True Confessions - Don't Judge



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    I confess I find these "person above you" threads ridiculous but pathetically continue posting in them. Lol...

    Same here!

    +2 but I don't comment in those threads for months and months. I don't see the point of them.
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    I confess that I'm afraid of losing more weight because I don't want to lose my boobs it butt lol, but I still don't like my stomach :(

    I've noticed you are blessed in that area, and your situation I see that could be tough. Haven't read too much about it, but it seems to me weight loss does also decrease chest size. Not sure relationally how much though. I see plenty of fit ladies with still substantial boobs, and not fake.

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    I confess I feel like dog poo
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    I confess...I wish I was playing tennis right now.
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    I was told I look "slutty" for a guy.

    lol what were you wearing?