Post here if you want more friends!



  • babygurl30257
    babygurl30257 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello, I'm new to the whole MFP app. I love to talk to people and could always use a motivational word. I also like to help others achieve their goal. Please feel free to send me a friend request. :smile:
  • EllaeSaez
    EllaeSaez Posts: 2 Member
    therocpile wrote: »
    Post a reply below if you want people to add you, Let's keep each other motivated and on the right track!!

    Anyone is welcome to add me!!!

    Im also looking for support i have 50lbs i need to lose but im struggling because im addicted to sugar
  • badgerpam22
    badgerpam22 Posts: 182 Member
    Im always down to chat and meet new friends.. I have a long and harsh journey ahead!
  • DedRepublic
    DedRepublic Posts: 348 Member
    Chasing my Aesthetic Dreams...I'm also one of those crazy meal prep people...feel free to add for motivation, dieting, and body building
  • danibananees
    danibananees Posts: 7 Member
    HEYYYYY EVERYONE!!! :smiley: I am always looking for support, encouragement and support! Feel free to add me.
  • StereophoneyGaz
    StereophoneyGaz Posts: 406 Member
    Always looking to encourage :)
  • Bplamondon
    Bplamondon Posts: 7 Member
    New, add me! Goals are mostly weight loss but also interested in some lifting/running/etc.
  • justjack18
    justjack18 Posts: 720 Member
    Always looking for more sexy friends ;)
  • twilight665544
    twilight665544 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello. Anyone feel free to add me I'm always looking for friends to encourage me and keep me motivated!
  • Amanda_Please88
    Amanda_Please88 Posts: 39 Member
    Hey everyone! Feel free to add me! I post everyday and I love motivating others and receiving motivation in return! I've lost 50lbs so far, and my story is on my profile if you are interested. :smile:
  • grahgj63
    grahgj63 Posts: 39 Member
    Everyone can add me.
  • B_Jaxn
    B_Jaxn Posts: 1,225 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • PlayboyTokyo81
    PlayboyTokyo81 Posts: 21 Member
    I would love new friends. Let's have some laugh, along with encouragement and motivation :) he hehe I work at happiest place on earth....... not Disneyland but close enough. DISNEY STUDIO AND MARVEL. I'm also part time R.N. working in Trauma (E.R). I have cats. I love all kinds of pets except snakes. I'm terrified of them. I can make you laugh like no other. I just wanna meet people for friendship not dating LOL just to clarify hehehe :):D
  • naomihaag
    naomihaag Posts: 4 Member
    Hey! Please add me! I'm a college Acting major trying to loose around 25 pounds.
  • warrrn69
    warrrn69 Posts: 42 Member
    Add me im *kitten* awesome
  • megcarapella
    megcarapella Posts: 1 Member
    Hi there.I am just getting back into the app. I go through streaks of working out and eating healthy and then after a while I just get lazy , forgetful or caught up in life. add me and let's keep on the right track for once and not give up after a week! ☺
  • sunnyhunny1
    sunnyhunny1 Posts: 5 Member
    If anyone is interested in making friends and encouraging each other feel free to add me ;)
  • 1BrokenArrow
    1BrokenArrow Posts: 21 Member
    I'm open to a few more interactive friends. Feel free to add me!!
  • FrancescaBrice
    FrancescaBrice Posts: 22 Member
    Add me! :)
  • BiggyFuzz
    BiggyFuzz Posts: 511 Member
    never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down :)