The January 2016 Running Challenge



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    1/1-1/9-zero miles- respiratory infection
    1/10-5.9 miles
    1/11-4.0 miles
    1/12-4.0 miles plus strength training
    1/13-5.6 miles
    1/14-rest day (maybe some yoga)
    1/15-3.2 miles treadmill intervals
    1/16-9 miles
    1/17-4.3 miles
    1/18-4 miles of dreadmill intervals + yoga
    1/19-4.8 miles+strength training
    1/20 6 miles +yoga
    1/21-3.5 miles +strength training
    1/22-rest day
    1/23-9.3 miles

    Went out with a group today. I don't normally run with a group but there was a lot of ice on the roads and it was super windy, so I figured I needed to just do it or I would be sitting around all day contemplating it. It figures that the route that was set up for today went up the steepest 1 mile hill in town. I was really glad to have company on that run because it was pretty miserable. We followed the 10 mile route, which ended up being a little short,but I wasn't complaining. It really was a miserable run. But I ran with three very nice runners, two who are training to BQ in April and one who is training for his fifth full Ironman. I can't even imagine that, but I know I can count on these guys for motivation in the future!

    @michable -great job on the marathon training!

    @Ch1psNQueso -congrats on the 10K. Great progress in such a short time!
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    We actually have some accumulated snow out here over the last week. Treated roads are cleared but I decided against running on only treated roads for the long run today. I was slower due to the snow but still got the distance I was shooting for (let's not talk about the time). I also diverted off through some fields that led toward a local park to change things up (better footing there, but harder work). At one point in the park I decided to go off onto a mountain bike trail for a couple miles for a little more variety. By the time I got home I felt like I had put in a tough long run and once I cooled down my calves were screaming bloody murder for a while. But all is well now. Besides, those legs have more miles waiting for them tomorrow. :smile:

    1/1 - 2.25 miles
    1/3 - 4.1 miles
    1/5 - 6.5 miles
    1/7 - 4 miles
    1/9 - 4 miles
    1/12 - 3.25 miles
    1/14 - 4.6 miles
    1/16 - 11.5 miles
    1/18 - 2.1 miles
    1/20 - 3.1 miles
    1/23 - 12.6 miles

    58 of 50 miles


    Upcoming races:
    4/9 - Rock the Parkway half marathon (Kansas City, MO)
    4/16 - Garmin half marathon (Olathe, KS)
    4/30 - BattleFrog 8k obstacle course run (Kansas City, MO)
    5/14 - Running with the Cows half marathon (Bucyrus, KS)
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Crap, I always think "if you get hurt, you won't have to go to work and your coworkers will have to do some friggin' work"....

    And I can sleep late and eat in bed....

    Yes, that! I'm glad I'm not the only one who kind of likes being ill or injured enough to take time off work!

    @GBrady43068 I have always felt safe running on my own, and I've never managed to find a running partner who is the same pace as me. I always make sure I stick to main roads that are well lit during the winter in an attempt to stay safe. I save the little lanes and alleyways and trails for the summer or weekends instead.

    So, I did parkrun this morning and it was great fun. I decided to go slow, which I did on the first lap, but then felt so good I decided to push on the second lap. Towards the end, I had really pushed and my lungs were burning but a guy I had been running very close to all the way kept pushing me on for the last bit. I'm sure he could have overtaken me, but he didn't and he ran with me for the last 5 minutes to encourage me. Runners are such awesome people :relaxed:

    It wasn't a PB for the 5km, but the end was the fastest mile I've ever run and the fastest km I'm ever run too, according to my Nike+ app, so I was pleased with that. I need to make sure my long run is a really slow one tomorrow though, I've actually made it this far without injury for the first time in months through slower running, so I need to keep it up. Tomorrow I'm aiming for 'tortoise-in-peanut-butter' and no faster.

    Looks like I'll fall a bit short of my target this month courtesy of my days off last week due to having a migraine, but I'll be close and didn't fall off the horse when something stopped me, which is normally what would happen. Usually takes me weeks to get back on track after a set-back. Now I'm just looking forward to my 10km next weekend :smiley:

    1st Jan - 3.1miles
    2nd Jan - 4.5miles
    5th Jan - 2.75miles
    8th Jan - 3.25miles
    10th Jan - 4.00miles
    12th Jan - 2.1miles
    13th Jan - Yoga & 30mins swim
    14th Jan - 30mins elliptical
    19th Jan - 3.33miles
    21st Jan - 3.36miles
    23rd Jan - 3.1miles

    MTD - 29.49/50miles

    Upcoming races:
    31st Jan - Hyde Park 10km
    27th Feb - Richmond Park 10km
    19th Mar - Spring Riverside 10km
    3rd Apr - Paddock Wood Half Marathon
    8th May - Run Hackney Half Marathon
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    12 miles on the road!

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    Upcoming races:
    May 14, 2016 Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra 50K (Portersville, PA)
    June 4, 2106 38 Mile NIght Fun Run (Kettle Moraine State Forest, WI)
    October 1, 2016 Cloudsplitter 100K (Pine Mountain, KY)

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    Today the snow missed me. It was in the mid 20's, light breeze, blue skies, rolling hills and I felt strong. It has been a while since I pounded 18 miles with such confidence. I love running.
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    aldousmom wrote: »
    12 miles on the road!
    I love seeing you getting back into it.... I am not sure how many people here know that you are probably the most kick-*kitten*, long distance ultra runner on MFP.... and I am very happy you are posting here... you seriously keep me motivated to keep pushing myself...

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    1/1 5 @ 10:36 on the treadmill
    1/2 4.75 @ 10:42 on the park trail (20.75/20 miles for the week)

    1/3 5.25 @ 11:14 (5.0 @ 10:51, .25 walking) on the trails near my house. It was a beautiful, blustery day!
    1/4 10 @ 12:00 on the treadmill. While running from Indominus Rex.
    1/5 3 @ 11:14 on the treadmill and strength training
    1/6 Rest Day and feeling fairly sore from yesterday's PT (and maybe Monday's run?)
    1/7 4.75 @ 11:53 on the park trail.
    1/8 3.5 @ 10:07 (3 at 9:48 and .5 at 12:00) plus strength training
    1/9 3.5 @ 12:22 (3 at 11:26, plus .5 at a walk) loping around the neighborhood with St. Woolos the Barbarian, aka The Poopinest Dog in the East, aka Woogie the Worst Running Partner Ever. It's a good thing he's cute!
    (30/30 for the week)

    1/10 Rest Day/Family Day
    1/11 10.75 at 11:46 around the park trails. My heart was light, but my legs felt every centimeter of the last two miles. "Gently rolling terrain" feels a lot like "stinking big hills" after 100 minutes or so...
    1/12 3.25 @ 11:27 on the treadmill. Plus strength training.
    1/13 Rest Day due to dental work...revising the weekly goal down a little, since I won't have quite as much time on my "regular" rest day to make up for this one.
    1/14 5.0 @ 12:47 around the lake trail with my dog, who may be toking behind my back--pokey puppy was slow, paranoid (that stroller--it tried to eat me! those loud lady joggers!--they tried to eat me! that nice old man with a cane!--he tried to beat me from 12 feet away!), and generally disinterested in actually *running*.
    1/15 6.0 @ 11:00 (and .25 at a walk) on the treadmill...I didn't feel up to strength training since my head was hurting this morning (running seems to make headaches better, but not lifting; it's weird)
    1/16 Rest Day
    (25/25 for the week)

    1/17 Rest Day
    1/18 5.25 (8K race) at the lake @ 11:14 for the run part. A balmy 17F and 20 mph winds. Brrr. I've never run in conditions like that. I started out fearing hypothermia and wound up sweating *through* my stupid muppet-fur jacket. I was the last person in who didn't walk part of the way, but it wasn't a bad showing for a trail run for me. Certainly not a PR, but my asthma doesn't like these low temps and I didn't want to push it.
    1/19 3.25 @ 10:44 on the treadmill and strength training
    1/20 12.5 @ 11:45 on the treadmill. Sucker Punch. Bra chafe. Dying. Need painkillers. And food. Lots of food.
    1/21 Rest day. Not on purpose, but I couldn't bear to put on a sports bra and feared putting out someone's eyes otherwise. Surprisingly, though, my legs feel great. I'm hoping to get 4 miles in tomorrow before the snow comes.
    1/22 2.5 miles @ 13:00 around the neighborhood with the pokey little puppy ahead of the snowzilla storm...gonna tune up the tready in the basement for the rest of the storm and the ensuing days of being trapped with my darling husband, 5 wonderful children, this dumb dog that is already selecting books from the shelf to eat them, and more junk food than you can shake a stick at.
    1/23 Approximately 3.25 @ some indeterminate speed near 5 mph on the prehistoric treadmill in my basement. Estimate based on perceived exertion and time. We have more than 2 feet of snow, so the old-mill will be my best buddy for a few days, I think.
    (26.75/25 for the week)

    Upcoming Races:
    February 14: Run Your Heart Out 5K, Fairfax, VA
    February 21: Disney Princess HM, Orlando, FL
    (Can't do my March races because I need to have surgery March 4. :( ).


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    Date Miles today. Miles for January

    1/1 4 miles - 4
    1/2 13.5 miles - 17.5
    1/3 REST DAY
    1/4 10 miles - 27.5
    1/5 9 miles - 36.5
    1/6 5.5 miles - 42
    1/7 10 miles - 52
    1/8 6.05 miles - 58.05
    1/9 15 miles - 73.05
    1/10 REST DAY
    1/11 9.5 miles - 82.55
    1/12 11.15 miles - 93.7
    1/13 6.2 miles - 99.9
    1/14 10 miles - 109.9
    1/15 5.75 miles - 115.65
    1/16 15 miles - 130.65
    1/17 REST DAY
    1/18 10 miles - 140.65
    1/19 10 miles - 150.65
    1/20 5.75 miles - 156.40
    1/21 10 miles - 166.40
    1/22 4.6 miles - 171
    1/22 3.75 miles - 174.75
    1/23 16.5 miles - 191.25


    Upcoming races:
    UAH Spring Road Race 8K - 3/6
    Oak Barrel HM - 4/2
    Bridge Street HM - 4/10
    Cotton Row Run 10K - 5/30
    Firecracker Chase 10.2 miler - 6/25


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    January Goal—will try for 140 km, half marathon Feb 7 and I’m behind in my training

    1/6—3.89 km or so…first run after being sick…still congested and a bit sick
    1/7—3.40 km—still feeling icky so keeping it short. Just ran around my complex
    1/8—5.29 km..about to kill my lungs. Sick of the congestion
    1/9—5.01 km
    1/10—10.48 km-
    1/12—4.55 km skipped 1/11 due to it being cold and rainy
    1/13—3.64 km
    1/14—5.14 km
    1/17—3.30 km after a weekend away
    1/18—3.22 km
    1/19—5.09 km
    1/20—5.01 km
    1/22—5.something km…the run tracker messed up again and my watch measured almost 1 km shorter than my phone gps
    1/23—15.66 km of cold rainy windy raw temps
    1/24—5.01 km
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Stoshew71 wrote: »
    Stoshew71 wrote: »

    Have you tried an anti-chafe balm? I use Body Glide, and it works really well, both for prevention and for protecting and comforting existing chafed areas.

    And Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly (not sure what you call it over there!) Its all I use and its cheap :wink:

    On my list! I've been using vaseline (ouch! it stings!) but need to get something preventative, so I'm going to try the body glide.

    A good cheap alternative for anti-chaffing is underarm deoderant. Just go to the dollar store and rub on the cheap stuff (after you buy it - offcourse lol).

    It would be even cheaper if you took it off the shelf used it and put it back --- just sayin'

    Remind me to not shop at Dollar Stores in your neck of the woods.

    Ya, dont buy the deoderant that has the inner cap removed. :smirk: I've also hear ChapStick works in a pinch.

    See @stoshew71 simple ha ha
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    3.5 treadmill miles. I have no idea what that is for the month.
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    1/1 5.6 miles—street run given the snow and ice on sidewalks. excellent run at 25 F.
    1/2 elliptical day, no run
    1/3 10.2 — excellent run, slow pace 11:45. But pain in the heels and achilles afterwards. got better with ice treatment!
    1/4 elliptical day, no run
    1/5 rest day
    1/6 6.5 — ran in 28 degree weather. starting to feel 30 degree weather might be pushing it too warm for comfort. My heels, which bothered me after my last run (stretched, iced, and rested) held up quite nicely during today’s run. i guess i should just recognize that every time i push myself a bit more on distance or on speed, i should expect some pain if not planned well enough and if not done in a gradual way.
    1/7 3.64 — the run was okay at 10:30 per mile, but the roads were slippery because of some freezing rain. icing helps a great deal with the pain. I still have some pain in my achilles, but doing much better everyday. I took it easy though.
    1/9 6.11 —nice group run while snowing lightly!
    1/10 crosstraining—elliptical
    1/11 4.31 — 6 degree weather @10:50
    1/12 crosstraining—elliptical
    1/13 5.08
    1/14 3.14 — have to say, those compression socks rock! first time user, wow! Did s half hour of elliptical too!
    1/15 cross training—elliptical training for 90 minutes. That was good!
    1/16 6.08 —
    1/17 4.32 — coldest miles ever. It was 0 degrees and -20 with windchill. I forgot who mentioned this a couple of days ago, but it is really true: most of what we think we’re unable to do (not everything of course and I recognize different people have different abilities), but most of what we think we cannot do has to do with the mental games we play in our own heads. I would have never imagined walking, let alone running, in a windchill weather like this one!
    1/18 — rest day.
    1/19 6.3 — nice run, in new shoes, in the dark and cold. Ah, so relaxing. I do think I am becoming a runner because I came home without a plan to run, work was really busy, but I just could not sit still before I running. I not only missed it, but actually needed it to relax!
    1/20 4.22 — nice easy run (11 minute/mile), cold but bearable, and clear sidewalks. it was a really good run.
    1/22 4.20 — great run in the cold and snow! beautiful.
    1/23 cross training—elliptical for today

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    6.5 miles today in City Park. I found a metronome on youtube that I kept changing until it matched my bmp. Turns out 155-160 is where I'm comfortable. Today was a grueling run but I think once I get back into it, the bmp might be a little higher. I felt like I was pretty much running in place because my stride was so short but it got me the miles. I couldn't do the entire mileage without walking breaks, so I've decided that hitting the goal is more important right now. And for January I'm going for the accumulation of miles vs a mileage goal. February though... :wink:
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    Tomorrow morning will be too cold for my usual bike ride so hoping to do a long run. And... I won't have to get up early since it won't get hot here tomorrow. The media acts like it's a blizzard in Orlando.

    Jan 1 -41 mile bike ride
    Jan 2 - 34 mile bike ride
    Jan 3 - rest day
    Jan 4 - rest day
    Jan 5 - 5.25 miles
    Jan 6 - 3.3 miles
    Jan 7-11 - Sick :( 5 sick days.
    Jan 12 - 4.1 miles — finally!!! Felt so great.
    Jan 13 - strength training + 1 mile on treadmill
    Jan 14 - 5.2 miles
    Jan 15 - 5.1 miles; trainer cancelled
    Jan 16 - 4.2 miles
    Jan 17 - 6.02 miles
    Jan 18 - Rest Day
    Jan 19 - 7.4
    Jan 20 - strength training
    Jan 21 - 5.02 miles
    jan 22 - strength training
    Jan 23 - 4.5 miles - nice run in cool temps for Florida


    2/7 HM Daytona Beach
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Becky_44 wrote: »
    Becky_44 wrote: »
    I have finally decided, with a little bit of a two year old fit throwing, to just go back to the beginning of c25k. I think I'm just struggling because I have increased in my walking so much to get more time, steps, floors and mileage in my days when I can. SO I think my body isn't tolerating it all so well. SO If I just start from the beginning, and blend them better I should be fine with moving forward. I don't like feeling stuck. LOL! and I know the schedule works. I have a goal to reach 10 k this year, It's been 2 years of struggling to get to a 5k race which I did THanksgiving, and I know that getting to the 10 k would be a slow process too, I just need to be willing to give it the time my body needs to balance it all in order to make it happen. I also need to clean up my diet more, I'm doing good, and am losing weight but I need to cut out more of what makes my inflammation, and nerve pain worse.

    Monthly Totals/ Run = 6.83, Walk = 30.73, Steps = 134.203, Floors = 200, Daily miles = 65.57

    And don't forget to throw some rest days in there between running days ... It's okay to walk on rest days, though at an easy pace as your body needs time to adjust to running. If I run 2-3 days straight, my shin bones feel like they will snap! But if I have 1 rest day between those 3 running days... I am fine! Just need to let your body adjust slowly.

    Whoa! I'm missing responses to me, good thing I took the time to catch up! Thanks for your reply! I know my pushing the floors especially is not helping, like today I pushed from 26 my highest to 32. (Thought I'd get one last Harrah in) but I have 16 steps so about 550 steps today, definitely messes with my thighs and groin area. As well as my hip area, my biggest problem. So I will take it easy, and stay at just my daily goals, so I'm good to go for next week, and keep it there so running can progress again.

    OK I have to ask, what is "pushing the floors" I Googled it and Google comes back with kegel/pelvic floor exercises. I'm thinking, "that is not right". .

    Oh hahaha! It's Fitbit, going upstairs or up in elevation 10 ft is considered a floor. My stairs are higher than that, with 16 stairs so I just did my last pushing two days ago with 32 floors.I think it was about 540 steps I climbed that day. I love to look at it as 5 and a half times I climbed up to the golden on our state Capitol. Anyhow, it doesnt help the running much when I push too much at once.
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    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the congratulations. If you're wondering (you're not but I'll tell anyway) I went to my favorite mexican place and had a huge combination platter. It was fantastic.

    My legs were tight all day today but somehow loosened up late tonight. I was feeling like a slug for not working out today so I decided to head out for a quick 4 mile run in the city. It went great! All 4 miles in the 7.5 minute range. Must've been the 3 cookies I had at lunch.

    Looking forward to finishing up this January goal and setting something a little higher for February.

    1-2: 3 miles
    1-4: 3 miles
    1-6: 3 miles
    1-7: 3 miles - 25 minutes of stairs
    1-8: 4 miles
    1-10: 3 miles - 30 minutes of stairs
    1-12: 3.5 miles
    1-13: 3.5 miles
    1-14: 3.7 miles
    1-15: 5 miles
    1-17: 3.5 miles
    1-18: 3 miles
    1-19: 3.1 miles
    1-22: 6.3 miles
    1-23: 4 miles

    Goal: 55.9 of 70
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    East Coast got Hit with snow and We got Hit in Northern Alberta. No running Today unless you want to count chasing my Snow Shovel around the Driveway. Talked to the Few who went out and they all cut it short at the 1 km (~ 0.6 miles) mark and went to Tim's to Recover over Coffee. Was supposed to be a Long Run Day with 16-17 km. So I will have to make that up by Wednesday Night to stay on track for my Feb 7 HM. Just noticed on FB that some one posted that they had the River Bank Trails plowed so that may be where I spend tomorrow.
    10.8 km per lap so 1 1/2 laps should do it. According to my FitBit I put on 6km shoveling snow.

    @louubelle16 What did you sneak into my house and steal/borrow a pair of my shoes. I have a pair of Grey Mizuno's with Florescent Green piping - Ugggggly but Comfy.

    @rune1990 Another Member of the Winter Warriors B) Congrats!!!!
    Getting the courage for the first Sub Zero Winter Run is probably the hardest part and then not overdressing so much that you Waddle. "Was really freaking cold today, feels like -22c (-7f, is that right?) "

    @GBrady43068 Spewed Coffee - definitely a Runners Thought Process “Don’t fall and break your face because then you won’t be able to run anymore!” rather than “Don’t fall and break your face because it’s no fun to fall and break your face!”?
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    MobyCarp wrote: »
    Should I be concerned that my thought process on the somewhat slick roadways this morning when I skidded a bit was “Don’t fall and break your face because then you won’t be able to run anymore!” rather than “Don’t fall and break your face because it’s no fun to fall and break your face!”?

    @GBrady43068 - That sounds like a normal runner's thought process to me! My number one running goal is to avoid injury, because couch time sucks.

    Crap, I always think "if you get hurt, you won't have to go to work and your coworkers will have to do some friggin' work"....

    And I can sleep late and eat in bed....

    Definitely wish we had a like button! ^^^^ This made me laugh because it is SO true!