How much weight have you lost?



  • QueenofComeBacks
    QueenofComeBacks Posts: 165 Member
    30 days in and 5lbs down :D ! -1.5 off my chest and hips , -1 off my thighs and last but not least -3.5 off my waist!!!
  • joh3092
    joh3092 Posts: 16 Member
    About 150 pounds, I'm guessing. From 5'9" 305 to about 155 pounds. Took about 16 months, kept it off for about 9 months and counting.
  • kristen6350
    kristen6350 Posts: 1,094 Member
    If you add up what I initially lost from 2011 to 2012, and what I gained and lost from 2012-2015, it's 62lbs. 45lbs initially, then I gained 12 back, then lost 8, then gained 20, then lost 9. Obviously I suck at maintaining.
  • KrunchyMama
    KrunchyMama Posts: 420 Member
    I've lost 12 lbs since Dec/14. Thirty pounds to go, at least. Losing 30 would put me at 153 lbs. I'm hoping to lose it by the summer, at which point I will re-evaluate my goals. I would LOVE to get to 135 lbs, but I don't know if that's a realistic goal or not.
  • TheVirgoddess
    TheVirgoddess Posts: 4,535 Member
    69 pounds since late last April (today is day 290). I've gone from a size 20 to a size 10 and brought my BMI from a 38 to a 27.




    Two pounds ago:



    Still have about 15-20 pounds to go.
  • cds_momto3
    cds_momto3 Posts: 316 Member
    I started January 5 and in one month have lost 8 pounds. I'm shooting to lose 7-8 pounds a month and have about 35 pounds to go.
  • Annabear3
    Annabear3 Posts: 92 Member
    These are all amazing posts! I've lost 80 lbs since July 2014. I just stay under my calories and make sure I exercise. I started out just walking around my neighborhood.

  • gothchiq
    gothchiq Posts: 4,592 Member
    31 lb. It took me from March to November of 2014. The pic is in my profile. :)
  • ToddPa12
    ToddPa12 Posts: 61 Member
    Down 27 lbs, and have been stable for about 2 months. I have about 8 lbs left to go but I may be happy where I'm at if I keep building up muscle as I go since I am still slimming down without weight loss.
  • murelzgirl
    murelzgirl Posts: 112 Member
    I've lost 52 lbs in a little over a year. I have 18 left to reach my goal. Eating healthy, mostly paleo, zumba, running, strength classes. I can't believe I'm actually that close to my goal weight, it doesn't seem real.
  • CaoimheMariexo
    CaoimheMariexo Posts: 122 Member
    Can't get over how amazing all these results are! You are all so inspiring and hope that this helps motivate others because it definitely motivates me. >:)
  • tmm_0127
    tmm_0127 Posts: 545 Member
    Since last summer I've dropped 20 pounds. :) Was between 165-170 and now I'm 145.
  • jmarton1977
    jmarton1977 Posts: 49 Member
    I'm down 30 since September doing low/no carb. I feel great and looking forward to feeling even better since I have 40 to go
  • flailx
    flailx Posts: 14 Member
    60 lbs since last April. I have finally reached my pre-marriage weight of 165 and I can finally wear my wedding ring, something I couldn't say for about 18 of our 20 years of marriage.

    Type two diabetes scared me straight.
  • allenpriest
    allenpriest Posts: 1,102 Member
    edited February 2015
    14 months 80 pounds on the way to 200 pounds.
    Eating less.
    Moving more.
  • kborton1122
    kborton1122 Posts: 914 Member
    edited February 2015
    91.5 lbs...

    Was down 126 but gained a few back and working to get them back off.
  • leggup
    leggup Posts: 2,942 Member
    62 lbs lost. It's taken 1 year. I plan to lose 4 more lbs to hit my next goal, though I may decide to go thinner by another 10 lbs.
  • BioQueen
    BioQueen Posts: 694 Member
    Everyone has done so great! I have lost 38 pounds total. I started at 'obese' when I was 181 (I was right on the line between obese and overweight) and I am now at a healthy weight at 143. I am trying to get down to 120-125 :) I can't wait until I can post a before and after lol.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,820 Member
    I love hearing other peoples weightloss stories it is such amazing motivation.
    How much weight did you lose? How long did it take you? What did you do to lose it?
    Feel free to post pictures :-)

    - about 40 Lbs
    - about 9 months give or take
    - i was consistent in logging and hitting my calorie's that simple
  • Troy13691
    Troy13691 Posts: 60 Member
    I've lost about 31Kg (66lbs) so far since my daughter was born 2 years ago. Put a bit back on though now have lost 9 kgs (19lbs) last month woop new lightest weight :)
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