April 2016 Running Challenge



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    @Ohhim - Great race report! I'm a fan of good triathletes, but can't get myself to attempt them. While I'm a competitive runner in my age group, I'm at best an indifferent cyclist and I'm an extremely slow swimmer. So I'll just enjoy the triathlon race reports from people like you who can do them well.
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    @kristinegift says eat more cheese: check! Right on!! ;) Thx for the recommendation to the LD runners group - I didn't know there was one!
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    @kristinegift who could pass up Casper!?
    @mrswhitehog great 5K time, congrats
    @4leighbee unfortunately I can't help you much on the triad issue, Skip hasn't started her TOM yet even though she'll be 16 in "39 days" (she keeps reminding me). Which I will say the doctor said is because she runs so much and is so tiny. She's about 5'1" and weighs 80 some lbs. However, I have done some reading and that is why she started to iron. I have read it's really important for women, especially runners. Skip tries to eat well, but living with me doesn't help that. She doesn't eat meat because she doesn't like it, but likes fish and chicken and veggies. She does take a multi vitamin to get more calcium for the same reason kristine mentioned, fear of stress fractures. Wish I could help more.
    @robotfood wow beautiful picture
    @ohhim great race, I loved your race report
    @ceckhardt369 super race!
    @_nikkiwolf_ great 10K time, you had to run down stairs? With bifocals that would kill me. Here's me from today, this is about 1/4 from the finish line. Also me after the race...I always freeze after I run. The race medals were bottle stoppers.



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    @Ohhim Great race report! Though I have no inclination toward doing a triathlon of any distance, I love to read/listen to stories about them. It sound so totally badass. Congrats on a race well executed!

    @skippygirlsmom You look so happy in your mid-race photo! Look at you go!! I wish I could get a race photo half as flattering! lol
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    4/1: Scheduled Rest
    4/2: Scheduled Rest
    4/3: 5.0km (Intervals)
    4/4: Scheduled Rest
    4/5: 5.2km (Intervals)
    4/6: Scheduled Rest
    4/7: 4.9km (Intervals)
    4/8: Scheduled Rest
    4/9: Scheduled Rest
    4/10: 4.8km (Intervals)


    Upcoming Races:
    5/28: Seven Bridges 5K Run - Orangeville, ON (My first EVER!)
    6/12: Guelph Lake 5K - Guelph, ON
    7/9: Summer's Night Classical 5k - Guelph, ON
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    I'm not quite caught up with all the posts, but congrats to everyone who had races this weekend--and to everyone who got new shoes, lol!

    4/1...5.0 @ 12:00 on the TM (4.0 @ 11:15 and 1.0 walking)
    4/2....3.1 @ 11:45 through the neighborhood. My ankle hurt the first mile or so, especially on the uphill bits--downhill isn't too bad
    4/3...Rest day
    4/4...4.6 @ 11:32 on the rail trail and neighborhood streets
    4/5...2.8 @ 11:50 on the TM--that's 2.3 (just to make it even!) @ 11:15 and .5 at a walk, plus strength training
    4/6...Rest day, but I got to go help out at my son's RunFit club. Next time I'm wearing my own running shoes so I can chase him with a sharp stick so he doesn't walk so much! (That was a joke...don't call CPS or Jeff Galloway...)
    4/7...7.0 @ 11:25 on the TM (This was really 6.25 at 11:05 and .75 walking to cool down)
    4/8...2.0 @ 12:06 (just had a short time to run while the kids were at gym)
    4/9...Unintended rest day. I got dressed to run...that counts for something, right? LOL
    4/10...4.6 @ 13:39 with the slow poke pup. We ran about 3 miles in the 12:00 neighborhood and walked the rest. Well, I walked. He sniffed and did...doggy stuff.

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    @skippygirlsmom love the race photos and the bling!
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    Ok. Did the ticker thing. Can't get it to show here :( Help?
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    @kristinegift I'm happy because I'm almost done LOL. 99% of the time my photos are awful and I don't buy them.
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    Yesterday I ran the Pirate Plunder 2 Miler here in FL- the weather was looking good, and I just wanted to get out there. I spent most of the day at the pool, and drank 3 beers. (ha ha) I got dressed and ready for the 6:30p start time and we were off. I took it easy, not to fast on the way out- stayed my pace and felt good. Saw the finish line, and again kept my pace and didn't sprint to the end like I usually do. I ended up taking 6th out of 67 in my age group with a time of 17:34- super happy. Cheers all!
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    @skippygirlsmom Awesome medal! @CivicSista Congrats!
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    Just now catching up on the last 2 days worth of posts.

    @Orphia Congrats on your PB and happy MFP anniversary.
    Good luck with the foot @Amandajs232
    @louubelle16 Congrats on your progress.
    @ariceroni Nice job on negative splitting it on last 5K and under poor conditions.
    @WhatMeRunning Great job at your half.
    @dennie24 Just keep racing against yourself. Don't worry about how "slow" you are. There will always be runners slower than you, and always runners faster than you.
    @kristinegift Close to Rutgers? My brother is an RU grad. Spend many times there.
    @ROBOTFOOD Great job on the 25K (and in thunderstorms?) Badda$$!
    Agree with you on the like button @lporter229

    Welcome @wesley58 - may I suggest smaller steps and run at a conversational pace. No eating big before or after.

    As far as eating. I normally run first thing in the morning fasted (minus a cup of coffee). Within 30 minutes of my run I will make sure I have my protein shake (protein powder and 2% milk). On a hot day or long run, I will drink Gatorade as soon as I am done and then protein shake. Before races, I will make sure that I get up early and have some carbs 2 hours before my race starts. Last 2 HM's and RCM in December, I had a baked potato (and coffee). It's one of the quickest absorbed carbs. Purpose: Quick carbs and water is needed first thing in the morning to replace the liver glycogen that you lost overnight. Takes about a couple hours to digest and absorb, and recreate that glycogen from about 400 cals worth of carbs.

    Welcome @mk2loser
    Good luck @MobyCarp at Boston! We all are behind you!!!
    Congrats @mrswhitehog on your first 5K
    Welcome @juliehiggs
    @skippygirlsmom I yelled "hey Skip" as I passed her by at 12.5. :-) I was in shorts and MFP Challenge t-shirt. it was called at the start but not too bad for me. I was pretty warm the whole race but changed into jeans and long shirt as soon I was done. LOL Congrats on finishing after coming back from injury.

    BTW all, the race I ran today is the same one that @skippygirlsmom mom talked about.

    Keep at it @samthepanda
    Congratulations @_nikkiwolf_ on your first 10K
    @ROBOTFOOD Wow at that mountain.
    Great job @Ohhim on your ironman - Impressive!
    Love the Tapering Athletes warning @MobyCarp LOL I may have to steal that one.
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    Photos from today's race. I need some more energy to think about a race report.



    ^^^ My finisher's medal and what was in my goodie bag for winning 3rd in my AG. Yes, that is a bottle of Merlot they gave me.
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    mk2loser wrote: »

    @mk2loser To paraphrase @Stoshew71 From Page 1 of the April 2016 Running Challenge " To display that correctly in your post, make sure you place the img tags around that link. So it will look, (removing the spaces in the img tags):"

    [ img ] http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/w6K1EiX/exercise.png [ /img ]

    ^^^^^^^ Don't forget to remove the spaces between the brackets. ^^^^^^^^^^

    I copy and paste from the bbcode starting at the first [ img ] --- to the second [ /img ]
    This is what your Ticker will look like - unless I goofed.

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    One more pic from today. Need to feature that awesome shirt I am wearing.

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    April Goal: Run often

    4/1 couldn't
    4/2 4.05
    4/3 3.15
    4/4 ennui
    4/5 snorkel 3.5 hours
    4/6 6.30
    4/7 3.65
    4/8 5.81
    4/9 rest
    4/10 6.20

    Total 28.96

    Upcoming races:
    6/26 SHEPower Virtual 1/2 marathon
    11/13 Las Vegas Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon

    Ticker is my goal for 2016 and accumulation to date:

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    @Stoshew71 Awesome half and congrats!
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    I have not run for weeks. It's time to pick this exercise up again.
    I am starting today. My goal for this month is not too ambicious (60km) but there will always be a next challenge =)