July 2015 Running Challenge



  • skippygirlsmom
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    Ms_Chai wrote: »
    If I am new to this, can I join and set a low goal of 20? It will literally be my first 20 miles in about 2 years.

    I guess it will also be "jogging" rather than "running" for me.

    20 is an awesome goal! Welcome aboard.

  • virtuesplea
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    I didn't do the running challenge last month, just running on my own motivation and ended up taking the entire last week and a half of June off, for a total of 57.75 miles last month. I should've been close to 100 miles for the month.

    So perhaps this will help keep my motivation up. Goal being 100 miles, with a stretch goal being 140 with the 10% increase rule.

  • artlover47
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    I am truly a beginner to jogging/running because I am just recently small enough to do it where it doesn't bother my knees. I only get to jog when my husband can watch my 2 toddlers for a bit, and it is inconsistent, but I'm going to shoot for 12 miles this month. He isn't sure if he can commit to watching them every other day or I would go for 16. Good luck to anyone else just starting out!!
  • jbearl2009
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    I'm setting my goal at 20 miles (I'm still a walker but it will give me a reason to make sure I get up every morning and do it) I have usually taken weekends off but now it may just be Sundays that I take off! Now to get me a cool ticker thingy to put up!
  • louubelle16
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    My aim is to do more than I did in June, and make it through the month without another injury :) So I'm in for 50km.
  • annekka
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    I've been not feeling well again again. I tried a run this morning and kind of failed miserably...I managed 3.4 KM out of 50km for the month.
  • bigorangemichael
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    I'm going to try for 130 miles in July. I've had a great month in June, but the weather cooperated. I figure at some point, there will be some rain that slows me down.
  • CrimsonWhite
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    I'm just getting back into running the last few weeks myself, so I'll join in to try and keep motivated!
    I'm trying to get off the treadmill and run outside more, (although these darn summer evening thunderstorms are making it hard) as well.
    I'll shoot for 35 miles for July.
  • amberjo1986
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    I'll be finishing up my Zombies, Run! 5k training plan right before my 5k run on July 11th. After that it's going to be all about that base, about that base.... (building up my fitness base, that is).
  • Aine8046
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    In for July for 60 miles! :)
  • mhooge
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    Hi I'm trying to get back into running. I was doing good a couple of years ago but fell off the wagon. So I'm excited to start again. Wish me luck!
  • mhooge
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    Hmm so I guess I have to set a goal.... Just getting started so I'll say 60 km.
  • Paedin337
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    IN. I work on an oil drilling ship 14/14 so i'll be splitting between treadmill and land running. Im going with 50miles as the goal. Looking forward to it.
  • eyethree
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    I'm new here. Just graduated C25K this week and started Bridge to 10K this morning. I'm in for 50 miles, completed 43 this month.
  • shanaber
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    Welcome to all the newbies! This is a great group of very supportive and encouraging runners of all levels! It's a great place to ask questions, seek advice, share your accomplishments and challenges and just have fun!!

    I'm in again for 110 - want to go for 120 again but I am in half marathon training/taper mode with the SF (1st) half at the end of the month!
    Tomorrow is a rest day for me - see you all on the 2nd!

    Thanks Stan (@Stoshew71) for organizing/herding us all here once again!
  • jfitz444
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    Can't wait to start running again. 32 miles in July :)
  • GenoPrice
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    Finally got a few weeks of training in without getting ill, so in for this month.

    Initial goal of 100 miles in July.
  • robinessex
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    155 miles in July for me
  • robinessex
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  • JimCrackinDandy
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    @Runningmischka - Lovely Baby Girl! Many blessings to you and your hubby as you raise her.

    I'm in for 130 this month! Come on all, "Let's do this thing!"