What was your one little victory today that deserves acknowledgement?



  • knittnponder
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    It's my son's birthday today so I ate a 422 calorie piece of chocolate caramel torte and still have calories left over. I enjoyed every bite of it without guilt.
  • misskarne
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    arditarose wrote: »
    I ate bacon chocolate in moderation.

    Half of me is applauding this fantastic effort.

    The other half has no idea whether to be terrified or delighted that there is such a thing as bacon chocolate.
  • arditarose
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    misskarne wrote: »
    arditarose wrote: »
    I ate bacon chocolate in moderation.

    Half of me is applauding this fantastic effort.

    The other half has no idea whether to be terrified or delighted that there is such a thing as bacon chocolate.

    Be delighted. It was vosges. It cost 8 dollars a bar and I did not share.
  • LonnaRox
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    I jumped back on the wagon and had a good first day with food and exercise.
  • KrisAZ000
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    I finished Couch to 5K this morning! Never in my life did I think I would be able to say I can run 30 minutes straight. :)

    So awesome! Congrats! I recently started it too and can't wait to get to where you're at.

    My victory today was that I got to eat super yummy food all day, including cheesecake for dessert, and l was still spot on with my calorie goals.
  • Nottafattie
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    Felt like taking a nap for most of the day, but I pushed through and stayed active. Put in over 7 miles of workout by the time I cried uncle.
  • forevertoday
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    I stayed within my calorie goals, ate a MASSIVE salad that I actually really enjoyed.
  • AndieC1119
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    I hula hooped for 20 minutes straight
  • MissFitAfrica
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    They had sweet potato pie in the cafe at work and I didn't even look at it! :#
  • I planned out my food intake for the day. It's so much easier when you know exactly what you'll be eating.
  • pelpelpel
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    I hit my first goal.. 1 stone off...yay!!! NeArly 2 more to go but well happy :) started 5th jan and have a super duper ( very rare) date night planned tomorrow so glad I hit my first goal for it!!! ****pats self on back, celebrates with rice cake***** ;) x x
  • TheSatinPumpkin
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    reached the last notch on my 3rd belt since starting my WOE. Gotta get the drill out again and starting manually adding notches to get the most out of it.
  • Azexas
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    I got my sleepy butt out of bed this morning at 4:45 and went to the gym at 5am.
  • slgraha
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    I didn't eat the Shipley donuts brought into work this morning or the King Cake brought in yesterday!
  • epido
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    edited February 2015
    Worked on deadlifts today. Was able to pull 235 for 5 reps. (I had only been able to do it for 3 reps before, if I remember correctly.) The last one was really tough, but I got it done!

    I also was able to pull 3 reps of 210 with a double overhand grip, up from only 1 rep!
  • sophzhr
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    This is the first time in 6 weeks that I've gone the entire week without a binge metldown :) There are still 3 more days left to get through, but I'm determined to make them binge free! Tomorrow is my scheduled burger meal (yay!) and I'm eager to have it, enjoy it, and move on!
  • BZAH10
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    Not MFP related, but totally relevant to life.

    Today a friend of mine who I haven't talked to in 6 months messaged me on Facebook. I was glad to hear from him, until the conversation just started making me feel crappy. To summarize, he teased me about not having a full time job (I do currently freelance), not having any hips while having large "cans", humble-bragged about his new business venture, then acted like he just totally forgot that I do graphic design. I promptly ended the conversation... and then after thinking about it a bit longer, unfriended him on Facebook. It doesn't sound that drastic, but I've known him for 10 years and we used to be very close. After our conversation I realized he is toxic, and just a total *kitten*. I decided I don't have room for relationships like that in my life anymore...and I went ahead and deleted a bunch of other people from Facebook who are contributing nothing to my life.

    It felt *kitten* fantastic :)

    I love this! Good for you!! I try to do this twice a year. Would I enjoy randomly bumping in to them on the street and chat? Would I enjoy a lunch with them? Do their posts make me laugh or think deeply? Then I know they are keepers!

    I agree! Nothing like cleaning out the clutter of toxic people in your life. You don't realize how freeing and satisfying it is until you actually do it.
  • Danilynn1975
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    I got out of bed. No extra hair fell out today, and I managed to sit down before I fainted.
  • carakirkey
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    Resisted the cheesecake, muffins and delicious looking chocolate cake in the breakroom. Had veggies and hummus instead!
  • I listened to my body and didn't have my after dinner chocolate that I usually allow into my calorie intake because I was stuffed and didn't feel like it :) big achievement for someone who used to eat mindlesslessy and without needing to be hungry