February Losers! 10lbs gone by March 1st!



  • Tnia
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    Hi I'm Tnia 5'2 188 unfortunately due to my weight fluctuating I plain on dropping this 10 lbs. before cruise and being back on track!
  • angiew18
    angiew18 Posts: 13 Member
    Count me in! I'm 28 5'6" & 184, my ultimate goal is to be 155.
  • heather_riffenburg1
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    I'm IN. I'm 250.2 as of today and my goal is to have less fat. I'm 40 years old, 5'4, and have 100lbs to go. It's a lot of weight to thinking about so that is why I tell myself my goal is to have less fat.
  • kazdoll83
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    Great idea! I'm in. I've missed Monday morn weigh in as have only just seen this and in the UK. Will weigh in tomorrow morning for a benchmark with this group and then revert to Mondays.
    Good luck all
  • karietate
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    Hi all, I'm in! I am 41 years old and as of this morning, 199 pounds! I just did Atkins for a week and even though it was working I unfortunately did not have what it takes to follow it properly. So I am gonna give low calories and exercise a try :smiley: tired of being the "overweight" one when out with my friends. We can do this! Please feel free to add me as a friend :smiley:
  • Fit2morrow
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    I'm in. Currently 224 @ 6'1" and my goal is to weigh 210 on my birthday (end of February). Ultimate goal is 190 and reaching this goal will be the fast start I need to get going. Feel free to add me to your friends list and I'll return the encouragement. Cheers!
  • sunflower9194
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    Okay, I'm in, 2 lbs a week is difficult for me, but I'm willing to give it a try (again). I was 136 this morning at my health assessment for work, after breakfast with all my clothes on.
  • gritiron18
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    Sounds good. I'll give it a go. Any competitive runners on here?
  • New here! But I want in!! I started my weight loss mission last year and started at 180 now at 155! But I've been stuck in this plateau for months. :neutral_face: So I need to take this challenge with you! My weight is 155, height is 5'3". Start today!
  • Totally in! I'm 45 and started on this app 2 weeks ago and haven't weighed myself in probably a month. Will do that tomorrow morning. Lasted weighted 196 and am 5'10". Would like to get to 176 first and work my way to 160.
  • Love all of the motivation on here! I am in! 2lbs per week is a great start for me. I am 39 years old, and 5'0". Currently I am at 190lbs. I have always weighed much much less though so I can't wait to see results.
  • kiwi1003
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    I'm Kelly. Weighed in this morning 2 pounds down from last week, at 186.5. We can do this, 2 pounds at a time.
  • kiwi1003
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    gritiron12 wrote: »
    Sounds good. I'll give it a go. Any competitive runners on here?

    I run and have done many 5ks, 10ks, a half and a full marathon, but am definitely not what you might consider competitive-- I run slowly and I know it! But if you were wanting to tie some kind of running challenge in, I'd be down for it!
  • mthall20
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    I'm in! 5'6, 240, starting clean eating today for a 2 week challenge...
  • Starting late but im in too...
    Im 5 and start weight was 146.
  • fit4life_73
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    I'm glad to see all the responses. The last 6 months have been one long roller coaster ride. Its been really hard to stay motivated for longer than 3 days, and sometimes longer than 2 meals. :| Afte getting on the scale this morning, something clicked. I'm not sure why today was different from yesterday but I feel more focussed.

    *gritiron12 ~ I wouldn't call myself a competitive runner. I've comleted c25k a few years ago but stopped running afterwards. Last year my workout consisted of running intervals. I want to love running so bad. I'm starting back this week. My goal is to run 3miles non stop at 10 min/mile.

    *kiwi1003 ~ congrats on your loss. I'm down for a challenge as well. :)
  • ggbun
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    I'm in! I'm 44, 5'4" and 157.2 lbs. My goal is 130 which makes -10 lbs a great step in the right direction.
  • Reca881
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    Hi,my name is Shereca and I'm 33 years old. I love a challenge so I'm going to accept the challenge. I'm weighing in at 132 today!
  • JessicaN1979
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    My name is Jessica and I am 35 and I am onboard for this. I have started eating clean as much as possible. I am also starting a gym workout again. I have used MFP before and lost 57 pounds and totally quit eating right and exercising so gained 32 of it back. Need to stick to it and reach my goal this time. Add me as a friend for support and motivation. I have PCOS and would like to get pregnant this fall/winter so I must get healthy and lose 65-75 pounds. Here's to losing 10 in February!
  • i am 223 right now :( would love to be 200 by my birthday Mid-March!