How much have you lost?



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    I was 154lbs and now 112. Lost 42lbs over 2 years. I don't really look much different though so I need to push myself harder and lose another 14lbs :(
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    fatfox13 wrote: »
    I was 154lbs and now 112. Lost 42lbs over 2 years. I don't really look much different though so I need to push myself harder and lose another 14lbs :(

    You're 112 lbs and you think you need to lose another 14? How tall are you? I find it terribly hard to believe someone could lose 42 lbs and it not be noticeable. Perhaps you should talk to someone about this?
  • dan11222
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    140 lbs in around 11 months:)
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    fatfox13 wrote: »
    I was 154lbs and now 112. Lost 42lbs over 2 years. I don't really look much different though so I need to push myself harder and lose another 14lbs :(

    Have you taken before and after pics or measurements.
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    I have lost 27 lbs since Jan 4th. I work out 5 days a week, started 15 minutes and am up to 50 minutes. I am logging all my food and it's working well with me. I have 20-25 lbs I would like to still loose, and tone up a lot in the belly area. It's not really skinny I am looking for, it's no fat tummy and look healthy and fit. Whenever I get there I will say hallalulia and start maintaining. Just don't stop trying, sometimes we try harder some days than others and that's ok. Just keep tracking and don't really give yourself a time limit. Most of the weight came off the first two months, then it's been slow and steady the rest of the time. small habits can equal out to big changes in your life.
    Seems like you have a good system. I'm still finding the right calories that work for me. Its nice to know id's not a pass fail sort of thing and that I'm not on a set time limit. :)
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    dan11222 wrote: »
    140 lbs in around 11 months:)

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    MistyBlue9 wrote: »
    Officially 5.4 lbs in 11 months but at one point i did lose 21 lbs then put some back on again. Not too bothered if my weight loss is slow, this is a lifestyle change for me so i'll be doing it forever :)

    That's what I'm learning! :)
  • cblue315
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    Lost in two stages.
    45 pounds in 3 months early 2012
    75 pounds since June last year
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    I hope you know you guys are all very inspiring. Before getting on MFP I believed what people had said about weight loss being impossible for some people. Reading these just show me it can be done for anyone! I don't have to have a story that looks just like someone else's so thanks again for sharing! :)
  • pineapple_peach10
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    77.4lbs :)
  • stephanieluvspb
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    25 pounds in 1 year. I love food so my macros are set so I only lose a half pound a week so my calorie allotment isn't so low. slow and steady :)
  • joehempel
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    74 or so......I'm fluctuating between 163 and 167 right now.....I started at for my first set of tri's after 2 marathons (3rd coming this year), and my fist IronMan next may.
  • FrostAyy
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    16 pounds in 100 days. Not proud of it...
  • coraborealis80
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    42-45lbs depending on the day since Halloween. So, about 1.5 a week, although at the beginning it was closer to 3 and now it's about 1.25. I'm at my halfway. Pretty close to what MFP calculated along the way.
  • FitOldMomma
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    fr3smyl wrote: »
    How much have you lost and long did it take? Just so new people to know what to expect. ;)

    78.5 pounds (so far). I started on MFP in March 2014. The weight loss has really slowed down the last few months, but I still am exercising like crazy and feel sooo much fitter and healthier.
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    fswku wrote: »
    68lbs as of today, losing about 2lbs/week since the end of August. Only break in that is when I switched to maintenance for a couple weeks prior to running my first half-marathon last month. Started out at 1470 calories/day (net), and now I'm at 1200. I log everything like it's my job, and make sure I'm active. You can't outrun a bad diet, but a run CAN give you a little more breathing room in your daily intake. And when you log everything, you start to learn what foods are more satisfying for the amount of calories.

    Aside from the scale, my pants used to have a 40" waistline. Now I'm down to a 34. Running more than 30 seconds at a time would leave me completely winded, now I can do five or six miles a day and actually not be useless for the rest of said day. My half-marathon goal was 2:30:00, and I did it in 2:23:23. Not what I'd call fast, but having never run any sort of race before, and beating my goal time by almost seven minutes felt amazing.

    If you find that the numbers you're getting for 2lbs/week leave you too hungry at the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with changing it up to aim for 1lb/week, or even 1/2. Losing weight is losing weight, regardless of the timeframe. It didn't get there overnight, so it's not going to disappear overnight. But when you look at the scale in the months to come and see just how much has disappeared...that's a pretty good high by itself. After 20 or 30lbs have gone, you might not notice it in the mirror. But go find something that weights that much. Pick it up. Realize you used to carry that around constantly, and think about how much better it feels without it. If you're losing more than that, do the same thing when you reach your goal to see just how incredibly far you've come. It's an eye-opener for sure, and a pretty positive one, IMO.

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    Total ~ 150 lbs.
    Started June 2012.
    GOAL Range was hit Day #640 on 3/8/14 but was still losing, trying to get hang of maintenance. I thought I wanted to be 140-145. I'm currently sitting at ~125 +/- depending on the week.
    NO Cheat Days, NO Cheat Meals. I write what I bite and have since day one.
    I have not given up any foods (I eat junk food, fast food, etc).
    I pre plan/pre log my meals and adjust as the day goes on....keeps me from ever going over.
    No exercise till I got my first Fitbit (Summer 2013)...I'm predominately a walker.
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    FrostAyy wrote: »
    16 pounds in 100 days. Not proud of it...

    I bet if you took some time and walked around all day with 16 extra pounds on your back or in your pockets you may feel different!
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    48 lb around 12 months but only became fully dedicated January this year
  • juleszephyr
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    118 lbs six years ago. It took 9 months and now maintaining and working on fitness. I did a VLCD under medical supervision.