What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    pcoslady83 wrote: »
    Weigh 69.9 KGs by next weekend. I am currently 71...I so want to be out of 70s.

    I just recently achieved this goal!! I was sooooo itching to get into the 60s that when l saw it l was thrilled!! My goal weight is 63kg so it feels even closer, just hearing my weight start with 60 something. I'm excited for you ☺

    My mini goal is 67kg because then l hit healthy BMI.
  • jen_bush
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    I've just reached my mini-goal (be in the healthy BMI range), so it is time to set myself another one! My next mini-goal is to fit with ease into the size 8 jeans I bought yesterday for motivation! I could fit in them, but felt like a stuffed sausage, so i'm hoping they fit a lot better soon :)
  • 47Jacqueline
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    The Brooklyn/Queens bicycle tour in three weeks.
  • 12Sarah2015
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    I started my weight loss journey at 67kg, and being my final goal 54-55kg, I decided to set a minigoal at 59.9kg, which has always been kind of a psychological barrier for me. And... I hit it today (59'8)... YAY! After three months of logging everything and exercising everyday, I managed to lose 7 kilos. Everyone keeps telling me that it's so obvious that I've lost weight and that I look absolutely fav, and that makes me even feel better about it :smiley:

    With another 5-6 kilos to go, I feel absolutely positive about it. I really can't wait to see the changes in my body!
    That's brilliant!!! Your goals are similar to mine. I can't wait to be in the 50s
  • getitamb
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    Flat tummy in a bikini
  • sclark2017
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    My motivation right now is knowing that I'm close to 100 lbs than 110 lbs :)
  • LazyButHealthy
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    Right now, my mini-goal is to be able to say I'm down 20lbs - I'm currently at 18.6lbs. Would be so happy if I reach that this week at my Friday morning weigh-in.

    My next goal weight is 190 as it will be 1lb under what I remember weighing 2 years ago when I first made a real effort to get healthier (and I was running etc. then put it all back on being lazy).

    My next 'lifestyle' goal is July 9th when I go on holiday to the Mediterranean with my boyfriend, my sister and her husband. If I can be somewhere in the 180s by then, I would be content with that. If I'm in the 180s, I might actually wear a bikini (though a well structured one). I have never in my life worn a bikini. So that would be a mental and emotional goal as well as a physical one.

    The best outcome would be to have lost 2 stone by then, but that would mean another 9.4 lbs in 6 weeks which is unlikely... let's be realistic!
  • 2011rocket3touring
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    Mini goal?
    Drop another pant size.
  • lilysmama08
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    kmbrooks15 wrote: »
    My next mini-goal is to get into the 170s. I'm at 182.3. So close! Another mini-goal is to get into a size 8 jeans (I'm in loose 12s now).

    How tall are you? One of my mini goals is a juniors size 9. It's pretty snug right now and I weight 156. Hopefully they'll fit right in 2 weeks.
  • lilysmama08
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    -Next mini goal is for a juniors 9 to fit well, they are pretty tight now but I can squeeze them on.
    -Get stronger.
    -Look GREAT for a beach trip in September, that we are taking with 3 other couples. Nothing will make you want to lose weight if going to the beach with people who are much smaller than you doesn't terrify you lol.
    -Lose 100 pounds. I've lost 80 so far.
    -For my husband to weight 100 pounds more than me, I have 21 pounds to go.
  • TeresaMarie46
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    I have 2.

    1) I currently see a Nutritionist for weekly wiegh-ins. My mini goal each week is to be under my last weight that I was the week prior.

    2) To wiegh or look much thinner when I visit my children whom all live out of State.
    I haven't seen my daughter in over a year, she and her family live in Mexico, and my son and his family in close to 2 months, they recently relocated to Washington state. I won't see either of them until around August of this year.
  • pichiPurinsesu
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    Loose another 10lbs and I'm getting a double nostril piercing :joy:
  • NikolaosKey
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    Reach 17% of BF for starters. Then lower!
  • yasef13
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    Loose another 10lbs and I'm getting a double nostril piercing :joy:
    That's awesome! I'm waiting to hit 'onderland' to get my nose pierced as well. It would be my first piercing besides my ears!! So excited! Only 15.4 lbs to go. :D

  • pichiPurinsesu
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    yasef13 wrote: »
    Loose another 10lbs and I'm getting a double nostril piercing :joy:
    That's awesome! I'm waiting to hit 'onderland' to get my nose pierced as well. It would be my first piercing besides my ears!! So excited! Only 15.4 lbs to go. :D

    all my 'treats' or 'well done' seem to be either piercings are new tattoos haha. bigger the loss the better the 'well done' haha good luck on the 15lb to go! i've got 2lb to go until cute double nostrils - :lol:
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    My next goal is to hit the 25 lb loss. I'm 1.5 lbs away, but heading out of town this weekend, so this may not happen until the end of next week sometime. My next mini goal after that is to lose 7 more lbs to move from obese to overweight.