Do you keep peanut butter in the house?



  • JaneyB311
    JaneyB311 Posts: 80 Member
    I'm OK with peanut butter but cannot have Nutella in the house unless its a special occasion and I have a free pass ha ha.
  • jessicarobinson00
    jessicarobinson00 Posts: 414 Member
    I love peanut butter: warm peanut butter and ice cream specifically. I recently purchased a food scale and was DELIGHTED to find that I was overestimating the # of calories for this treat all the time. Now that I can measure it out and know exactly how much I'm taking in, I'm good to go..and my portion sizes are larger to accommodate the correct calorie count.
  • Colorscheme
    Colorscheme Posts: 1,179 Member
    Peanut butter isn't a trigger food, but I don't keep it in the house because my boyfriend is allergic to a lot of nuts and I don't want to accidentally trigger a reaction, so I buy almond butter instead, as he isn't allergic to it.
  • Ibeachlover
    Ibeachlover Posts: 66 Member
    I like it...usually buy almond instead of peanut. Not a trigger food for me, as it usually gums up the mouth so I am ready to quit eating it :-). Tend to eat in on some bread as a quick breakfast with protein (all round) powder drink before I go to gym. I have other trigger foods, mainly chocolate, so I keep minimal, but have them ...I'm not a Spartan.
  • bikegrrl
    bikegrrl Posts: 1 Member
    Like you, I used to not be able to. But I found that switching to almond butter has helped me with that! For me, the texture is harder to eat all at one sitting. :) In fact, I just finished my first jar that was eaten over time and I was quite proud of myself!