What is the last thing you ate?



  • mygnsac
    mygnsac Posts: 13,413 Member
    A hardboiled egg, 1/2 a whole wheat baget w/pb, and some watermelon. Breakfast.
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,998 Member
    A slice of sourdough bread with butter. snack.
  • avskk
    avskk Posts: 1,789 Member
    edited April 2015
    Cheese salad -- spinach, tomatoes, carrots, excellent cheddar, ranch dressing. Because it's what I'd packed for lunch.
  • Sweetredpoison
    Sweetredpoison Posts: 66 Member
    I had an apple at my desk at work. ;)
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,489 Member
    Chicken salad wrap (homeade)..
  • mygnsac
    mygnsac Posts: 13,413 Member
    Tillamook raspberry greek yogurt with a couple tbs. of pumpkin seed granola. Snack.
  • dirtyflirty30
    dirtyflirty30 Posts: 224 Member
    Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte. Because, Monday.
  • Reg4502
    Reg4502 Posts: 32 Member
    Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte. Because, Monday.

    I hit up starbucks today too, got a vent iced green tea....I am hooked!
  • miriamtob
    miriamtob Posts: 436 Member
    Beef jerky. I was craving sugar in a major way, but reached for the (sugar free) jerky instead. Now I'm good.
  • swimminginseattle
    swimminginseattle Posts: 21 Member
    A ham, cheese, avocado sandwich on Dave's thin sliced bread. Why, because it was lunch time and I was hungry!
  • abatonfan
    abatonfan Posts: 1,123 Member
    Two large jelly beans (2.6g carbs each). I was an idiot and forgot that my one-mile walk today would require a small reduction in basal for up to 12 hours afterwards, and I'm now at 61 because of it. :s
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,628 Member
    sam adams summer ale (beer) LOL

    still drinking it, actually
  • 00figg
    00figg Posts: 111 Member
    dark chocolate klondike bar because it was a coworkers birthday and...you know...we celebrate...
  • DannehBoyy
    DannehBoyy Posts: 546 Member
    banana, to finish my macros
  • bgreening72
    bgreening72 Posts: 15 Member
    Lunch! 2 pieces toast, 2 poached eggs, avocado, 2 slices turkey breast, and half an orange. Was yummy ;)
  • truelight_photo_craig
    truelight_photo_craig Posts: 347 Member
    A fat free sugar free peach frozen yogurt from the best custard/yogurt shop in the world, Bob Jo's in Wyandotte, Mi. :) Because I earned it...
  • mygnsac
    mygnsac Posts: 13,413 Member
    Dry Cheerios on the drive home from work.
  • AmazonMayan
    AmazonMayan Posts: 1,168 Member
    1/2 serving of falafel with tzatziki and 1/2 serving of turkey zucchini meatballs. I was on a cooking kick today and made lots to freeze, so I tasted it all....well I only barely tasted the hummus I made to make sure it was seasoned properly :p
  • FitPhillygirl
    FitPhillygirl Posts: 7,124 Member
    Grilled salmon on Gluten free whole grain bread, Pb2, steamed broccoli, and Greek yogurt.
  • HumboldtFred
    HumboldtFred Posts: 159 Member
    Elk jerky...nummy.