5'7 people, what are your weight and goals??



  • Squeaky_XO
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    I am currently 150 right now. I would like to get back down to 125 like in high school. But I don't apparently look like I gained anything because it's all pretty much lean muscle from running and weight lifting. So I'm basically trying to decrease muscle mass.
  • ohgeeque
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    I think this thread is very helpful. We can get caught up in the goal of achieving that perfect lower number, without seeing what a bunch of crap that is. There is no perfect number for a person of 5'7". There isn't even a perfect range, someone will always fall outside the standard and still be "perfect". However, seeing where others are happy, satisfied, feeling sexy, or fitting into to what they want can inspire in others the confidence needed to make their own choice and set their individual goal.

    You can only ever feel perfect, no one can ever be perfect. So, pick your personal perfect and hit it.
  • AnnaBellQ14
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    My frame is more medium- large.

    I'm 5'7" and my frame is large. The weight range for large frame is 143 to 163 I believe. I'm going for 158. Once I get their I will see if I want to go for 150. I'm currently 178.6, started at 206.4.
  • youtastelike
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    Hi, i'm 5'7" too. I was aiming for ~125 lbs when I've started this time because I've been around 115 lbs earlier and I wanted to achieve somethinng near that. But: I've recently seriously revalued the situation. I'm now ~150 and packed with muscles therefore I'm smaller when I was ~140 with less muscle and my endurance is the best ever. I really do think that tape measure is a better friend than scale when we're not talking about serious obesity. 150 may be absolutely OK if you're (or would like to be) a bit more muscular but 150 may be a bit much if it's just "bones and fat". I hope you don't aim for the fat slim look and prefer the healthy muscular look instead ;)
  • 29_adjacent
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    My goal was 153 which I reached on Monday just gone. Now my goals are to build strength/muscle definition, lose one more dress size and not worry so much about the number on the scale. I'm going to attempt to achieve these things by eating at maintenance and doing a body recomp.
  • qb63
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    175 and see how that looks and feels. I am currently around 198 and comfortably in a size 14 (some 12s) so that would put me into 10-12 size range, which has always looked pretty good on me.
  • hotelsix
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    I am 5'7", my starting weight was 185, currently 170 with a goal weight of 135.
  • Homemaker57
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    I found frame sizes to be interesting and helpful. Using the wrist measurement I'm barely a large frame, using elbow (supposed to be more accurate) I'm DEFINITELY large frame. So at 5'6-5'7 I'm not going to dream of 125lbs as an ideal weight. Both unrealistic and possibly unhealthy; I'd probably have low muscle mass. Based on this chart I'm going to set my goal at 150, plus or minus 10lbs. I'm going to remind myself that I can be strong and curvy with muscle definition. I don't need to be puffy and curvy with fat rolls, and I'm not going to try to be strong and slim. fe8s1yztj1jn.jpg

  • Allison1385
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    I am 5'7. My daughter is almost 5. My son just turned 2. I stayed at 224 lbs after I had him. In January 2014 I decided to change. I am at 193 right now. It's slow but it's coming off. My goal weight is 160. :)
  • moonpie83
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    I'm aimming for 175lbs. When I get there I can reevaluate. Starting at 297lbs, currently 273lbs. Height - 5'7 ;)

    I'm so glad to see your post!! I'm aiming for around the same; I've been there and below before...looking back at old photos, I think I looked way too thin and had dark circles around my eyes, lol. I agree when they say it's where YOU feel most comfortable (I've got big legs, hips and have always had a big butt-which I NEVER want to lose LOL) and I was just so glad to see your post of where you are aiming for! Good luck!!! :smiley:
  • kuriakos_chris
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    Depends on how much of kg are fat or muscles etc. With a decent muscle mass in my opinion 140 is good. If you dont have any muscles, you should be higher like 150.
  • kuriakos_chris
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    But this is my opinion, you should do as you want.!
  • AmieAP
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    Well my physical trainer and I are both 5'7''. She is 158 lbs and looks fantastic because she is not skinny, she is strong! And not in a bulky way either.
    I am 5'7'', 230 lbs and I am looking for a goal of 140 - 160 lbs. The point is to be healthy, not skinny.
  • Owlfan88
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    I'm 5'7". Last year at my physical I was at 168. This year I was 150. My dr was very pleased and didn't think I should go much lower. 150 had been my goal, but after getting there I decided I'm aiming a bit lower. Maybe down to 140? It's more how I look and feel and how clothes fit now as I'm at a healthy weight. I know I won't be going for less than 135 though as the last time I weighed that I was probably mid high school. I was 140 after each of my kids while I was nursing them. I looked and felt pretty good then. I will never be a size 2, 4, or probably even a 6. My shoulders are broad and my arms and legs are long. I had a devil of a time finding a prom dress in high school that would fit my shoulders without cutting off circulation just because of the breadth. I switched to men's shirts in early high school because to get long enough sleeves I was having to go up about 3 sizes, which looked awful.
  • chism21
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    Well, my current weight is 291 and my goal weight is between 165-185.
  • itsthehumidity
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    LOL I bet I'll be the only guy posting.

    Current weight: 165, Goal weight: 155. My lean mass is around 142, so 155 will bring me down to under or around 10% fat. The dream.
  • nikkilovexo
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    How do you find out your frame size? ?
  • Homemaker57
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    Nikki click the link under the photo I post and it'll tell you how to measure. or, Google "measure frame size". It's based on your bones so its not supposad to change, unlike areas of fat and muscle.
  • Fannyshiz
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    I started here at the end of March and I am now 175 down from 200 (my first goal!) My next goal is 160 and I want to see how I feel at that point. I may try for 150-155 after that. I'm getting married at the end of October and I hope I can get to 160 by then!
  • AnnaBellQ14
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    How do you find out your frame size? ?

    Try this: