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  • twinkling70
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    Hello, I got back on after being off for awhile. Started in January eating around 1200-1400 calories I am a sweet addict so just had to stop eating them. (I might have a naughty sweet once a month) I eat Greek yogurt daily Vanilla, Avocado's they are suppose to reduce belly fat I eat one daily. I have lots of issues with being able to move so I got an exercise ball. I sit on it and do exercises on that. I do sit ups, & exercises against the wall and then bought fitness bands and do things with all of them that I can. I use U tube to get exercises. I walk if I can, but due to issues with back etc. it is hard to walk alot. I have lost SEVERAL inches in the past couple months and 25 pds.. I am amazed by this as I am a Frequent dieter. As all of us know just drink lots of water try and cut out the calories and move as much as we can. I have lost more in the past 2 months than I have ever on any diet plan.... :) GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!
  • Frostygirl2790
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    Here for the third time and last time. Just dusting off my cookbooks and making small goals. Anyone feel free to add me, I know going in this alone does not work. Been there tried that
  • tjames30
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    Started the year out at 262.4, weighed in at 235.8 this morning. I'd love to support and encourage you along the way! We can do it!
  • First time to fitness pal but not first time to trying to lose weight. I have tried and failed for 10 years. I am ready for a life change but am so overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. I am 42, 5'0" and 245 lbs. I am so frustrated and lost
  • dodgegirl3970
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    20 years old, 5'6", started at 314 two montha ago and have made it down to 280. Long way to go but won't stop now.
  • Laurend224
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    I was 212 when I started but my highest weight was 252. I'm now 188ish, and glad to be there. Welcome, you can do this!
  • ms_smartypants
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    I started at 241 and I am now at 224....you're welcome to add me ...wishing you much success
  • kramrn77
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    I started at 283 then climbed some more. Down to 266, but stalled out for a bit due to lack of planning and increased stress at work and not making time to go running or workout at all. So, trying to recommit and get back on track!
    I'm 5'10ish and my goal weight is between 190 and 200.
  • LouiseHappy
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    Started at my heaviest 227 in February, 217 as of today, waiting for Monday for a weigh in :-) Started by just walking around the block, now trying to jog on a treadmill and strength training and watching calories.
  • Feistiness72
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    I was here before. Went from 296 down to 206. I then developed an injury and I just stopped. I was so close getting to under 200. I just started back this week and I'm back up to 271. I am needing all the help I can get. Feel free to add me!
  • reducingrenee622
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    I'm about a month in but haven't weighed myself. The last time I was at the doctor i was like 255 so I know I am still with ya. You can do it!
  • kellyann5599
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    Started at 240 last week, down to 234. Need all the motivation and support I can get!
  • skylarwalsh
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    Started at the tail end of last week at around 252.1, my highest weight ever. Weighed in this morning at 246 and I'm already feeling so much better.
  • Lisa_0527
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    Hi - I started 18 days ago at 220 and am currently at 212. Anyone is welcome to add me for support/motivation. Good luck to everyone!
  • alicesdaddy
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    I just want to remind all of you that you CAN do this. I'm still in the 300+ club, but I've lost 150 pounds so far. I have 175 to go until I reach my goal weight. I wish ALL of you luck, it's hard but it's oh, so very, possible!
  • jennifermcglynn7
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    Started yesterday (again) at my heaviest. .. 270
    :( I have some serious back issues so I have been pretty immobile for the last year. I have just started going on short walks with the family, have dropped the sweets (again), am trying to change our eating habits and I am 2 months cigarette free! Feel free to add, I could use some friends that are making the same journey.
  • cranor130
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    Today begins my second week. Started at 220.8, and now 217.3!
  • 2snakeswoman
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    215 last weigh in. Sigh - up 3 pounds from the last weight on my profile.
  • Started at 231.2 down to 227.2. Anyone feel free to add me! I work and go to school full time so the struggle is real! It's so easy to give in to the drive thru after a hard day at work. I ran my first half marathon a year ago next month then 2 months later developed an injury that required 6 months of physical therapy. I fell into a depression and ate my feelings. Time to get out of this rut and take care of myself! We can do this!
  • AshBurns877
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    I range between 235-240. Just can't seem to break those numbers. Would love any motivation or support. Hearing others weight loss stories makes me realize I CAN do this! You guys all rock!