach my goal

    Congrats!! For ever!! Love it :)
  • Pamelaniamh
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    Well done!
  • You go girl!
  • hippygirl325
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    Ignore the haters, hun! I'm doing keto which is high fat low carb and people hate on that but I feel so much better and am losing a lot from my belly, 15 lbs so far in a month! I know some of it is water weight but it's very encouraging. I started at 275ish so I know where you're coming from. I count calories but it works for me. Sounds like you are making great eating choices and it's really paying off! Great job!
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    Way to go =) I am always amazed when people can loose weight without counting calories (I have tried but it does not work for me), it sounds like you really listen to your body!
  • BWBTrish
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    I think your awesome!

    But one thing your weight loss will slow down and calorie counting will be needed to know how much you can eat. How do you know if you get enough food/nutrition? You can be full but that doesn't mean you eat enough. To throw a not nice remark here. Anorexia patients always say they are full. Now dont get me wrong i am not saying you have an ED. Only that you have tostart counting some day to know what your body really get in nutrition's.

    And dont see this as negative advice.

    I lost 60.4 pounds in 90 days. So in the same boat. But i count for the reason that i want to know how much nutrition my body gets. Without keeping track you will never know.
  • meryl135
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    Congratulations on finding what works best for your body!
  • lisa_darlene9
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    You have made some wonderful accomplishments to a healthier you . Be proud of yourself for sure. You are a great inspiration :)
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