Do you have a 'Reward' for when you're done?



  • Janet1608
    Janet1608 Posts: 9 Member
    Trip to Vegas. Well to be honest I will be going anyway but I am looking forward to hitting all those discount malls and stocking up on new clothes for the skinny me. Just have to make sure to avoid the buffets and not put it all back on.

  • KatieLK14
    KatieLK14 Posts: 90 Member
    My big thing is getting a cool pair of patterned Nike gym tights.
  • missmegonline
    missmegonline Posts: 15 Member
    Clothing is always fun! I have a range of clothes and want to get back in to the smaller portion of that range. I've also been wanting a tattoo for going on 10 years now! That will probably my ultimate goal/reward.
  • pipsqueak1990
    pipsqueak1990 Posts: 791 Member
    I have rewards for each time I hit the target set. I get my hair done, a new dress, new shoes small treats make me work harder . x
  • viciouslitany
    viciouslitany Posts: 187 Member
    I have an issue deciding what "done" even is. Is it the number I think I wanna see? The body fat percentage? Maybe both. Maybe neither. It's hard to plan a reward when I'm not even entirely sure what I'm aiming for. Hah.
  • gothchiq
    gothchiq Posts: 4,598 Member
    I got myself 2 pairs of really awesome shoes.
  • 3shirts
    3shirts Posts: 294 Member
    Take my shirt off and run up to women yelling "LOOK HOW SEXY I AM" until I get arrested.
  • jett69
    jett69 Posts: 60 Member
    I reward myself every sat night with a XL Coke Slurpee.
  • jessicapk
    jessicapk Posts: 574 Member
    I want to go sky diving :smiley:
  • dramaqueen45
    dramaqueen45 Posts: 1,009 Member
    I try to reward myself for every milestone-
    30 pounds lost - manicure (done)
    40 pounds - massage
    50 pounds - mani/pedi
    60 pounds - clothes including a short black dress and a new swim suit.
  • pattykaye33
    pattykaye33 Posts: 177 Member
    Yes I do! I will be getting a pair of Miss Me jeans :)
  • gamesandgains
    gamesandgains Posts: 640 Member
    Deep satisfaction.
  • marine172064
    marine172064 Posts: 28 Member
    Wearing the same clothes that I have not been able to wear "comfortably" wirh room to spare. That's awesomeness NICE.
  • starbucktigh
    starbucktigh Posts: 170 Member
    Not for when I get to my goal, but for when I've maintained it 1 year, I'm getting a tattoo.
  • dawnmcneil10
    dawnmcneil10 Posts: 638 Member
    I really want a nice buttery leather jacket, been at goal for a while and haven't found the one but somewhere along the way I guess I stopped focusing on it. I'll know when I see/feel it.

    What I got was a Garmin GPS tracker because I found I like running, it's something I never expected to enjoy so when I discovered it I wanted to celebrate plus it keeps me wanting to improve, go a little farther, make it past that one more turn, you're this far go the rest of the mile, that sort of thing.

    I NEED to replace the seat on my motorcycle or have some additional padding added because well that's a bit rough on the butt bones now.
  • sjmay
    sjmay Posts: 386 Member
    I have mini milestones next one will be to get my hair coloured. I'm hoping to hit goal weight this summer, so I love the PP about white water rafting. It's something I've always wanted to do, but have never actually planned to do.
  • scar47
    scar47 Posts: 56 Member
    YanskaNY wrote: »
    Do not judge me, please, but after a week at my goal weight I am going into a McDonald's and having a damn Big Mac! I gave up this disgusting place years ago, but damn I dream about Big Macs once in a while. I really think I"d like one more for the road when I am at my goal weight! :) I reward myself in many other ways each week, so my BIG, final reward is kind of NOT a big deal.
    Hey, McDonald's has the second best chocolate milk shake. Chick-fil-A has the best. As to hamburgers, I prefer 5 Guys.
  • jodes023
    jodes023 Posts: 283 Member
    3shirts wrote: »
    Take my shirt off and run up to women yelling "LOOK HOW SEXY I AM" until I get arrested.
    That's the best!! haha!!

  • Dianaa31015
    I know this isn't the right answer but the only way I've ever rewarded myself whenever I lost weight was with food. I know it is really wrong because of where I am now. So I will try different things like treating myself with hair or spa treatments, new clothes, etc. Something special other than food :)
  • DucklingPrincess
    DucklingPrincess Posts: 36 Member
    I'm trying to lose weight before I go to college, so I just keep reminding myself that if I get to my goal weight in time, I'll get a bigger wardrobe upgrade before I go and going to college with a lot of new clothes would be nice.