Coconut milk? Almond? Soy? Dairy?



  • MarziPanda95
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    Cow milk or nothing, for me. I tried soy milk once and it was okay but watery. It was a lot of calories too. The unsweetened one with less calories isn't very nice imo. I don't like nut milks either since I'll dislike it if I even taste a small hint of nut flavour, yuck. So I've stuck to semi-skimmed which is what I've been drinking my whole life.
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    For coffee I use 5 or 10% cream. I only have 3 cups and 3tbsp of creamer does nothing bad to me. For oatmeal and shakes I use almond milk. It has less carbs and sugars than milk and just as much calcium plus has potassium which isn't in milk. Milk does have more protein but I add in protein powder and eat plenty of other high protein foods, so it's good. I'd rather have the less sugar.
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    I personally prefer unsweetened original almond milk. I use it in my coffee, to make cold coffee, in my cereal, to cook with! I personally can't drink regular milk bc I have IBS & it makes me sick. My next preference is original unsweetened soy milk. I HATE the vanilla in either one unless I am exclusively using it to make cold coffee.
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    I like almond
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    I have soy, dairy, and almond allergies do it's coconut for me. Although I do like the taste of soy milk and almond milk.
    My daughter likes soy then almond.
    My husband's like organic dairy.
    It depends on what they are using it for.
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    I was drinking unsweetened almond milk....UNTIL the stores started carrying cashew milk. YUM. So much better.

  • melimomTARDIS
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    I developed lactose intolerance this past year, and out of the non dairy milks we have tried, Silk brand soymilk is the house favorite. We use it in coffee and cereal, and my 3 year old enjoys Silk's chocolate soymilk in her sippy cup.

    Despite what some quacks/bloggers say about soy, its perfectly healthful.

    Taste wise, i like rice milk, but I was outvoted!
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    I was drinking unsweetened almond milk....UNTIL the stores started carrying cashew milk. YUM. So much better.
    Of all the nut-milks cashew is my favorite too...
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    I like dairy for protein and enjoy the way it tastes, so nut milks are a terrible substitute. Soy is better, but doesn't taste as good, IMO (and besides I normally use it in yogurt and cottage cheese and haven't seen any great soy versions of those), and although I'm not on the anti soy bandwagon I'm suspicious of adding a huge amount to my diet and prefer to eat it as tofu as an alternative to meat/yogurt/cottage cheese on occasion, rather than adding in a bunch of soy milk and soy based meats for no personal purpose (as my body seems to react well to lactose--if anything I feel better when I'm eating more dairy).

    But people should eat what they like and what fits their macros. All are fine.
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    lemurcat12 wrote: »
    But people should eat what they like and what fits their macros. All are fine.
    This can not be stressed enough...

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    cnekniher wrote: »
    Whats the scoop? What's the best and worst? What should I choose?

    Such a vague question. Best or worst in what way?

    Barring personal allergy or intollerance none of them are unhealthy. How healthy they are would depend on how they fit into your diet as a whole. Drink whatever you like.
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    almond milk is my absolute favorite- i drink it plain and in cereals, oatmeals, smoothies, fruit bowls etc. i typically get a container of the unsweetened, and sometimes either the chocolate or vanilla depending on what i'm in the mood for but the original is fine because i don't like it super sweet and it's much lower in calories and sugar than the flavored or cow's milk. if it's not your thing, i'd go for coconut milk. cow's milk just makes me bloated.
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    I am loving this almond/coconut milk blend! soo tasty.
    I try to avoid soy because it is estrogen dominant, it can throw off your hormone balance.
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    I have hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome and am sensitive to gluten. I have learned that having too much soy makes me feel tired and sluggish and I can't tolerate the hormones in dairy milk. It will actually cause me to stop ovulating. I like the flavor of almond milk, Silk Unsweetened Vanilla. I realize it has very little actual almond in it but I like the taste and the added calcium and vitamin D help a lot. I have been buying it in the 2-1/2 gallon pack which makes it a little less expensive. I agree that in this case making my own would be better but this is one place where I choose to take the easy way out.
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    I love almond milk and rotate unsweetened vanilla, chocolate and coconut almond blends. I also recently tried cashew milk and it was delicious!
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    Home made: 1. cashew milk, 2. almond and 3. coconut. Nothing beats homemade.
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    This is a preference thing, or perhaps an emotional thing if people are concerned about the treatment of cows or about industrial production generally. Keep in mind that the dairy substitutes are typically lower in protein. Because of my dietary requirements (no fluids at dinner, concern I get enough protein) I have nearly replaced all my milk with Greek yogurt.

    Attached is a table I made up today comparing selected nutritional requirements including almond, cashew, coconut, soy, dairy (various fat levels), heavy cream, buttermilk, yogurt and Greek yogurt.

    A word to vegetarians who are also preparing their own milks or milk substitutes. Make sure you are getting sources for vitamin A.
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    I LOVE unsweetened plain almond milk in my coffee. So much so, that I completely dislike cows milk in my coffee now. If I can't make my own almond milk, I get Silk because it at least doesn't have carrageenan in it.
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    2% mootopia chocolate if I'm just going to drink it straight.

    Coconut milk would be my choice for an alternative to dairy though.
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    they're all good