Where do YOU shop for groceries?



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    I live in a small town and all we have is a QFC (Kroger), but they are so expensive that it actually pays to drive about 35 miles away, once a month, to Wal-Mart first and Costco second. The only things I buy locally, are produce or when I need something right away.

    Back in the day growing up in Central IL several friends worked at Kroger. There were 10 different prices for the same item coming out of the regional distribution center depending on the local competition.
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    Never mind
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    I live in Ohio and we shop at Walmart. Kroger, Meijer and other stores are too expensive compared to Walmart. Plus it's easier to do a one stop shopping trip for groceries. We used to shop at Aldi, but there are brands that Aldi didn't carry so we had to make two stops. Mayonnaise and Diet Mt Dew are two things I will not negotiate on with brand. Plus the meat at Aldi really wasn't any cheaper than Walmart.
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    i live in bogota, colombia. my fiance and i are saving up for a trip so we have been spending months searching for the cheapest places and best deals. we shop between carulla, exito, frutiver, fruvar, D1, and a couple of dried fruit, nut, and seed stores. delivery here is also really cheap so we take advantage of that since we don't have a car. we usually go to the stores, pick out what we need and then have it sent to us about 45 minutes later via delivery.
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    New world countdown and honesty boxs over here in new zealand
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    Whole Foods and New Seasons. A couple of times a year I hit Trader Joes for their Greek Yogurt and chocolate almonds. Otherwise, I buy Chobani yogurt at New Seasons.
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    I'm in a rural area so I'm limited. I shop @ walmart for the routine stuff and drive into Vegas once a week to shop @ whole foods for meat, seafood, produce and bread.
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    I buy the majority of the food I eat from a local farmer's market.

    I get a lot of things like spices/seasonings, loose leaf tea, seeds, nuts, steel cut oatmeal, healthy cereals, powders for my smoothies and treats in small amounts from Bulk Barn (Canadian bulk store).

    Also I shop at a Latin and Asian market about once every 4 - 6 weeks.
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    I think it's so interesting how every state/country has different grocery stores. I shop at Target, Aldi, HyVee, Cub Foods, Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Lunds & Byerlys. Where do you guys shop?

    I'd bet folding money you're in Minnesota, and that you are in the Cities. I'm south of the Cities, and shop at Fareway, Aldi, HyVee and local farm stands.
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    We don't have food in Target here in Oz. I shop at woolworths and coles,. Americans probably never heard of them.
    I was so excited when our first Aldi opened here a month ago, but I was not impressed. Their prices were ok, but they didn't have a big selection of foods. And im too nervous to try their food brands incase they taste terrible. .

    There used to be Woolworth department stores in the US, but I think they are mostly gone now and didn't sell much food - just snacks and maybe had a lunch counter.

    At Aldis here in the US they sell some good German made chocolate. The brand is Mozer Roth. Far and away the best prices I have seen on that quality of chocolate. Especially at holidays they have "special buys" of European luxury foods that
    I would never spend the money on elsewhere because those types of items are much more expensive in the import sections of other grocery stores here. Things like yogurt and cheese may vary so much by region that me telling you it's good here won't really help. Some of the canned vegetables have more water in the can than more expensive name brands. It may be worth going back after a while and checking it out again later. I know when I first shopped at Aldi, the produce selection was very sad but now they have good quality fruit and vegetables for the best prices in town (except for the farmers' market).
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    90% from Aldi, the other 10% is split between an Asian grocery store, a Pricerite, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods. Our Aldi is awesome.
  • xWondertje
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    I'm from Sweden, and I get 99% of my groceries from Hemköp! :smiley:
  • MiaisMIAinMiami
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    Mostly Target and Stop and Shop because I'm lazy. I used to go to Trader Joes a lot, but ironically, since I moved closer, I don't go as much. I also love fresh Market and Wegmans, but they're far.
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    Loblaws, No Frills, Valumart and my local butcher and fishmonger. But never ever ever Walmart (labour relations issues) Ontario Canada
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    I shop at Meijer (northern Illinois) Woodman's, Schnuck's, and WalMart.

    I've shopped at Hyvee (when I was visiting in Iowa)....nice store.
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    Costco for major shops. Great Canadian Superstore or Walmart for fill ins.
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    Wegman's and Tops. Once in a very seldom while at Walmart or BJ's, never at Aldi's. We did finally get a Trader Joes about 10 miles from where I live, but that's too far to go for groceries. Whole Foods is coming in near Trader Joes this year, so maybe to hit both of those on the same trip might make it worthwhile.