How much sleep do you need to feel fully rested at your current age?



  • Jess89000
    Jess89000 Posts: 763 Member
    Almost 27 and I need like 10 hrs lol. I love sleep
  • PersianKitty94
    PersianKitty94 Posts: 623 Member
    I'm 21. If i get 8 hours of good quality sleep, i feel great. I can live on 6-7. At 5 hours I wake up wanting to bite people.
  • madhu1981
    madhu1981 Posts: 4,829 Member
    i need 6:30hrs
  • pichiPurinsesu
    pichiPurinsesu Posts: 776 Member
    29 and i aim for 8 hours sleep but try to get a deep 4 hours sleep. I used to suffer from insomnia so a light 8h sleep is amazing for me now
  • Ws2016
    Ws2016 Posts: 431 Member
    59 and 8
  • Heartlight441
    Heartlight441 Posts: 278 Member
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    43 and I like a good solid 8 hours.
  • valente347
    valente347 Posts: 201 Member
    9-10 hours feel amazing, but I can function on 6 for quite a while if I have good weekend sleep. I'm 29 and have always been this way.
  • jackie_van_d
    jackie_van_d Posts: 240 Member
    44 yrs old and I need 8 hrs
    I'm a bear if I get less then 6
  • JeffreyMGiron
    JeffreyMGiron Posts: 3,582 Member
    27 Ive been sleeping an avg of 4 hours a day since i started my career as a Project Manager/Engineer
    So 4 hours, i feel as long as i work out the night before i can wake up with enough energy to get me to 1 pm, i start to yawn uncontrollably by then but i just drink a coffee or 5
  • Ifitfits
    Ifitfits Posts: 46 Member
    24 and I need at least 8 hours of sleep ... I sleep for 12 hours on weekends lol
  • latincoffee
    latincoffee Posts: 190 Member
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    I'm 40. 7 to 8hrs needed...

    popped a melatonin an hour before and knocked out good!
  • yusaku02
    yusaku02 Posts: 3,478 Member
    27 and it's probably like 23.5 hours. I never feel rested anymore, even with 9.5 hours.
  • nancyscaloriecount
    nancyscaloriecount Posts: 3 Member
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    My goal is never less than 7, I usually get that plus a little on work nights. Perfect for me to be rested, energized AND LOSE WEIGHT, I need no less than 9. Yes lack of "your perfect sleep number" causes you to put on weight and make it extra difficult to drop the weight. On work days I work 12 hours shifts plus travel time.....just not enough hours in the day to pull 9 hours sleep on those days.

    I am 56 and have hypothyroid disease....which requires more sleep as well. Maybe if I could sleep like Rip Van Winkle for 7 years I would wake up healthy and skinny!!! Wouldn't that be nice!
  • famysh88
    famysh88 Posts: 8 Member
    I need 10hrs to feel fully rested. I usually get about 7-8hrs on week days. I need caffeine to function on weekdays. lol.
  • TheRoadDog
    TheRoadDog Posts: 11,800 Member
    7 Hours and I feel rested and alert the next day.
  • savannahr109
    savannahr109 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm 21 also and I do pretty good with 6 or 7 hours of sleep.
  • claer947
    claer947 Posts: 56 Member
    I'm 40. 7 to 8hrs needed...

    popped a melatonin an hour before and knocked out good!

    Ooo melatonin = creepy sleepy. Gives me the most effed up dreams.

    I'm really lucky if I get 5 hours.
  • LittleHearseDriver
    LittleHearseDriver Posts: 2,677 Member
    I'm 23 and I need 8 hours to not feel like crap and be cranky.
  • MrsBooBear
    MrsBooBear Posts: 12,619 Member
    7hrs. I'm 38.
  • Shana67
    Shana67 Posts: 680 Member
    I am 48. I get into bed by 8:30pm most nights (cue the partying!!) and I am awake and ready to hit the gym at 5am. So, typically I get 8 hours a night, but if I can get more, I am happier :)