Slim down for summer - May Challenge



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    did you send me an invitation i cant find it

    Already invited you

    I'm sorry but I can't find it what is the name I looked everywhere

    hi i finally find it thank you
  • jsalva17
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    Hi, I would love to join. I don't have too many people to help keep me motivated. I have 58 lbs to lose and have lost 3 lbs. I am trying to eat around 1500 calories worth of food. And I am walking everyday but also doing 20 minutes of pilates and 30 minutes of cardio.
    I have been following this for a week so far.
  • rnrjohns
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    I would LOVE to join!! I have been struggling so I think this would be perfect! I haven't lost any weight yet. I have been going to the gym for about 2 months as well as making healthier food choices. But I've seemed to gain weight☹️ Maybe some accountability and motivation is what I need!

    SW 153
    GW 130
  • stacytonozzi
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    I'll join this challenge! I need some major weight to be lost!
  • stacytonozzi
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    I have 40lbs to loose, and I just started!
    I walk 3 miles every morning
    And 3-5 days a week I'm doing hot yoga.
    I am consuming 1200 calories a day.
    I just started this last week and I've lost 2.2lbs.
  • joannemonette1
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    SW 192
    CW 175
    GW 129

    I'd like to join. I've been working out and dieting since the end of February. If everything goes according to plan, I should hit my BMI by mid-June in time for summer. (My final goal weight isn't until the fall - and from that point I will commit myself to maintenance) So, I think this would be a good challenge for me because I'd like to keep myself on target (or ahead).
  • catisland21
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    Please count me in! I am trying to lose 15 - 20 lbs. After my 2 pregnancies, I made it down to my pre-pregnancy weight relatively easy, but when I stopped nursing I put on weight, fast. 10lbs in 3 months after my first child, the 2nd one I was more prepared for the changes and weight gain... but still put on a good 7-8lbs. Now I am exercising hard 2-3x a week and chasing 2 kids the other days and I am stuck at the same weight for a while now - I don't eat great, but not horrible (most of the time). I try to stay under 1,400 calories.
    Been on MFP for a while, but always stop using and then months later I come back for a bit. I am hoping to stay motivated this time...

  • bmoyer18
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    Hello! I'd like to join your challenge!
    Reason: to lose weight! And for motivation!
    My goal is to lose 15 pounds
    I've been on my fitness pal for a month and I've lost 3 pounds
    My calorie goal is 1680 daily
    I'm an ER nurse so I'm very active during the day, but I would also like to work out 2-3 times per week as well
    Thank you!
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    Ladies I'd love to have all of you in the group. I've send invitation to several of you but a lot of you havent please check that. For the rest of you please search this group-

    Slim4Summer Challenge (starts MAY 1st SUNDAY)

    I'm feeling very motivated. We have a very nice group of people. Some have come a long way and some have a long way to go. Either way we are here for each other.

    Comment on the thread if you are having problems joining.

    Group will be closed after 25th
  • Dawn0630
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    I would love to join the challenge. I need to be accountable and motivated.

    - I am looking to lose about 25 lbs.
    - I have lost 5lbs so far.

    - I try and work out about 5 days a week , both cardio and weights days mixed in. I would like to get to about 1,350 in daily calorie intake. I also do a clean eating plan.

    Thanks for putting group together.

  • Cannonfury
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    Hi, I would like to join

    Goal is to lose: 20-30 lbs (currently 155 lbs, I am very short..)
    Lost 18 pounds in 2010 when I cut out cokes.
    Calorie goal: 1200, workout every other day.
  • pleasantongal
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    I would like to join.
    Goal: To lose about 30 lb.
    Lost: 3 lbs so far
    Calorie goal: 1300-1400

    Started working out on elliptical 3 times a week. Looking for motivation. Thanks!
  • Reecem8
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    I'd also like to join the challenge and get back into it.
    I need to lose another 28lbs
    I've already lost 65lbs in total (between 2012-2015)
    I've recently been at a maintenance stage where I haven't gained or lost. I'm looking to get back into it and lose the remaining stubborn body fat.

    I will eat around 1600-1700 calories whilst working out 4 times a week consisting of weights and jogging.
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    Can't find my invite :(
  • valeries1234
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    Hi would love to join challenge. Have about 20lbs to lose. Work out 6 days a week in home to Cathe online videos. Though I work out consistently, my eating I really need to get in check (and my drinking/eating out).
  • fonebone77
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    Im in.

    Currently at 282. Have lost 78 pounds since mid January. I have basically been cycling the same 80 pounds yearly for about 4 years. This is the point I generally start slacking off and gaining the weight back. I have managed to stay motivated a bit longer this time and dont feel like I am losing the drive. I would like to be down to 260 by the start of June. I am ultimately shooting for 200 by November when I am going on a vacation to Rome. 10 hour flight can only be more comfortable the less I weight. :smiley: I am trying to keep my calories up a bit so I am at around 2000 +\- 200 per day but I am also working out 75-100 minutes per day. I am walking/jogging (week 5 of c25k) approximately 6 miles per day plus doing a 30 minute upper body weight workout every other day. I take Sundays off to give my body a bit of a break from working out. I am concentrating on not pushing too hard. Last year when I was at this weight I was walking/jogging 10-15 miles a day and I think my body rebelled against me.
  • RadRudiForever
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    I'd like to join! Please add me

    - For this challenge I want to lose 8 lbs; I want to lose 20 pounds overall by July 17
    - Diet-I try to stay around 1400-1500 cals; I workout 4 days a week with boot camp/barre classes, but want to add running 2-3x/week
    - I've lost 7 lbs in the last 2 months.
  • wwhite3
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    I would like to join this challenge as well!
    So far, I have lost approximately 34 lbs.
    Currently: 202 - 204 lbs. (Fluctuates)
    Goal: 195 lbs.
    I am looking to lose approximately 7-9 lbs.
    Plan: Workout at least 3x per week ; Keep daily Sugar Intake to <85g
  • kriskrossness
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    I'll join!
    Current Weight: 241
    Long Term Goal Weight: 150
    Goal for this challenge:: 10lbs for May!
    I eat about 1300 cals a day and am generally low carb/high protien & fats.
    I am currently just focusing on getting 10k or more steps a day. Mid May I am starting strength training.
  • lakechasmith
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    I'll join this challenge! I need some major weight to be lost!
    Me too but not sure how to join or comment I'm new to all this