Cabbage Soup Diet. What your experience? Thoughts?



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    After my 7 days is up start exercising daily and go on a more long term healthier diet.

    You seem to suggest that you KNOW this is better for you in the long run. Why wouldn't you just start right off the bat with long-term plan, and skip the crash diet torture?

    That's what I was wondering.

    A bunch of co-workers and I did this in the mid-1990s. We'd heat up our lunch in the microwave, the rest of the office would groan and gag. (And I like cabbage!) We all gave it up within two days. We were shaky and desperate for something substantial.

    And no, adding on a banana and a glass of milk do not round out a pot of veggies and water and make it all substantial.

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    What 's even in cabbage soup? Other than the obvious lol.


    ...and regret.


    The diet may have evolved over time, but when I did it years ago, I know carrots were "allowed" in the soup but I don't remember what else...?

  • My father did this diet. He lost 9kg but gained back 7kg. I wouldnt advise it. Its not healthy, not maintainable and I would assume most of the weight lost would be water weight
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    Of all the zombie threads to arise... I remember my grandmother gave me the recipe for the cabbage soup once. I never made it.