beginning running.... how do you get past the embarrasment?



  • lacurandera1
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    Just do it. Do it for you BC you want to. Don't worry about what other people think. It's counterproductive.

    Maybe find some trails to run on instead of road running. You'll still come across people (and many of them will be fit or athletic) but most of them will be out there doing them and not Worrying abOut you.

    Also, music. It will help put you in a more focused, positive headspace.
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    I used to do the same thing - so far as to stop and walk whenever a car drove by. Then one day I realized what's the point to try to run if I'm always going to walk? I really enjoyed running, so I just kept going one day. I stopped when I needed to or C25K wanted me to. No one has ever honked, laughed, or otherwise made fun of me to my knowledge and in this case ignorance is bliss.

    I wish you the best of luck in your efforts & happy running!
  • webuiltthisnicky
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    As I round the corner a guy driving a Garbage truck starts yelling out his window "keep peddling fat *kitten* it does not appear to be working". I was so angry, hurt and embarrassed.

    I actually can't believe how rude people are sometimes. That's elementary school behaviour.
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    As I round the corner a guy driving a Garbage truck starts yelling out his window "keep peddling fat *kitten* it does not appear to be working". I was so angry, hurt and embarrassed.

    I actually can't believe how rude people are sometimes. That's elementary school behaviour.

    And as such already put the guy in the elementary-school intelligence level. His actions should not be given further thought for a second. It says everything about him and nothing about the recipient of his words.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

    "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." - Mahatma Gandhi.

    This is a lifestyle change. Fix everything that needs fixing.
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    Think how good you'll feel once you are running for minutes at a time. I done C25K a few years ago and at the start it was embarrassing, but you soon get over that. For the first few runs I kept to quiet places where not many people would be aroud, then as I started running further and longer, went around busy streets etc. I once had a group of youngish boys run after me calling me fatty, but I held my head high knowing that I was doing good for my health (and one day I would be fast enough to chase after them and kick their bums :) )
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    Every time I see a "fat person" out jogging or in the gym I salute them as Greek Gods/Goddesses in training!

    You go girl!!!!!! B)
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    When I first started running I barely made it from my house to the corner (2 houses down) and then eventually it was around the corner, and then to the next light pole, and etc. until one day I ran a full block, and then a full 1/4 mile, etc. -- the furthest I have run so far is a slow 10 miles and yes I have had people honk at me, yell comments, etc. but I have also have people stop me and ask "are you the guy who always runs past here, etc. and they give me support for what I am doing -- I have just gotten to the place where unless something is actually going to cause me physical harm I just keep on with my run and tune everyone else out.
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    I don't give a crap what anyone thinks, I'm running!
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    I felt the same way and to a certain extent still do when I run but no-one will be paying attention to you.

    And on the off chance they do ........well then when you lose the weight, are trim, slim, healthy and fit then they will be laughing on the other side of their face.

    Keep going, enjoy it and good luck with getting fit and healthy
  • UnicornAmanda
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    Don't give a *kitten* what anyone thinks! Everyone has their own demons and their own insecurities! IF people are actually laughing, they are just deflecting their own insecurities by focusing on you. Meaning they are *kitten*! don't worry. focus on your health!
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    At least you are out there doing it they are probably on there way to McDonalds or Burger King so they can go home and sit on the couch and eat their life away.....Keep it up!!!!
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    I think its awesome you are starting to run. I too was embarrassed at first. I ran at night so no one would see me. Not really late just as soon as it got dark. That was 16 years ago ..still running, but mostly during the day now. I still love a night run for the quiet.
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    I've recently downloaded the c25k app and was super excited to start trying to run, until this morning when I actually attempted it (somewhere I thought was secluded) and cars kept going past me etc and I couldn't get past the fact that people would be laughing at the fat girl trying to run. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but it made me get to the point I thought I was going to cry with embarrassment and I quit. So for those that have been running for a while, how did you get past that initial embarrassment? I live in a tiny village where everyone knows everything so I can't even tell myself that these are people I'm never going to see again.

    Believe me no one is laughing at you. Heck I'm pretty sure they aren't paying attention to you. They might have glanced at you but after they passed I'm pretty sure they didn't give you a second thought.

    Kinda sad really. I mean here you are thinking that all these people in the cars are looking at you and in reality they aren't.

    I will admit that I have the habit of giving the stink eye to runners but that's only because I haven't been able to run in almost a year so I'm jealous whenever I see someone running outside (hoping to see the podiatrist tomorrow so he can hook me up with a new pad for my foot). Except in the winter. Then I just think they're crazy.

    Seriously though. Don't let your inner thoughts stop you from doing the C25K. And FWIW: So what if the people in your village see you again? You might actually end up with a running buddy!
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    Get your jiggle on, sweetheart. You are not even that big... I bet you look wonderfull in your work-out-gear!
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    Like the others said - ignore the jerks.
    Keep up the running and you are going to find you hate missing a day. I started with C25K in August and can now run 4.5 miles. It wasn’t easy. But oh my gosh, it was so worth it. Don't worry about your speed, just go slow (very slow) and the speed will come later.

    You are going to get in great shape and then you are going to have a different type of response to ignore from passers by. :wink:
  • Jacqadactle
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    I know the easy answer is to just stop caring, but I know how hard that can be. The best thing to do is just push through. But, if you're really not ok with running outside until you get the hang of it, you can try to check craigslist for free treadmills (or cheap), people give them away all the time because they stop using them. That way you can run in your own home, and move outside at your own pace. I prefer running at the gym because it's usually either freezing or really hot out here, and I like seeing my progress and heart rate on the treadmill. But each person has their own preferences. See what works for you. I've done C25K, and I never thought I'd be a runner (high arches, wrong body type, etc. etc. excuses) but it totally turned me into one. Don't give up! I find that when I do run outside in the spring time, though, people are usually very motivating and not at all judgmental. Will you get the occasional jerk? Yes, but keep in mind that it's more a reflection on them then on you. You will be in shape soon, they will always be a jerk.
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    Oh wow, thank you so much for all your wonderful replies! It's made me even more determined to get out there tomorrow (after I drop my youngest at nursery) and get it done!
  • LoneWolfRunner
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    You just stick with it, girl. Even if they are laughing now, in a few weeks, it will be "That girl is still at it!" Then it will be, "That girl is dropping some serious weight!" and "Damn, that girl RUNS!"
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    I had the same issue. In 3 years I have only had 4-5 people actually say anything negative, and had a ton say positive things to me, particularly the "real" runners, who are super supportive. Sunglasses do help though. It sounds odd but being able to stare people down gives you some confidence.
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    Hey some quick solutions
    • Wear army surplus camo, it's designed to make it harder for people to see you.
    • Run at night; be sure to wear pure black from head to toe, wraparound sunglasses and a hat for that additional anonymity
    • Find places where there are no other people, and run there. You know, middle of the woods at midnight, that kinda stuff.
    • Consult this video. Specifically at 1:02. This is all that matters about running.
    • Stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you. They're not. They're thinking about them.

    Run at night and wear pitch black clothing!!!! Recipe for getting knocked down that and getting injured. Poster who asked initial question ignore this.

    Sarcasm confuses some people.