How often do you weigh yourself?



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    Every morning right when I get up, naked, after using the bathroom and before eating/drinking anything. My Wi-fi scale automatically logs my weight to Happy Scale (iPhone), Trendweight (web), Apple Health and MFP.

    Using a graphing/trend app is very helpful because it smooths out the data and lets you see the big picture/overall trend in your weight pattern. I understand the daily fluctuations and why they happen, and they don't bother me in the least.

    Just a quick detour from the topic. I have been considering a Wi-Fi scale. Do you recommend yours? Could you get other scales (other than the Aria) to sync with Fitbit with some kind of workaround? I've heard Aria has some sync and inaccuracy issues and since I'm going to be shipping it overseas I don't want something that would need me to go rounds with support or make international calls.

    I have the Withings WS-50 and have no complaints whatsoever about it. It has worked perfectly from day one and setup was effortless. I don't use Fitbit, but according to Withings' website you can link their scales to your Fitbit account and it appears to be pretty simple.

    You don't have it linked to fitbit? I thought trendweight requires that. Thank you for the feedback. I'm strongly considering this. No further derailment.

    Fitbit account not required, but you can do it that way if you want to. It will also link to Trendweight from the Withings site though, which is how I have mine linked.

    Thank you!
  • zjpq
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    every day, in the morning, keeps me on track!
  • reinventingjessica11
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    Every morning.
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    First thing after my morning tinkle :D I like to recognize fluctuations, I'm not wrapped up in the need to lose every day though... You need to do what's right for you
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    First thing after my morning tinkle :D I like to recognize fluctuations, I'm not wrapped up in the need to lose every day though... You need to do what's right for you

    I don't think any daily weighers expect to see losses from day to day - weight fluctuations means that the weight goes UP AND down.
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    Usually once a week. In the morning
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    I weigh myself every day, if I see a small gain I think "ok, slight gain is ok, need to watch what I eat today." But if it's a loss then it really motivates me to carry on. Some people don't like to weigh every day and that's fine, but it personally keeps me in check, and I get excited getting out of bed in the morning to see what the scale has to say. I'm very lucky that since I started, almost every day I've lost a bit, 0.1 or 0.2 of a pound, sometimes more, sometimes i stay the same, especially if I had a bigger dinner, and some days I'll randomly go up, but then have a more significant drop later in the week.
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    Morning dry weight taken everyday, then plotted on a spreadsheet. This allows me to track fluctuations and variances I encounter.
  • SamanthaLouiseMence
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    Once every two weeks

    I'm scared of my scales lol
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    I like seeing the day to day numbers as it helps me feel motivated, congratulated and/or informs me about guesses or choices made the day before. With these electric scales that show small increments it's so easy to see progress as opposed to conventional mechanical ones that I'd never go back to now. I use a trusty Withings scale which syncs with MFP and Best purchase I ever made.
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    Never - I don't even own a scale, haven't weighed myself in a couple of years. Unless you are at some sort of health risk over/under weight than it doesn't really matter. If you're in a healthy range a better thing to track would be inches or bodyfat % - I don't really care about the numbers on the scale as long as I look good & feel good.
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    I weigh daily and use Happy Scale to watch the averages.
  • smiles4jo
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    At least every morning, sometimes more than once a day. That may sound very obsessive, but it really does make me way less obsessed with the number.

    For instance, yesterday, I hit a new low. This morning, I was up two pounds from that low for no apparent reason. If I was only weighing weekly and Thursdays were my weigh-in day, I would have been thrilled! If Fridays were my weigh-in day, I would have been so disappointed. In the end, it's really only a number and neither is probably all that reliable.
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    Every morning but I don't take it seriously because our bodies fluctuate a lot. It's more to gauge how my body is treating certain foods, if I ate too much salt, etc. I take my monthly measurements as actual progress.
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    Used to weigh everyday, but normal fluctuations were driving me bonkers--the number would affect my mood. Now I weigh once a week, and I'm a much happier human being. :)
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    Everyday for me. I like watching the ups and downs and you need to remember that your body fluctuates daily so not to worry. And nsvs are easy to recognize. Like going down another notch on a belt, being able to fit in your favorite pants better, seeing your measurements go down, feeling good about what you ate that day, mine recently was that i got my ring resized from a 7 down to a 5 and when i picked it up its still a little to big. So i went down about 2.5 ring sizes. Also my size 10 jeans are getting to big so that means im close to my goal of a size 8 in jeans i started at a 14.
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    I only weigh myself like once a month now. I used to do it every week. But the numbers I get have a general trend of going down so I'm happy with it. I also measure myself when I weigh myself to see if I'm any smaller since it's hard to notice a difference to yourself in the mirror. Even if other people might do.
  • no44s4me
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    Every day, first thing in the morning....I can almost predict the number based on the previous day
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    Every morning. I don't really pay much attention to the number. I just record it in my app for the data.
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    When I started, my home scale wouldn't go high enough so I weigh myself on the shipping scale at work that will read up to 2500 pounds. I am down to where my scale at home will read but I just keep it to weighing any day I am at work. So that would be 5 days a week minimum, 6 if I am lucky, 7 if I am REALLY lucky :).

    I always do it first thing when I get there before I eat my breakfast.