Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • mdiocar
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    I had my picture taken for nursing school graduation invites and hated them, My face was so round i had him retake the pictures 4 times. i realized it wasn't the photographer, it was me being fat. I decided that when I do graduate (in 4 months) I will look good in my grad pictures.
  • dougl004
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    When i do some water sport and need to jump in the water from a 5 meter ledge. The people watching screams when i finally jump and the water splash so hard & high. hahah~

  • jlq82
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    When I bent down to tie my shoe after flip flop season was over and realized I couldn't because my stomach was in the way...I tried crossing my leg to reach my foot and that didn't work well either!
  • starryphoenix
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    Because I was tired of looking like this. n8o9qs9ufscv.jpg
  • scaryg53
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    My coach for my roller derby team told me that I have great skating skills...what was holding me back was my fitness. He said I could be a team material if I worked on getting in shape. When I told my marine boyfriend, he encouraged me to take my coach seriously. He told me it was because he wants me around for a long time. That was quite the wake up call for me!

    I played roller derby, also, and was having a hard time making it through warm ups, my friend suggested I lose weight and at first I was offended and then decided she was right.
  • fat2strongbeth
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    There were a couple of pictures that scared me. Also wanted to have more energy and not always feel like the largest one in the room.
  • MRivera422
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    After running my two mile like one of the people I once couldnt understand (doing a little shuffle out of breath). I sat back one day and realized that I have gained 80 pounds since I came back from Iraq in 2011. Not being able to run or even do push ups anymore was getting old. It was simply time for a change. I wanted my old self back and I am going to make it happen!
  • kmccann357
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    Feeling disgusted constantly.
  • abbeyjones1994
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    The biggest ah ha moment came in the picture on the left in my profile picture. I was at the beach with my two skinny athlete friends and couldn't believe how awful I looked when one of them posted that picture to Facebook. The next day I downloaded MFP, and now 204 days later I'm down 27 pounds, with about 13 more to go.

    I've been thinking about it more though, and I was just so freaking tired all those months ago. I was supposedly only 19 years old, but I felt like I was 50. I had absolutely no energy, no motivation to do anything, even that day at the beach with my friends LAYING IN THE SAND felt like work. That's not how it's supposed to be ever, but especially not at 19.

    In addition, I have a heart defect that I was born with. I've also come to the conclusion that I used that for so long as an excuse to not do anything physical, when in reality I've been hearing for years how important cardio and portion control are to maintaining my health, especially with my condition. At my annual check up in August, I'll be taking a stress test. Instead of absolutely dreading it like 204 days ago me would have, I am so excited to show my cardiologist and kinesiologist how far I've come. Luckily I still have 6 months to continue improving my cardiovascular health and BF% before that time. It's such a nice change to be excited about life rather than just going through the motions.
  • angelnsnyder
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    My passion has always been to help people. Specifically military members, both active and retired through PTSD counseling. For awhile I wanted to get involved in the military via the air force and was told I needed to drop 15 lbs. Long story short, I need to lose weight to be in the military.
  • txrn123
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    Turning 50 this year....have left hypothyroid problem go unaddressed for decades. Finally am sticking with the medication I need, got my TSH back to normal, and decided if I HAVE to age I'm going to get myself in better shape...needing to lose 70-75 pounds.
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    dougl004 wrote: »
    My story is a little funny. I was sitting in my chilly office with a small jacket on. I leaned back to yawn and a button from my jacket popped off and flew accross the room. That was my AH HA moment. What was yours?

    I have had all kinds of moments over the past two decades that have told me it is time: gout attack so bad I couldn't walk, chest pains, getting winded going up my stairs at home, inability to keep up with my kids outside, fear of having a heart-attack and leaving my family without a dad...but, the one that really seemed to finally put me over the edge is my doctor talking about how high my cholesterol is and how the drugs "don't seem to be reducing it". I told him the drugs probably work fine, I am just out-eating the drugs and causing the problem. I committed to him that I would start doing my part.

    Since January 1, I have lost 24 pounds. :-)

  • vanillaorange2
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    I'm a bartender, have worked in the same bar for years, a older guy, customer that I had not seen in over a year came in and told me I was a lot heavier then the last time he had seen me :/ I only put on 12- 15 lbs in that year, it was around the holidays, but it got my butt in gear, started going to the gym after the holidays!!! Have lost 7 pounds in the last 2 months :) very proud of myself!!
  • BaniArmour
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    When i got the results that i have osteoporosis i just went "welp, i don't need the extra weight on my knees if i want healthy bones".so i hope to go from 56kg to 48kg
  • UnicornAmanda
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    Last february i was at my friends house with her and one other friend. We were all heavy. We were talking about how we all needed to lose weight and we took turns getting on the scale. Seeing 211 lbs on the scale was a wake up call! I started that day instead of the usual tomorrow tomorrow *kitten*!
  • kportwood85
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    It started because I looked so bad in my wedding pictures. Then, I realized, I was getting to the point I was afraid to try things for fear of being too fat. In November I was diagnosed with MS, and I decided to kick it up a notch. I don't know how much longer i will be able to do the physical stuff, and when I can't, I want it to be easier for my husband to pick me up.
  • fiona_414
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    I'd been unhappy about my weight for awhile but getting called fat by some guy on a night out was my catalyst. I know that's very cliche but I swore nobody (especially some guy I'd never met before) would ever make me feel so low about myself again!!
  • Christinaluvly
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    Friend posted a picture of me on facebook, and I had to un-tag myself I was so shocked. I decided it was time for a change.