What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • kami3006
    kami3006 Posts: 4,978 Member
    I washed my jeans and accidentally dried them on high but was able to slip into them easily even after a filling supper. LOL
  • panchango
    panchango Posts: 76 Member
    Getting dressed this morning and was able to tighten up the belt another hole.

    Feels good to be headed in the right direction.
  • kaeleychilds
    kaeleychilds Posts: 7 Member
    For the first time in my marriage (3 years on June 1) I am going to bed with my wedding rings on. I normally can't sleep bc they get tight and uncomfortable. And unfortunately I often forget to put them back on in the morning (which bums my husband out). This afternoon I realized I have been fidgeting with my rings all day... Spinning them around on my finger. I've never been able to do that.
  • 47Jacqueline
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    2ledbetter wrote: »
    @47Jacqueline What is an aquatic conference consist of?

    Workshops for aquatic fitness instructors that give you ideas, information and practice in trends for working out in a pool.
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,998 Member
    I got a free swimsuit from a company that designed swimsuits for women with arthritis so that it's really easy to get into. The reason I got if free was I'm supposed to wear it one day of my conference and be a model and advertisement for them. It's a size 2!
  • Susieq_1994
    Susieq_1994 Posts: 5,361 Member
    I've stuck to my calorie goal every day since last Wednesday, which is HUGE for me because I've really been struggling. I've also stayed active and did more then 235 minutes of exercise over the week! :)
  • BlxxdtheFrxxk
    BlxxdtheFrxxk Posts: 29 Member
    This is my 100th day logging. I've owned the good and the bad. I'm very proud of myself!
  • kab789
    kab789 Posts: 110 Member
    Way to go everyone on their NSVs!!!!
    I have a couple
    First time ever posting an NSV

    I now weigh less than my husband and the weight on my drivers license.

    I started couch to 5k this week. I originally started early April and hurt my leg so I waited to start again and finished the first day yesterday and am looking forward to doing the 2nd day tomorrow.

    A friend was going through her summer clothes and gave me a bag of shorts and skirts that don't fit her any more (she is doing great with the weight loss thing as well) they range in size from. 11-14 I looked at the 11 and thought no way would they fit now but maybe in a month or so but they FIT GREAT. they are have a bit of a stretch to the and will look awesome in a month. I started out with a tight 16 in January. I know it is only a number and depending on the make cut and all but the 14 I can put on and off without undoing them and the 12 fit okay but will look much better in a month.
  • DaneanP
    DaneanP Posts: 433 Member
    Today was the first day a non-family member asked me if I had lost weight. I'm down 19 pounds with 20 to go. Nice to know it is finally starting to show.
  • Megeffer
    Megeffer Posts: 48 Member
    Today... I completed week 1 day 2 of c25k and my corporate trainer came to the office today and said "holy cow, how much weight have you lost, you look awesome!"
  • cblue315
    cblue315 Posts: 3,836 Member
    Got a glimpse of my back in the mirror at the gym today, at first I wondered who that was. For the first time in over 23 years I do not have rolls bulging around my bra. I feel so good about what I have done in the last year.
  • Altagracia220
    Altagracia220 Posts: 876 Member
    Last week it was finally losing enough so that I am finally at a healthy weight.

    Today, I ran for 30 minutes straight when previously the most I've run without stopping was 21 minutes. This is a big deal because I dislike running. It's slowly growing on me though.
  • 1shauna1
    1shauna1 Posts: 993 Member
    I'm now able to lunge for all of the lunge track in BodyPump without my knees killing me. I was subbing squats which don't hurt as much, but decided to try doing lunges. I could do it! Was proud of myself!
  • tjcuts339
    tjcuts339 Posts: 188 Member
    Mine is similar. C blue was at the gym yesterday. I'm as fit as all the fit folks. Feels Great!
  • Altagracia220
    Altagracia220 Posts: 876 Member
    sdps720 wrote: »
    My husband can now put his arms all the way around me when we hug and now calls me his mini wife! makes me giggle every time!

    So cute!
  • sapphire1166
    sapphire1166 Posts: 114 Member
    I lost 15 lbs of the 70 I'm aiming to lose. I'm blind as a bat and shower without my glasses on. Today I was in the shower and looked down and immediately got freaked out, thinking I saw some bugs on the shower floor. Took me a second to realize they were my toes! Haven't been able to see them over my belly in a LONG time. Will be a long time until I can see my actual feet, but I'll take this morning as a NSV!
  • tjcuts339
    tjcuts339 Posts: 188 Member
    Being at the gym and as fit as all the other fit people... Being this way for awhile. But still.geels Great!
  • MzManiak
    MzManiak Posts: 1,361 Member
    I went to Chuck E. Cheese last night for a kid's bday party and I did not eat pizza. Whaaaat?? Had a slice of cake, though... because I'm human. o:)B)
  • karlschaeffer
    karlschaeffer Posts: 1,377 Member
    All these NSVs are so inspiring. Keep up the great work all. I'm trying to include circuit training in my regular workout. 3x/week. This is my 3rd week in a row. I'm noticing the reps are getting easier. Wish me luck as I try to keep the streak going.
  • JennyC123
    JennyC123 Posts: 20 Member
    I'm looking forward to wearing my bikini again...in front of other people!