The January 2016 Running Challenge



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    Did spin class yesterday instead of running.
    3 treadmill miles today, plus my body weight exercises.
    Kids go back to school tomorrow, and I hope to get out on a trail....OUTSIDE! WITHOUT KIDS! WOOT!

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    January goal 70 miles

    1/1 3.69
    1/2 4.15
    1/3 3.12
    1/4 rest
    1/5 3.31

    Total 14.27

    Upcoming races:
    3/20 Big Island International 1/2 marathon
    11/13/16 Las Vegas Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon

    Ticker is my goal for 2016 and accumulation to date:


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    Just joining in. Hope not too late.
    Training for a half in April hoping to do first full in August.

    Goal: 100km

    1st 5k treadmill
    2nd 5k run
    3rd 12k run
    4th 5k walk
    5th gym
    6th 7k run

    Total 34km

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    1/4-3.3 miles
    1/5-3.5 miles
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    MobyCarp wrote: »
    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Observed Max is 219. ;-)
    Holy crap! I had my HR that high once, but I think it involved hookers and cocaine...
    Day = made.

    I laughed out loud.

    Seriously though, is 219 accurate? I know max HR's can vary from person to person, but the generic formula people use to approximate a max HR is 220 - age in years. So since I just turned 44 that would mean mine should be around 176. I know that is low however as I can get near 170 for periods that are too long to really be that near my max HR. I can not fathom ever hitting 219 though. Doesn't mean you're wrong, maybe you do go that high.

    Based on my experience, I'm inclined to believe the observed maximum.

    I'm 60 years old. The generic formula says my max heart rate should be 220 - 60 = 160.,

    WIth over a year of running data, Garmin says my max heart rate should be 185.

    I've observed my heart rate up at 191 or 192 on warmups. I'm not sure how to interpret that, as it isn't really the effort that the heart rate sounds like; if I just keep running, the heart rate comes back down to a sustainable level for whatever pace I'm running.

    Today's speed work called for intervals at T pace. I dutifully ran at what Jack Daniels says my T pace should be based on some recent races, and my heart rate hung in the low 150s for the T intervals. By the canned formula, that would be over 90% of my max; but it's not a terribly uncomfortable place to be. I can maintain that for an hour or so, just like you're supposed to be able to at threshold.

    Bottom line is, I suspect there are a lot of people out there whose real max heart rate and training zones are somewhat different from what the standard formula would produce.

    I am proof that there are lots of people, or at least one, whose real max heart rate and training zones are different from what the standard formula would produce. My max HR is 145 - provided by my cardiologist. Even during a stress test we could not get it any higher and theoretically mine should be 160 also using the formula. I have been looking for a formula that takes into account your resting HR or some measure of fitness level but have yet to find one, maybe I am looking in the wrong places though. In the meantime I have calculated my own 'zones' and keep my HR within those based on my measured max.
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    6/1...... 2 miles........6.8 total
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    @MobyCarp - I thought of you, @MorningGhost14 and @juliet3455 when I saw that picture!
    @MorningGhost14 - I want some of the snacks you take when you go for long runs! Can you come cook for me?
    @Mrs_Hoffer - please don't be intimidated. We all started with 1 mile or even a part of a mile, some of us just a short time ago and others a long time ago. The great thing is we are all runners enjoying running (for the most part) and helping to support and encourage each other!
    @Elise4270 - what was the max HR on your stress test?
    karllundy wrote: »
    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Never pass up new shoes! We love shoes here!
    Yep...and dogs! We also love dogs!
    Definitely love our running shoes and our pups!
    @9voice9 - I would try out some different fuels and see what you like and what you don't. You may decide you don't need/want anything or you may want to have something you like just in case. It can be just about anything that is a quick carb and won't melt (chocolate is not such a good idea) and doesn't have to be a 'product' like a GU. It could be dried fruit or something baked. Really just needs to be convenient and something you like that doesn't cause you any issues.
    @skippygirlsmom - love the quotes! Also we just need to enjoy the songs and videos and not think about when they were originally produced :)
    @karllundy - I have a link to a video on 'toes pose' stretch for plantar fascitis. I will see if I can dig it up. Doing cafe stretches is a big help (they are related) and rolling your foot on a massage ball or even a golf ball helps. It you are having pain you can also freeze a water bottle and roll your foot on it with a good amount of pressure. It took these and regular work from my sports chiropractor to get me back to running without pain.
    @MorningGhost14 - I love that you love thumb loops! :) I need to find that jacket for my daughter!
    @5BeautifulDays - I HAVE to have coffee before I run/race. I make it in the hotel room if I have too otherwise I would be running into walls or in circles.
    @Somebody_Loved - so glad you are still running and do check in with us whenever you can and let us know how you are doing!
    @ddmom0811 and @Stoshew71 - My gym was definitely the Resolution Gym tonight. Packed!! A week ago there was hardly anyone there and I am sure it will be back to that in 2 weeks... unless they take the advice and make it a bar :)

    I didn't get to run this morning, had to take our friend for her initial radiation scan - not a fun excursion. Coming home the freeways were literally underwater. Saw a car in front of us doing 360s in the carpool lane. I was amazed they didn't hit anyone but when I got up to them saw that they were either hit or hit the center divider. Their front bumper and lots of debris floating on the road and the airbags all deployed - hoping everyone was ok! I had my normal session at the (now crowded) gym tonight and despite feeling like my trainer was out to kill me, decided to run 'a bit' on the treadmill. Ran just over 4 miles at race pace on average with 2 miles of it faster. Now I am seriously wiped out. No rain expected until tomorrow afternoon so I am thinking to get out early - we'll see :)

    01/01.......0.00..........0.00 - total rest/slug day. Did walk 1.5 miles with the pup
    01/04.......7.16........16.49 + Agility
    01/05.......4.14........20.63 Treadmill run + Strength Training


    These are my upcoming races, let me know if you are going to be running too:
    02/07/16 - Surf City Half, Huntington Beach, CA
    02/20/16 - Special Edition Divas Half, Temecula, CA
    02/27/16 - SoCal Running and Beer Fest, Lake Elsinore, CA
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    @GBrady43068 Think my ticker had a bit of a melt down all updated now only mildly embarrasing :# , I'm in the UK although running on the 1st march is almost as impressive as running 70 miles in a day :)
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    Feeling proud of myself today. Managed to run 3 times since Friday. Using an app that mixes running with walking but builds up the running and I am running a bit extra if I can manage it
    January 1st - 2.5 miles
    January 5th - 2.4 miles
    January 6th - 2.6 miles
    Total so far = 7.5 miles
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    January Goal—will try for 140 km, half marathon Feb 7 and I’m behind in my training

    1/5—3.89 km or so…first run after being sick…still congested and a bit sick
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    Coming off a 60+ day running streak, planning to continue through Jan if there are no distractions. Spring marathon training started this week.
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    Jan 1 -41 mile bike ride
    Jan 2 - 34 mile bike ride
    Jan 3 - rest day
    Jan 4 - rest day
    Jan 5 - 5.25 miles
    Jan 6 - 3.3 miles + strength training after work today


    Getting a cold or something. :cry: Still feel pretty good though but just did a slower, shorter run to not be totally insane. Plus I have strength training after work. After been in two weeks. :fearful:

    @shanaber - that sounds like a terrible excursion! Glad you made it back safely. That's really interesting about your HR max being 145. It's good to know for sure what it is. I'm just sort of floundering with mine - wearing HRM just since August so just gathering data on it for now and not knowing what my ranges should be for sure. Since I don't have my ranges set properly my app always says I spent most of the time in the Anaerobic or Max range which I know can't be true. I've looked at the formulas but they don't seem to be accurate for me either.

    @miffylou - welcome! Never too late.

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    1/1: 6.2 miles
    1/2: 11.6 miles
    1/3: Rest/Travel day
    1/4: 10 miles
    1/5: Rest day
    1/6: 4 miles am

    4 miles with my running buddy. If we hadn't agreed to go out we probably both would have hit the 'mill because it was a cold one today! A measly 12 degrees to start the day. Doing a second run this afternoon and hoping it gets close to the 39 we're forecasted to see today!

    31.8/210 miles

    Upcoming races:
    4/3: Caesar Rodney HM
    5/1: New Jersey Marathon
    6/12: Race and Ride Cedar Point HM (maybe)

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    1-Rest day
    2-Flare/rest day
    3-13.13mi The first six had me convinced i was going to turn around. the rest was nice.
    4-rest day
    5-pain day :(
    6-3.23 mi. it looked slow but i ran fartlek-esque, but still had to avoid ice flows.

    My past few runs have been not pleasant. I was worried I had burnt out. Nope, had fun today. I feel like a slacker; it was 21F


    Jan 16-Frosty 5k
    Feb 13-Steve Cullen Run
    ?Mar 14-Great Pi Run?

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    @runner_girl83 - From the not so scientific perspective, it sounds like your very first interval made you faster (new 5k record). I set a 10k PR yesterday on an interval run. I have heard quite a number of people comment on finishing their HM or even marathons faster overall by interspersing walking with running. Granted, outside of just these results, a mix of training is going to help develop more neuromuscular energy systems than only doing one type of running.
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    Nice run!!!! Just rub a little ice up and down your shin and give your calf muscle a good massage with your hand - squeeze the calf all over and hold for around 30 seconds at a time and then do the same to your achilles muscle (just above your heel at the back of the leg)... with the palm of your hand on your calf muscle, move your thumb and other fingers to massage the muscle.. Don't be afraid to be rough - the harder the massage the better it will be! This helps relieve shin pain :wink:
    shanaber wrote: »
    @KatEmmaMarie - I second this^^^. It works wonders! You can even make little ice cups out of small paper (dixie) cups and tear the cup down half way once frozen. Then you have a perfect size bit of ice and a holder to use while rubbing it on your shin.

    Thanks for the advice! My legs are feeling much better. My quads are still sore and it's a little rough going up/down stairs but I've been stretching, icing and massaging and afterwards they feel much better.

    I forgot to log yesterdays run, which was just a simple 3.2 mile. My pace went back down to 11'33'' because I started getting a weird pain in my left leg, so I just moved slower. This mornings run was much better. I ran 5 x 400m intervals at 6.5mph. In between each I cooled down at a 5.0mph jog for another 400m and got in 3.3 miles. I found a HM training program that I started this morning (with the interval runs) and I'm super excited to stick with it. I'm hoping to improve my times over these next 12 weeks. Tomorrow's run is a 3 mile run with strength training, so I need to find a good strength training routine. I also found some yoga DVDs that I'm going to do on Mondays, super excited for those to come in the mail!


  • Mari33a
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    01/01 0
    01/02 3.5miles
    01/03 0
    01/04 3miles
    01/05 0
    01/06 4miles
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    A bit better this morning...
  • karllundy
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    1/1 - 3.5 miles on treadmill
    1/2 - Nada :|
    1/3 - 3.75 miles on treadmill + weights
    1/4 - First day back to office / school...had to stay home to get kids moving and ready.
    1/5 - 4 miles on treadmill + 4.65 miles on stationary bike
    1/6 - 4.5 miles on indoor track followed by an extended stretching session.