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Starting the 30 Day Shred on Monday, February 9th and I will not be stepping on the scale till March 9th (on my birthday as a gift to myself!) I will be doing this workout Mon-Fri and taking the weekends off. This will be my second time completing it but I think I will be using 3lbs instead of 5lbs because I have not worked out for a month. If you are interested in joining me and supporting each other, leave a message and friend request me. Let's do this together!


  • Behxo
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    Awe, no one wants to join?
  • I'm sorry! I would but I have a broken leg and am very limited in what I can do.
    What is the 30 Day shred in any case?
  • Behxo
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    I'm sorry! I would but I have a broken leg and am very limited in what I can do.
    What is the 30 Day shred in any case?

    Sorry to hear that, hope you heal quickly! Here's an article explaining what it is

  • I'm trying! :#
    Thanks I'll check it out, maybe if you do another in a couple of months then I can join in, hopefully I'm all better by then.
  • nicolemf1503
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    yes :)
  • imabeevampire
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    ive already started. level 1 is boring but i found it hard, level 2 is a lot more fun!
  • GCPgirl
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    :) I'm in!
  • Cellery67
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    I'm in too! I might start tomorrow though just to take advantage of the weekend, in case I'm not able to get a workout in between work and school. Let's do it! :smile:
  • Cellery67
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    Ok so I couldn't wait and just did Day 1. It was definitely a hard workout, but thankfully it went by fast. On the downside, after the 3rd set of jumping jacks my downstairs neighbors made it clear they didn't appreciate my fitness goals...
  • k8ball3
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    I'm also in! I did this program over a year ago, never finished & didn't really track weight loss. Getting in the scale is instant de-motivation, if you know what I mean. I think I will alternate the workouts as they get very repetitive, but count me in!
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    Behxo wrote: »
    Awe, no one wants to join?
    Ill join im dieing to lose weight before summer comes

  • Ill join you it will help me before the summer
  • Cellery67
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    Did anyone else do it today? I did Day 3. I think Level 1 is already getting easier. I guess I'm really inflexible bc the end stretches are hard for me to sit up during. My back wants to curve.
  • vsoffen
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    I'm in will start today! Please add me
  • slicknickk
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    Id love to join, sisters wedding on the 12th of april.
  • I'll join. I'll start back after work today. The first time I did it in Dec and lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Only stayed on level 1 and didn't change my eating habits but did give up soda. The workouts were a breeze from day 4. Jillian got annoying so I started with my I pod and her on mute and it was much better. :)
  • jontucc
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    Count me in. I did a few level 1 workouts but not consistently. Now I am going to give it a really good go. Did the level 1 today. I am planning 2 rest days a week so all up should be finished in 6 weeks. Can't wait to see the results and also looking forward to reading up on everyone's progress :)
  • uzmashaikh
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    I am in. 3rd day and I feel good :smiley: .I also made a changes in my diet and downloaded the c2k free jogging app on my phone.
  • Cellery67
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    Yay! I'm so excited to see all of our results!
  • Rubie782
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    I'm starting today. I plan on taking measurements between each level.