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    Janetr - PHEW! Some Christmas! :flowerforyou: :love:

    Heather UK
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    Welcome Back Miriam. So sorry to hear the infection got that bad. Glad you are home now.

    Mia in MI
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    Just turned 50 earlier this month and I gained 12 pounds in 1 month, found a goiter on my neck, dark circles are clearly seen, eating habits remained same, dizziness, headaches, etc. I'm getting nailed with 2 things at once... Goiter / Thyroid issues and Menopause.. great. Any advice? Getting so depressed b/c of my weight.
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    Miriam- No more breaking up cat fights .....so sorry you took the brunt of it all.... healing thoughts to you!

    Margaretturk- The flower picture you posted was Lovely!! I get a rose now and then from husband, when he goes and gets the Sunday paper at the grocery store.... I have 4 dried roses and slowly I wish to make a wreath of some kind. I love how he tries to be quiet while taking the rose out of the plastic wrap, and then using the scissors to snip it....I stay in bed listening and smiling.

    Mollyw- Love the outhouse pics! We had one for a tool shed for many years. Our property was once berry fields so there were a couple scattered here and there. The fields around our house were left as is, so a couple of places where the tile piping was busted there were places where our cows would sit in rainwater lol. Natures spa I guess! Of course during the summer I would sit in the old white porcelain tub that we used for their water trough! Like ice water...but had to shoo the cows away!!

    Pip- How wonderful those co-workers were to decorate everything for you two!! One less thing, and what a great mood elevator!! The first or second week in December I can attack the apartment! Can't wait! My jewelry tree is restrung with little lights so I will be re-gluing some MORE jewelry on it. I do a couple of new items every year, just because.

    I would love to do my felt Advent calendar with MyFitness pals pictures on it. So here is the deal: it involves sending a picture with your face (about the size of a quarter or maybe a wee bit bigger) to me. message me and I can privately give you my address. Thanks everyone!


    Picture a wee bit blurry, but you get the idea of the size Im talking about.

    Have a good day everyone! ((((((((((hugs))))))))

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    Happy Monday and a new week. I have not been on for several days as last Wednesday evening I got so sick and didn't do anything for about 3 days and then yesterday we went to DD's in Hebron and had our family
    Thanksgiving since I work that day. It was nice. We rode down with DS and family. Today I am working 7-1 so will do what I can to catch up and go from there. Hope everyone is doing well. It is to be in the 50's today and then rain and snow later in the week.

    I did go on line and get all the Christmas gifts ordered for the DGC and they are to be delivered Nov 30th. I also ordered my mom a new coat. So do feel good about that.

    Mary--Our snow fall every year is so different. We have been lucky the last several years and not had a lot at anyone time. I do like a white Christmas but the rest can stay away.

    Mia--Sorry to hear about your colonscopy not getting done.

    Allison--Glad you are taking steps to protect yourself. Sorry it comes to this.

    pip--I pray it works out to have your PT appointments at the same time and place.

    Miriam--Sorry to hear about your cat bite. Sounds like it got infected fast. Hope you are dong better today.

    Carol--Enjoy the rainning men, please be careful at the sametime.

    Well I am up to the top of page 44. Well try and get back later. About time to go home and thinking I need a nap. Will see. The doctor tells me this is viral and can not give me anything, but it is sure kicking my butt.
    Take care ladies.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE

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    Janetr - PHEW! Some Christmas! :flowerforyou: :love:

    Heather UK

    Lol. At least the nine house guests are my daughters and grandkids. I'm so excited for them all to be here, it's been a long time since we were all together. Christmas dinner will include Jack's 3 children and 5 grands and the spouses and/or partners. All family, so I don't stress too much. BUT my Christmas trees and decorations may be up until February when we come home from AZ. I guess no one will be there to know it. :)

    Janetr OKC
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    Janetr- Sounds like you will have your hands FULL this holiday season! Pace yourself, and you will get it all done. My husband is the neat freak in our relationship....I tend to leave a sock here and there. He will ask nervously, "are you going to pick that up?" I say, "yep I will get to it".... He used to drive into the garage and I could hear the dryer lid opening.... (he was checking to see if I did the laundry)....so OF COURSE....I would LEAVE clothes in there, just because.... DUH! I know torturistic of me, but that is my humor!
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    after four days of IV antibiotics, you can just imagine prior.

    like many single moms, I had to rely on my wonderful friends to take care of my girls. what a blessing!! my son did animal duty. he is great with the girls but does not want to be in charge of them-too afraid he will repeat his dad's abusive behavior.
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    Miriam.........ayyyeeeeeeeek..... I am squirming in my seat looking...... Poor thing! I can't imagine what is FIRST started out like...Wowsa!

    Becca shielding me eyes....(I would make a terrible nurse)

    P.S. because I had 3 sons that ALWAYS got into trouble and got scrapes etc...I kept a RED WASHCLOTH in the freezer for those very bloody events...smart eh?

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    Michele in NC – The reason some places put salt on the outside of a baked potato is that it is supposed to help the skin get more crispy. Also, it takes some of the moisture out of the potato so it gets dry and fluffy rather than steamed and gluey.
    Sunday was my glass studio day. Not sure where or when I leaned too close to either the furnace or a glory hole, but I managed to singe off some of my eyebrows and one side of my hair. My eyebrows are so light no one can tell they are singed. I used some heavy duty leave in hair conditioner this morning to hopefully deal with that straw like feel that singed hair gets. My poor hairdresser is going to have a fit. LOL!!

    Mia in MI

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    morning peeps and welcome new peeps -

    today was my first day back to the gym (drove). his first day alone, I'm sure he will be ok but still scared.
    yesterday's dinner was my first "back to normal" dinner that I had which was nice. I plan on riding starting next week. brought a bunch of bagels to work for them to eat so we don't have to.. haven't gotten a return call from the pt people. talked to the instructor that loaned me the spin bike for my shoulder and asked if I could keep it a bit longer for his issue, told her the whole story, she didn't know, she was shocked.

    type to ya later
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    Miriam - you are one strong woman! :flowerforyou: Wonderful to have friends! <3

    Janetr - yes, family are very forgiving and will muck in. :D We all love to help - makes us feel good.

    Kim - your Thanksgiving sounds great. If exhausting. :)<3 Grilled oysters sounds amazing! Yum! One year I tried to volunteer at the homeless centre of Christmas and they said they had enough people. :ohwell:

    DH's relations say they don't mind not getting their presents on Wednesday. Or before Christmas. His daughter obviously minds a bit so I will post hers. She said we could drop them off at her office, but that's quite a detour. He has bought her earrings so he can take hers with him. I have got her extremely posh olive oil in a designer bottle, so I will post that. The British Museum said they take small luggage, but the cloakroom fills up early. Don't want to risk it.
    Looking forward to the day. DSIL 's boyfriend is coming too. It's a good working relationship, but he is still married, despite being separated and living alone for many years. Sometimes that can upset her. He is a nice man. Too nice to want to upset people. He is of Indian extraction and has a lot of family feeling. His children don't accept her. Ain't life complicated! ?? :sad:
    Never been to the restaurant before, but we have been twice to its sister place. Best steak ever in my life! Just hope it's not too noisy as DH can't hear people talking in a noisy environment. It's all glass and chrome, so maybe.

    Heather UK
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    oh no Mia! reminds me of curious kitties and candles (which i never use )
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    ScopianQwe - if you have not already done so ... make an appointment for a MD to check out your thyroid and make sure it isn't a growth causing your goiter. Goiters usually happen to men, not so much in women. Twelve pounds in a month? That's not normal. You might have to have it (thyroid gland) removed or ablated and then they will check you until you have the right amount of replacement thyroid (even so, it carries the 'side effect' of weight gain); so, you'll be fighting your weight for a while, too! GET TO A DOCTOR!!!! ASAP!

    I had "Grave's Disease" opposite from hypothyroid. My eyes bugged out; but, when they put me on replacement after I had my thyroid ablated (radiation treatments) to shrink it so that it would not produce so much thyroid; the swelling went down significantly to the point you could not tell that they had been bug-eyed. I could see white all around my iris. After all the symptoms went away I got started on thyroid replace regiment. I was 'never' normal insofar as falling within 'therapeutic normal' when I was on Lithium for anther problem. One MD would get my Lithium straight and it would throw off my thyroid; and vice versa. Drove me crazy. But, the Lithium level was most important to me and my GP stopped trying to fix my thyroid because of it. I just wanted to 'feel good' and even then he had to keep my level right below what was consider 'therapeutic' otherwise I would start having signs of 'Lithium Toxicity' and that almost killed me. Instead of it being .6 it was 2.4 (4x the limit I needed for my body). I was immediately put into the hospital (by DH) when I started having seizures non-stop. It was the following Monday before the MD called DH the results; but, my husband had already taken me to the hospital by then. I 'fired' the MD over this. Then I took the 'next' one before the Composite Board of Medical Examiners for 'failure to treat', 'transferring me to another hospital without notifying my 2nd representative', and 'failure to release my medical records to me or to my GP). I went in-and-out of the hospital 5x in 2.5 months and by the time she sent me to this other facility, where the MD I was assigned to said I would have 'never' been stable if she continued the small amount of medication she was giving me. She was giving me 25mg twice daily; he upped it to 800mg twice daily and within 3.5 weeks I was ready to go home. This was probably one case of 'I don't get mad; I get even'. Her contract was not renewed after that; and, she has bounced around since. She (according to what I have been told by my GYN is 'back in town') still does not have 'hospital privileges' and is in with the MD who called my DH to take me to the hospital for "Lithium Toxicity" and he does not have 'privileges' either. The medication I take now for my bipolar disorder does not affect my thyroid like the Lithium did; but I still take 800mg of it twice a day (actually I take it all at night, helps my sleep patterns). If you feel like $#*T warmed over, you must consider that the thyroid gland is like a thermometer to our body. It can make your 'miserable' if it is not working properly. Going from being way to cold to throwing off everything you have on. Normally, with a hypothyroid you are cold most all the time, your hair breaks or falls out, and your skin is very dry.

    I started having the Graves Disease while I was still nursing my baby; but it was at my 6-month's check-up that they sent me to a Specialist. I had to stop nursing in order for them to treat me. I would literally pull up a chair to the refrigerator and 'graze' and still losing weight very rapidly. They, at first, thought that I might be carrying twins because of my HCG level and every time DYS moved it was like a 4-point landing - moved arms and legs at the same time. Did it after he was born when he was sleeping or napping. I get my thyroid check every time I go to the MD and they draw blood - now I am considered slightly hypo-thyroid and need to take replacement thyroid.

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    WELL.. scheduled our first pt appointment for both of us on 12/4 at 8:15am. wanted us to do it later in the week (this wk is out due to holiday) and then we'll go from there.
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    stats for the day -

    Spin at gym- 35min, 82ar, 101aw, 141ahr 164mhr, 11-16g, 14.2mi = 384c

    ar = average revolutions -how fast i'm pedaling per minute
    aw = average watts -how much power i'm putting out per minute
    g or ag = average gear -on spin bike, they are 1-24
    ahr = average heart rate
    mhr = maximum heart rate
    mi = miles
    c = calories
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    I just picked up the grandkids from school and when the DGS got out of the van I asked "Ian! Did you draw on your pants?" He said, "No, I just dropped a marker. " I said "But there are TWO STARS on your pants!" To which he replied "I dropped it TWICE !" I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants.
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    Happy Monday ! ! !

    Allison – Hugs and prayers. Disrespect for my property is my #1 complaint of the “boys” in my house. How dare anyone assume they have the right to ruin something that belongs to you, regardless of why he is angry. If he is not directly angry with you, that is even worse of a reason to ruin your things. I went so far as to throw a video console out into the snow, along with one of my husband’s bowling balls. They now understand how I feel about the subject, yet still remain stupid. I hope you don’t have to stoop to his (or my) level. Be mad; you have the right ! ! ! If it were me, the next thing I would do is demand he purchase a replacement. Good luck, and more Hugs ! ! !

    Beth – I support your roof decision regardless. I was on the roof this weekend with my DH. The snow was too heavy and had to be removed from the Satellite dish. It just needed to be done, so I did it (with him). Does that make me both crazy and stupid? Doesn’t matter.

    Miriam – Hugs and Prayers (of healing) ! ! !

    Barbie – congrats on getting back to your weight-lifting ! ! !

    Pip – what a wonderful group. Brings tears to my eyes – so many helpful and caring friends ! ! !

    Sylvia – Hugs and prayers for you and your grandkids ! ! ! I’m certain you can find/take lovely photos for beautiful memories, not to mention all the lovely things you are doing to make memories in their hearts. Keep being marvelous ! ! !

    I just realized yesterday that our satellite company lists Downton Abbey as Masterpiece Theater. So, I probably could have been watching it all along, if I would have read the show descriptions instead of doing a title search. So, I best get caught-up so it makes sense to me again. (silly)

    I obviously should not purchase computer-type electronics without the assistance of a teenager. My Samsung Fitness Tracker is only compatible with phones, and the tech-savvy co-worker here next to me is still unable to get my tracker and tablet to sync.

    Ran out of time to read and post, so this is what I have before leaving another crazy day at work.

    Hugs for Everyone ! ! !

    Terri in Milwaukee
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    Hi -- getting back on track today. The weekend was not a great weekend from a food perspective. I lost control with some candy which I know is trouble. Someone gave it to me for my kids who didn't like it. I should have thrown it out then and there. So....
    For today:
    1-hour yoga class (guess I should start timing my planks as I see some people are doing that).
    30 minute Core Cardio video

    Food is still a little off and that's because I'm not planning out my whole day in the morning.

    Which brings me to ScorpionQwean's post -- as you can tell, I'm no pro at this. What I do know that is that if I plan ahead (plan out my food and my exercise first thing each day) I mentally feel better and less out of control. For me, that's the first step because feeling out of control just helps things spiral downwards. And without a plan, my mind plays tricks and thinks things like candy fit in. (for me, I just can't do a little candy or else it becomes more than a little).

    Closing the kitchen after dinner and will go upstairs and read for a long time.

    It's a short week...yeah!

    Kimses in MA

    This is me struggling with the same habits again and again...but still plugging away