Should Guys Wear Tank Tops?



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    I know the standard answer is "If it makes you happy, then where them", but this is the Chit-Chat, Fun and Games category. That answer just doesn't fly ;)

    What are your opinions? I'm gonna be honest, until recently, I would have said "Maybe to the beach or pool", but lately, I wear them more. I know it's nothing but me being vein, but I don't care. I know we have a diversified bunch on this board. Hell, Niner would probably wear a tank to a black tie event. Why would DieselByte ever put a shirt on at all?

    So what have you? When is it acceptable for a guy to wear a tank top in your opinion?

    only if he shaves his armpits ....

    Yeah, because nothing is more manly than shaving all your body hair off because some woman demands it.

    ok so at least keep it short ;-)
  • urloved33
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    yeah w a thong!
  • dgoodie92
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    I've several tank tops and I rock them all! tsx5vzf8z3xo.jpg
  • Becka4Real
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    ^^ With the kiddo at your feet!

    It kind of depends for me. Sometimes I see a tank top and it's a "no." Sometimes it's a "Mmmmmm, yes."
  • irongrinder
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    I wear them all the time when working out or bummin around the house, sleep in one every night
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    sleeves r over rated anyhow!
  • HellRaisin_Sugar
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    I wear tank tops at the gym and under my western shirts. Any of you fems that wanna check my man card come get it.
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    Nobody should wear anything unless an application has been submitted in a timely manner to myself and been approved. Otherwise, I can't condone any of it.
  • LiquidSparkle86
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    Omgsh yes! Especially if they have nice arms! *swoon*
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    I'm thinking if you're sporting shoulder or back hair, a tank top would be a 'no'.
  • Call_Me_BIGDADDY
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    Tank tops, wife beaters, no shirt!!! Especially during the summer!!!
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    Sleeveless Tshirts are ok, Tank Tops should require you leave your man card at the door before walking out of the house.


    ^ card seems pretty intact to me.

    My man wears a tanktop to work, those white jockey ones, and its pretty sexy, not gonna lie...
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    I wear them all the time I probably wouldn't tho if my arms looked like like old noodles haha
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    I do...sometimes under my shirt
  • Call_Me_BIGDADDY
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    Omgsh yes! Especially if they have nice arms! *swoon*

    Prepare to swoon baby B) lol
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    If you're not rockin moobs then I say heck yes!
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    After much consideration, I will be wearing a tank top whenever the hell I please. ;)